Missing You

Jeez! The first day is over!!
7 days left~

You know, not only your flat is waiting for you to come back......

Ben's Away, Back Home

For one week, and will be back late at 7th.

I failed to keep him company tonight before he go, and I even failed to say goodbye.
All because that I went to Bern with other shortermers for Christmas Market, which actually didn't exist, and for Harry Potter till 23:00. When we arrived "home," there's no light in Staff Room, neither in his house. He must have fallen asleep already.

I shouldn't have gone to Bern....

Oh well, my lonely week has now officially started.
Farewell, Ben. Farewell....


Day Off in Zürich

Frankly, this day-off is some kind of an accident. I wrote an Email to Mr. Rasmussen last weekend, and he invited me to go over for dinner in Lenzburg, where is 2 hrs away from Kandersteg by train. For sure, I don't want to spend 4 hrs on train only because of a meal. Therefore, I went to Zürich by the way.

As careless as I was, after accepting the invitation, I suddenly found out that I was nearly bankrupped. SFr. 70 was all I got, but the trip would cost me SFr. 77 (already with 1/2 Card) originally. However, according to a good news on the SBB website, I could buy a one-day ticket traveling inside Swiss with SFr. 56. What's more, if Andrea was right, SBB was promoting a special one-day SFr. 39 ticket recently. The basic requirement is: the passenger must hold a 1/2 Card. OHOHOH!! I got one! I got one!!

I left the Centre by foot, and arrived at the train station at a really close time.....5 mins. left before the train went away....I was told by the officer that the SFr.39 ticket would only be available after 09:00, but he would like to do me a favor by selling me a one way ticket(SFr. 4.9, with 1/2 Card) to Frutigen, the next stop, and another SFr.39 one-day ticket. That was, when I passed/arrived at Frutigen, it was after 09:00. Sounds good! I happily jumped on the train.

11:00, I was in Zürich!! Since it's almost lunch time, the first thing accured to me is to find a BEST place for lunch :-) I decided to take the S-Bahn N°10 to go to the suburban area, Uetliberg, the top point of Zürich. I might have the chance to see the whole city from that hill, sounds quite romantic!

So, how do you think of this picture and the view? I sat there, alone, enjoying my packed lunch, in the falling snow. The only thing kept me company is the music from my MP3 player. It's.....nice and warm, in my heart.

Back downtown, I walked down the Bahnhofstrasse to Lindenhof, a square on a hill, and then visited the Spielzeugmuseum(Toy Museum) nearby. I was nearly the only visitor at that moment, so the lady taking care of the place had some time to talk to me, to answer my questions, and to demonstrate the former film machine for me. That is fun!! To see 12 pics running continuously to form some actions in the mirror, although I knew it was some really old 'technology,' I cannot help but laughed.

The picture in the left is one of my favorite in the museum. Traditionally, Nordic, German, and Swiss people will light up a candle every Sunday before Christmas from a month ago. This is a very creative one. When the candle is lighted, the heat would go straight up and turn the fans, and the wheels down inside would turn as well to make the dolls 'moving.' Isn't it cute??

Also in the museum, I overheard the conversation between that lady and a guest. He is complaining about the products 'Made In China.' Something like, 'they broke easily,' 'these people take away the job from the home country of the products,' 'I really hate to go around the world and buy everything ''locally designed but made in China''. Where goes the Swiss product?' Hahaha, cannot agree him more! Later I told that lady that she didn't need to be worried about my hearing everything. Because, I Am From TAIWAN! No bother at all.

I also visited St. Peter Kirche, Fraumüster, and Grossmünster. For sure, I took my time to do some window shopping, too. Hey guys, it's already Christmas season. Can you imagine how beautiful it was everywhere?? For several times, I almost passionately bought some beautiful decorations/gifts. They were just toooooooo attractive! They should not only stay in the shop. They should stay at my home!!! Sigh.....I am too poor to buy them...

