I miss Home, Terribly

It's true. I miss all my lovely family and friends. I miss home.

Recently, I found out that people here are still different from me. They went over movies one after another, while I increasingly got bored of seeing them. I, most of the time, understand what's going on better in the movies with the help of subtitle, but they tend to turn it off, getting rid of its bother, neglecting my needs.

I'd like to visit some cities/towns, but I can seldom find any company. To join their plans could be fun sometimes, but they usually planned in the last minute, and wasted quite some time on stupid things- for instance, sleeping. However, I'm really confused about how to find a balance between "be in the group" and "enjoy myself, fulfill my dream."

In brief, I feel alone.
And I know if I were home, this feeling won't be that strong, won't be that bothering.

Three weeks from home. Jeez.....
I miss you guys, I do.

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