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Dear Friends,

Sometimes when one is overly busy, she would desire to do something totally irrelevant. "I've spent so much time writing business articles recently. It seemed like a good timing to write down some life record instead." The thought stoke me when walking on my way back home. So here it is, my e-newsletter to you all. Oops, the last one was done almost a year ago...Sorry!

Life was quite interesting in the past half year, actually. There major themes: Work, Cat and Relationship.

I checked my earlier description about my work and happily found out what I felt and acknowledged about it stayed valid even until now.
  • I was busy, and apparently became busier than earlier. Luckily I enjoyed my busy life and oftentimes felt energetic toward all challenges. Inspirations hit me every now and then, and I almost always couldn't wait to turn ideas into actions- though this could make me busier again.
  • I felt tired, and sometimes to the extend that resembled my old time in the previous company. Again however, I didn't feel bad about it for knowing what I'm doing and for knowing I was not fighting alone. My team rocks!
  • The sense of achievement has never been stronger! Thanks to all the previous experiences and helpful networks, I has been handling large-scale projects and tasks that exceeded my current profile, but I was doing okay so far. Optimistically, I know my team and I can make it together. We together can make it!
So my dear friends, you might find it harder to reach me, and you might start to wonder again that I was bullied by a harsh boss or something-- Nope, I am doing just fine. Please allow me some time to win a battle with my team in a bit. I will be back to life soon :)

Cats. Now it's plural because Pipi got a baby sister, who we called "Princess."

My aunt found her on the streets and sent her to us, believing this would be the best way for the little kitty. We discussed about if we should keep her or send it to someone else, and she indeed brought some (bad?!) impacts to Pipi earlier, but it all turned out fine when time passed by. You could see two cats cuddling, chasing around, fighting for food and drinks together now. You could also find them go one after another to ask for a hug from my families. Yes they are two trouble makers for sure, but yes they brought us laughter and happy tears frequently.

Thank you Pipi and little Princess! Thanks to you two, this six-"persons" family is one full of joy and happiness.

Oh well, I guess I shouldn't keep you waiting for too long. The Relationships session.

I received many complaints so far, blaming that I dissapeared after I met Harry. People also indicated that we two were too "shining" together. Sorry, forgive me! He is simply too great, that's why. ^______^b

Let's describe Harry this way: He is a simple person, very smart and wise, and is very humble. He is very healthy physically and mentally, and has steady exercise pattern. Furthermore, he would force me, and happily take me to do some sports when possible. "You should stay fit and healthy. This is great for you!" He is very responsible, and he strives to meet his goals with full ambition. It is never his style to fight for personal performance only, he keeps his team members in mind. He takes great care of himself, and he takes similar attention to me always. Happily he introduced me to those people important to him, and he cared about those I cherished dearly. He respects me, the very original, natural style of me, and encourages me to stay just the way I am. He never asked me to change for him, except for pushing me to do more exercise and to eat carefully, and very occasionally- he pushed me to manage my bad temper.

Our story is not special either. Purely we were two common persons who met at a common occasion, and we naturally became close. We were born at the same month, same year, and we were both Aquarius, type O, with the sign of dog. We got many more similarities, so I guess that's why.

I am very happy now: Work-wise, Cat-wise, or Relationship-wise. I believe everything is the best arrangement.
Hope the story on your end is the same :)








  • 我很忙,比之前明顯還忙,可是我忙得很愉快很有衝勁,而且我再忙也都會忽然又發現新的點子,想要換個方式衝衝看,就算這樣一來可能會把自己搞得更忙
  • 我會累,最近累的程度甚至快要跟在前公司不相上下,可是因為我忙得很開心很有勁,又有很多有梗的同事們一起打拼,我常常忘記疲累,也鮮少真的喊累(麻木?!)
  • 我更有成就感了!感恩先前累積的各式各樣經驗與各路人脈,也感恩之前遇過的大風大浪,就算我現在負責操盤的專案規模龐大到有時候自己都覺得不可思議,可是我總樂觀的相信也期待著:做得出來的!這個都搞定就大勝了!因為我不是孤軍奮鬥,我有一個超棒的團隊當堅強後盾!
所以,親愛的各位,雖然我可能又神隱到你們常常找不到我,一不小心就開始擔心我是不是又被老闆欺壓過了頭,請你們放心:我很好。我只是還需要一點時間陪我的團隊一起衝過一個大關,等我 :)




謝謝兩隻小傢伙,謝謝皮皮和公主!有你們在家,我們一家六口都好幸福 :)


我被身邊的朋友酸很多次了,說我嚴重重色輕友,又抱怨我幹嘛三不五時就放強力閃光彈瞎翻眾人。啊沒辦法咩~因為他太棒了! ^______^b



希望在你那端的故事也是如此 :)

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