Using the last minutes in Zürich before I went to Lenzburg, I stayed inside the Bahnhof for Christmas market. Every stand is so unique, and the things they sold are extrodinary. Even if the product itself is common, the salesperson always can wrap it beautifully, fitting in Christmas atmosphere. Sometimes, the decoration of the stands is tremendously outstanding and eye-catching. It doesn't matter if it sales food or pen, clothes or toys. Mearly appreciating its beauty is an enjoyable thing. 18:09, Mr. Rasmussen gave me a warm welcome in Lenzburg Hb. We went to his place to have dinner together, cooked by him, and talked about my wonderful life in KISC as well as in Swiss. He's really a wise person. From the first time we met, he has been soooo supportive and encouraged me to explore the world, to enjoy the life, and to find/know myself better. Knowing that I fully enjoyed my stay in KISC, he deeply felt happy for me. For my part, I am really thanksful for his recommending me to come over. That was truly the BEST PRESENT I've ever received in my life.

Due to my long trip home, we had to have a quick dinner to enable me to catch up the train on time. Still, according to Mr. Rasmussen, two-and-a-half hour is better than nothing. I look forward to seeing him again next year in TW. And who knows? Maybe we'll meet again in Swiss some day?? Everything's possible:)


Speed Up!! Ice Skating!!!!

It's Staff Night Out again~ and we went Ice Skating.
Last time when I went there was early September, while we went for D-Day, and I didn't have any chance to practice again until tonight. Luckily I'm still good! hahaha~~

It didn't take me too long to "warm up," and I started to try to play hockey. Of course it was hard for me to keep balance while trying the hockey; however, playing hockey at the same time helped me to become more familiar with the skating skills. I fell down several times, and got some more bruces, REALLY BIG ONES! But, it was great fun!!!

We started a match afterwards, and each team has four people. My team didn't have disadvantages of having me in the team. My teammates are just too good at this game, and I did help to pass the ball around, and even got 3 points for us!! HAHAHAHAHA~~~

I Love Speeding much more now:)
But, in the different way~


I miss Home, Terribly

It's true. I miss all my lovely family and friends. I miss home.

Recently, I found out that people here are still different from me. They went over movies one after another, while I increasingly got bored of seeing them. I, most of the time, understand what's going on better in the movies with the help of subtitle, but they tend to turn it off, getting rid of its bother, neglecting my needs.

I'd like to visit some cities/towns, but I can seldom find any company. To join their plans could be fun sometimes, but they usually planned in the last minute, and wasted quite some time on stupid things- for instance, sleeping. However, I'm really confused about how to find a balance between "be in the group" and "enjoy myself, fulfill my dream."

In brief, I feel alone.
And I know if I were home, this feeling won't be that strong, won't be that bothering.

Three weeks from home. Jeez.....
I miss you guys, I do.

First Thankgiving~

Do European people celebrate Thanksgiving as well? Not really. But we celebrate it in the Centre because of an American scout's suggestion, which enable us to enjoy another fantastic meal.

As always, we got extremely beautiful dinner table, plus a name badge on our plates. We've been asked to dress up a little; at least, NO PINK is allowed. What's more, on Monday, Kathleen gave each and everyone of us a sheet of paper with a person's name on it. We need to prepare a small present for him/her below the price of SFr.5, and of course, hand-made present is welcomed!

Luckily, I got Chris on my paper, and "drew" him a Chinese word- DRAGON- in calligraphical way. He asked me for that before. I guess I did a great job this time:) On the top of the red paper I wrote down "To: My Most Unforgetbal Guy-" Without doubt, it's the fact. And, his full name is Christopher GUY. Haha!!! Isn't it fun??

After everyone was seated, we first unwrapped our present and enjoyed the surprise. I got a cute cow doll and a fragarant soap. And then, we got delicious Pupkin Soup~ Not to mention, TURKEY is also there for us! While waiting for Matt's slicing the turkey, Julia and Kathleen put other foods for us, including Sweet Potatoes, Corns, Beans, and Sweet Rice. I'm really regretful that I didn't take any picture of the feast >"< How can I forget!!!!! Jeez.....

As for drinks and sweets, we got white wine and Dream Cake. It was I myself baked that cake, haha! By the help of Centre's Recipe Book, I mixed butter, suger, eggs, milk, flour, baking powder, and graced coconut together properly to bake that yummy cake. People enjoyed it, fully! Wa Hahahahaha~~ So proud of myself :D

Thanksgiving dinner is great. Agree??



Yes, we went caving in this cold snowy weather. Are we crazy?? Hey! We always are......XD

When woke up in the morning, it snowed as heavily as the weather report has predicted. Good and Bad; we finally got some real beautiful snow in the valley, but, can we still go caving?? Will the cave be safe enough for us to pay a visit? No one can get the answer before going there and taking a look, so, we went for a walk first, in the flying snow~~:)

Do you believe that we would just "walk" in the snow? Are you kidding? Without doubt, the walk took us more time than normal, because we got some serious snow ball fight on our way! It's great that Kandersteg is such a small town which few cars run down the street. Most of the time, we crazily fought one another in the middle of the road instead of on the pedestrian's zone. The air is chilly outside, but we did get HOT(not only warm! HOT!!) bodies, except cheeks(they are usually covered with snow and ice).......

Back to my topic, we eventually arrived at the cave and happily found that it was fine~! We decided to return with full equipment after lunch- Helmet, Headlight, waterproof dirty Trousers and Jumpers/Raincoats, and Gloves. Delightly, we didn't spend much time to finish lunch. Instead, we rock'n'roll straight ahead~

Although the entrance is covered by snow, inside the cave wasn't as cold as I thought. However, we faced the first challenge in the very beginning- the first 15 m was covered by muddy water, even up to 30cm deep. Shall we go? Or give up? I'm glad that we are always not rational people.....Chris jumped in and started to craw, then Andrea, me, Julia, and Teddi. Ragga caught up a little bit later.

Only passing that first bit made us soaked. Plus, crawing all the way ahead was truly a tiring task. I got, again, some more bruses; not only on my knees, but also on the elbows, legs, sholders, EVERYWHERE. I told you, I'll never get rid of bruses till I go back home >"<

Frankly still, the experience in the cave was great fun. We got a much more narrow tunnel afterwards, which even I myself, the most little person, felt hard to get through. Also did we have a uphill part on our route. We needed to grab on a rope to climb over it.

The cave was not really big/deep, so we reached the end and returned within 2.5 hrs. We got some group picture, for sure, but it's now in Ragga's camara. I'll try to get them as soon as possible~

Do you think we should call it a day? Not really......According to KISC tradition, those who went caving MUST jump in Kander River in front of the Chalet, and roll over in the water- NO MATTER HOW COLD IT MAY BE!!
Guys, it's....SNOWING.....which means, it might be BELOW 0 degrees.....
NEVERTHELESS! Tradition is tradition.....Tradition is rule......Tradition is law.......
I sacraficed, along with Ragga, Andrea, and Teddi. We all can call Chris and Julia coward~ coward~~~~

WHA~ I like caving!!


Totally Drunk

from a cocktail named Blue Lady last night.

We had a cocktail party last night for Staff Night Out, and I just tried one cocktail. No knowing how strong it was, I drank about 3/4 of it and felt a little bit uncomfortable. Leaning my head on Ben's shoulder for quite some time, I suddenly felt strange......I puked afterwards.......XD....on the ground, a little bit on the nearby chair and the sofa, and on my clothes, hair......

What a shame.....XD

I walked back- unable to walk in a strait line- to clean myself. Still had some headaque and kept the odor in my mouth/throat, I felt really awful. Yet, I can do nothing to make myself feel better! HORRIBLE~~~~

I didn't sleep well last night. Must due to the alcohol. >"<
Till this morning, I'm still kind of....soft and weak. Great.....

Need to be much more careful next time when I drink some cocktail.
Hey guys, cocktail is dangerous!!!


Feel Much Better

Accidentally know that someone cares about me so much, and checks my blog often. These are out of my expectation.

Thank you so much, my friend.
Thank you for being my supporter, thank you for keeping an eye on me.
Those are really precious for me, deeply, truly.

Vielen Dank, M.



Artificial Rock Climbing

We went to a climbing centre in Thun today, and it was great fun. It's an indoor place with at least 30 routes on the walls. Some of them are easy, but some are for real experts. It was leveled from 3a, 3b, 3c, 4a, all the way to 7c( or even higher?) Most of the routes we did were between 4a to 5c. I myself climbed for more than 10 routes from 11:30 to 15:30(except for 30 minutes lunch break.) It has been quite challenging to me! Guess what?? I enjoyed it a lot!!

As lucky as we are, we got most of our own equipments borrowed from KISC, including the Rope, the Harness, and some Caribiners. This allowed us to keep the expenses as low as possible- we only paid for the entry fee and the rent of the climbing shoes- which is, in total, SFr.20 (about NT.500) What's more, our entry fee is actually lower than others, because we are from KISC!! haha! Sounds great, isn't it??

The person in the picture below is me. I was struggling to climb up the Black route, which is a 5c( if I did not remember wrong.) I didn't make it to reach the top, because I ran out of my energy on the way. Also, I had difficulty to reach the next steps....I'm too small/short to reach.......Anyways......

Wonna try to go rock climbing?? Come on! It's never too late!!

First Snow!!!!!

Came down from last night!!!!
When we woke up this morning, looking outside of the window, WOW!!!

As childish as we are, the first snow fight has started since this morning. It's truly funny! We enjoyed quite a lot! Let's say, we definately will have some more snow ball fight later. Let's wait and see!!!!


It's NOT Fair....

He'll go back home for a vacation from Nov. 30 to Dec. 7!! And I'll leave in Dec. 10.......

Have no right to complain, but that really pissed me off.....

Fly Home from Frankfurt!

Originally, I'll fly back from Zurich Airport. Since I will stay in Germany for the last week before I leave Europe, why not try to change the schedule?

Anyways, I successfully made it~!
I called Air France to ask if this change is possible, and to check if they'll charge me any extra money for this change. Guess what? The flight from Frankfurt departs at exactly the same time, and this change won't cost me any!! I've logged in the official website of Air France to check if the change has been truly done by the booking system, and the result satisfied me :) The only thing that needs to be done afterwards is- Go to Frankfurt Airport to check-in for my flight. Then, fly home happily!!

WOW! This change allows me some more time fooling around inside Germany~ What a great news!!!!


Nice and Warm

Ben comes over to the Staff Room almost every night now. We enjoyed the time to share our lives, experieces, and thoughts with each other. Sometimes we just sat on the sofa/couch quietly, hearing the time ticking away....

I know this won't last long, for I'll soon be away, back home, so does he. Still, his company is... Nice and Warm to me.

He's from Manchester, Great Britain, and is the Campsite Assistant here. His original profession is furniture designer. According to Ragga, he did well in that profession, and has been manufactured something to give others as a present. Eliane loves the table he mad for her family. Anyways, he's not a bad guy, and is always gentle to me :)

For so long a time, I've not experienced the feeling to be loved. Finally.....finally.....


Uncle Bens' First Fire

Was set tonight~~

We officially finished the construction of Uncle Bens this afternoon, and had a mini celebration party( actually, a Staff Night Out) inside it. Not to mention, the tryout of the fireplace and the chimney would be our top priority.

How's it going?? GREAT! You can see the great fire in the left!

Ladies and Gentlemen, Uncle Bens is now,

Life Without My Computer



My Laptop is Broken

Completely broken, I cannot even turn it on.....
Teddi said, it must be the problem of my Hard Driver.....

I'm using Julia's laptop now. Cannot see any Chinese, neither type.
It'll be OK later, hopefully!
I tried hard to persuade myself to believe....


Suddenly In Love?




Geneva, My Sacred Place


KISC 親愛的主廚 Kathleen提供給我一張一日券可以在今天用SFr.34的價格在瑞士境內任我行,於是我選了盡量遠的地點,距離營地三個多小時車程遠處,原來回車票 價值SFr.67的日內瓦(這個價格是已經使用半價券的喔....原價兩倍XD)作為我大賺一筆的據點;不過這樣的代價在另一方面也還是很大--為了充分 享受在日內瓦停留的時光,我06:20就起床準備搭上07:10的火車出發,到達日內瓦已經10:36....還好可以在車上睡覺啊~

有 了上次的經驗,我下車沒多久就殺去Information拿地圖問資訊,並很難過的發現所有的船班居然都已經停開了(季節因素XD),而且迷濛多雲的天 氣也預示了日內瓦地標大噴泉絕對不會噴水(它只在氣候「良好」的狀況下會噴水,可遇不可求....)不管不管,我堅信絕對還有讓自己盡興的其他玩法!走就 對了~

稍 微研究了一下地圖和公車路線,我跳上了8號巴士打算前往國際組織群聚的區域去朝聖,結!果!我居然搭錯方向了....過了兩三站才鼓起勇氣請別人為我指點 迷津,而她不說英文,我不說法語(日內瓦是瑞士的法語區,這個我完全無力...)天知道我後來怎麼踏上正途的....不過話說這也是旅行的樂趣啊!You Never Know~

戰戰兢兢搭著正確方向的8號公車到了最後一站OMS,原本丈二金剛摸不著頭腦的我看到熟悉的標誌終於恍然大悟到了 哪裡,這不正是WHO世界衛生組織嗎?什 麼鬼OMS?經過之後的觀察,我發現所有的國際組織建築地點名稱多以法文簡稱為主,難怪我都非得要走到它面前看到英文名稱才知道到了哪裡.....唉 呀...法文人真是.....


之後我就順著斜坡向下走,搜尋其他藏在各處的國際組織據點,喔喔....我Miss掉UNICEF了,這是本日最大遺憾之一,因為我沒看好地圖就移動了,想要回頭的時候一看時間,用UNICEF換整個舊市區嗎>"< 我 之後看到的是ILO國際勞工組織、ICRC國際紅十字會,然後我在她前面享用午餐,準備一吃飽就殺進旁邊的紅十字會博物館一探究竟。入場費SFr.5學生 票,還有免費的中文導覽器可以用,提供免費的寄物服務,再者,整個展場的設計和訴求的內容都用相當有質感的方式呈現,我很慶幸自己選擇走入展館。國際紅十 字會的創辦人亨利杜南和他的故事、整個組織的所作所為都讓我很受感動,覺得人間的確還是有溫情的,總是有人在世界各個角落默默付出,為了改善別人的生存條 件甘願犧 牲自己享樂的機會。如果能夠,雖然不一定要成為他們的成員之一,我也希望自己能盡量的貢獻一點什麼讓別人生活得更舒適、更好,因為相較之下我擁有的實在太 多......
同 樣絕對不能錯過的就是UN的歐洲總部,同時也是前League of Nations國際聯盟的大樓,我好想進去看看啊~可是不得其門而入,再怎麼說她也是個應該要「戒備森嚴」的工作大樓,不是我們這些小遊客的觀光景點,好 吧....請享用外觀~那旗海飄揚的模樣實在很壯觀,你覺得勒?

國際組織區的最後一站我到了UNHCR國際難民總署前,跟思瑜、健鈞一起為議題奮鬥的回憶很快就在腦海打轉,Refugee Children啊....不知道對於他們而言,那段日子是否也是記憶拼圖中不可缺少的一部分呢?

搭 上5號公車,我打算把剩餘的時間都花在小而美、小而精緻的舊市區,有了8號公車的經驗,我特別小心不要坐錯方向的車,結!果!坐了兩站我以為又錯了就連 忙跳下車,公車已經開走我才研究好發現其實方向正確....ORZ 有沒有這麼悲情....還好當地的公車班次密集,十分鐘內就會有另一班出現了。

舊市區範圍比我想像中小,雖然我還是有小迷路過,不過大致上我沒有浪費太多時間,而且我不管迷路與否都還是保持心情愉悅與鎮定,繞一繞就又會驚訝的發現正在尋覓的點。我猜, 神真的很愛我,不然我怎麼可以這麼小錯不斷,卻大事不亂的平安來來去去呢?

宗 教紀念碑、聖彼得教堂、盧梭故居、市政廳、古軍械庫和大砲(見左圖),我穿梭散步在舊市區裡,享受沒幾個遊人的寧靜日內瓦,我很少有機會為自己拍照,一直 到回到隆河河岸邊才遇到比 較多來來去去的人有空幫我照張相。又令我眼睛為之一亮的是,又有好多白天鵝在河裡戲水!!!!這次比上次更多,我的天啊~怎麼可以那麼幸福?


除 了追尋景點之外我還做了什麼呢?或許你會問,我是否在這追尋的過程中陷入麻木呢?我很自豪的向你保證在旅程中我做的絕對遠比追逐景點還多。我覺得在那些國 際組織工作的人是幸福的,因為他們不管工作再怎麼忙再怎麼累,出門(甚至開窗)就是可以讓他們放鬆神經的美景(我也要~);迷路、找路的「訓練」過程中我 越來越領會到沒有什麼是大不了的,無論找不找得回正確的方向,路途中永遠有意外的驚喜可以發掘,只要我放鬆心情去接受就好;我也經常反省過去,或思考關於 未來的事情,關於回台灣之後採取的下一步,關於出國進修的計畫,關於.....那個可能出現的他。多半時候我並沒有得到問題的答案,可是我總在旅程中不斷 的抽絲剝繭,把計畫點點滴滴的推進,把藍圖點點滴滴的畫出來。這,大概才是旅行對我而言最大的貢獻吧。


4M Campfire!

昨 天早上我在細雨中跟Teddi, Laurance, Ben一起搭設大營火,為晚上Miriam的Party造景做準備。我們用30 X 30 X 高度 立方公尺的長木條在底部搭建六角形的牆作基座,把不規則的小木條放在六角形中央並塞進木屑、淋上柴油,之後再繼續把木條層層推疊上去,完成一座高四 米一的巨大營火!!!最經典的是,我們晚上就要燒掉這堆營火,預估焰高將達到六米!(請見左圖,Ben的身高196cm可以作為高度參考基準)



Miriam是很幸福的人,她能擁有一個那麼別緻Farewell Party,而我又如何有幸身在這裡啊!


昨 天是KISC的Director Miriam的惜別晚會,她終於結束三年的任期將返回荷蘭家裡相夫教子了。我們其實沒有很多機會跟她相處,因為我們在這的過去兩個月中她多數時候外出或者 休假,所以說現實一點,我們並沒有太多對她依依不捨的情緒,比較期待的只有大餐和之後的Party.....哎呀,一群死小孩.....

這 頓大餐完全由我們自家的主廚Kathleen擔綱烹煮大任,餐廳在下午開工後就對外封鎖開始進行內裝佈置,我們的佈置雖然簡單,可是已經讓整個場地煥然一 新:每人兩副刀叉、兩個高腳酒杯、一個湯匙、一張別緻的餐巾,搭配著雅致的餐巾和蠟燭、乾樹葉和乾果,這根本就可以媲美高級餐廳的服務嘛~

另 一項可以說嘴的是我們有Serving供餐大隊,英俊的Waiters和美麗的Waitress。他們一個人負責供兩桌的餐點,煞有介事的提供專業的服 務,後來這樣的點子得到全場的讚賞呢~(由左至右:Chris, Teddi, Julia, Lena,我這桌是Teddi供餐)





Wendy's Special


Kathleen雖然也在廚房,不過她在忙著為明天的大Party備餐,所以她在我下午四點走進廚房的一開始就問我:What would YOU like to cook for us, staffs?這句話的意思代表我對今晚的食物有完全的掌控權,I can cook whatever I want!太刺激了~~




我在五點半前完成了所有的烹煮作業,手腳快到嚇了自己一跳,難不成我真的越來越....技巧純熟了嗎?另外嚇我自己一跳的是,我很享受烹煮的時光  >"< 我努力的說服自己這是因為我在做國民外交,所以有一股榮譽感支撐我的開心,讓我對於煮飯有了異常的熱情,不代表我真的愛煮飯,是嗎 @@?是的!!!!一定是的.......


Maybe It's Better





在Interlaken 和Spiez我共走訪了三座教堂,都有走進去裡面感受一下寧靜的氣氛。因為不是禮拜日,所以揭開大門走進去的時候多半都只有我自己 和自己的腳步聲相伴......。很久沒有上教堂了,已經快要忘記跟 神貼近的關係是什麼感覺,可是每次步入這些教堂我都會不由自主的想要跪下,重新懾服 在 祂腳下。那整個氣氛讓人太感動了~



Just Married



Lonely Trip to Interlaken & Spiez

鏘鏘鏘!It's my Day Off again~


在 旅遊書上找了好久才決定要前往Interlaken,這座距離Kandersteg約一小時火車車程遠的城市。她也是前往少女峰及其他重要歐洲高峰的轉 接點,位於Thunersee土恩湖和Brienzersee布里恩茲湖之間,之後我應該還會再來Interlaken一次,不過目的地就變成是少女峰 啦!這 是後話。

早 上我在Kandersteg的霧氣中騎著腳踏車出門,心中滿滿的都是興奮,因為這是我第一次自己單獨的瑞士境內旅行,完全不知 道會不會出什麼狀況。一切平順的到達Interlaken後還不到十點,我先在旅遊中心要了份市區地圖,然後就照著自己的旅遊手冊指示前往舊市區一探。事 實證明我再要一份當地的地圖是對的,因為旅遊手冊雖新,還是與實際有些出入,而且手冊上的路名不夠完整,按著市區地圖找地點往往能提供我最大的幫助。說是 這麼說,我還是迷路了。哎呦,誰叫她們的街道都不是棋盤狀的,而是拐來拐去亂交叉的模樣呢>"<

後 來我還是順利的跨過河岸到達舊市區了,天啊!河岸邊真美!這個時節的楓紅和今天晴朗的天氣互相輝映得太迷人,所以我很快就決定在拜訪完舊市區的教堂(見 上)後一定 要回來河邊走走!!!順帶一提的是,孤單的旅程中反而因為落單而更有機會感受到當地人的溫暖,今天我就遇到兩個人主動要幫我拍照(其中一個在我過橋的時 候,見右),一個人主動指引我方向,這些小小的驚喜,都讓我這個旅人得以開心很久。

我 的河岸行讓我幸福到滿出來~~~最驚奇的莫過於遇到幾隻天鵝在岸邊戲水了,是的!就在岸邊!!陽光下閃亮無比的河水上有幾隻白天鵝就在我伸手可及的位置, 幾個當地人經過還去撈起她們落下的幾片羽毛帶走,害我好懊悔手腳不夠快,沒能來得及也帶一片;不過因為我的行程一點也不趕,我坐在那裡欣賞她們悠閒的姿態 好久喔~就.....傻傻的看著天鵝發呆:)那時候我的嘴角想必揚起得非常高!跟她們告別時我好依依不捨,何年何月我可以再這樣巧遇就在岸邊的白天鵝呢?


離 開河岸後我有好一陣子迷失在Interlaken的巷弄中,把地圖翻了好幾翻才終於找回方向,前往拜訪當地具有相當歷史的賭場(僅外觀),在城市中央的公 園長椅上曬太陽吃午餐、看著一群牛懶洋洋的也在享用他們的午餐,稍微逛了幾家小店,找到了寄給老爸和曉恩最佳的生日賀卡並寫好寄出後,我興沖沖的打算把下 午的時間耗在前往近郊的一處鐘乳石洞,結果!!公車司機告訴我洞穴已經關閉了....旅遊手冊上寫全年無休的啊XD,這時候我就不得不承認,其實秋季在瑞 士旅行的確還是會比較吃虧在這點上:很多地方因為氣候轉換,開始不適合訪客前往,而我就是其中一個犧牲者。

那 你說我該怎麼辦呢?還有一整 個下午可供閒晃的我該怎麼打發呢?在 諮詢過火車站的票務員後,我下了一個大膽的決定:前往Spiez進行盲目之旅!因為我的 旅遊手冊上完全沒有介紹這座城市,而我對他的了解也只有「每次坐火車都會經過它」如此而已,於是,帶著異常期待的心情,我抵達了Spiez車站,同樣要了 份市區地圖,衝了!相較於Interlaken,Spiez的確又更加乏善可陳一點,不過她有一個更棒的優勢:位在Tunersee邊,所以要到站前我就 已經被湛藍的湖水深深吸引,說什麼也要奔向湖邊去小坐一會兒。跟上午一樣,我花了些時間在跟方向奮鬥,不過經過一早的「訓練」,我的技術精湛許多。

我 再次前往一座山坡上的小教堂,並意外的發現教堂外就是整片的公墓。不過一如大家所知的,國外的公墓總是像花園一般,讓人行走其間只有舒適的感覺,而沒有 任何的恐懼。Spiez的公墓更是花團錦簇,在那樣的美景下,我不禁這樣想著:死亡哪裡值得恐懼?如果你是在這樣的仙境下長眠?

教 堂的美並沒有阻擋我前往湖邊的強烈企圖,於是我一路下坡挺進就在水邊的Schloss Spiez。在那裡我不僅碰到了親切可愛的一位瑞士女性詢問我從哪裡來,幫我與湖景照相,我還遇見了稍早就在Interlaken見過的兩個台灣女孩-- 他們也想去鐘乳石洞一探。她們是一對請假來自助旅行的姐妹,住在Luzern附近,我們聊了約半個小時才分開。她們都對我在這裡工作的體驗羨慕不已,而我 也格外珍惜遇到家鄉人的奇遇。我們都是非常幸福的孩子,可以在這個時節在瑞士仙境停留,在有點冷又不會太冷的溫度下做夢、圓夢。我尤其幸運,因為我的夢還會繼續:)我搭乘16:49的車啟程回「家」,剛到Kandersteg車站的時候我又開心的想尖叫「到家了!到家了!」呼~這個寂寞之旅其實很豐富啊:)


Ragga's Back!!!!

The happy day's back :D




今天In House的時間裡我把Leaders Room和Eco Advanture Room的<沙發椅>椅套拆下來洗、晾乾,再開始一針一線的把破損處縫好,並把他們放回原處,這樣的工程結束後我就好滿足好開心啊!彷彿可以忘記所有的不 如意,就只因為我把這件其他人都沒有做過的小小事做好了~


在午餐前我還做了另一件也讓自己很滿足的大事:跟Julia一起做了Banana Cake,這是繼Apple/Pear Crumble, Mousse後我做的另一種西式糕點,而且很成功很好吃喔!


Fell Asleep

In the DVD Room.....

The way we choose to celebrate the Halloween is to watch some horror movies. We enjoyed the first one, and I guess, most of us fell asleep in the second- including me myself =.=
The following is the list of the sleeping group:

Teddi/Wendy/Chris/Andrea/someone else, I really don't know.....

Don't know for how long have we stayed inside there, but I at least knew one thing- Chris and I are the last two staying there......Where went the others? (Go to bed! For sure~~~)
As for how do I feel about this "accident?" Was that "sweet?" I guess so.....to feel his breath, to hear his words in dreams from time to time, etc. Since I was truly tired and soft to fall asleep there and did not do that on purpose, I thought I should, tremendously, cherish this night.

Won't get more chances like this again......
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