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Hello my friends, how's life?

Time flies! What's so spectacular in the past half year on your side? How about me sharing mine first?

Subject number 1, work of course.
My fast food life with company K has passed 7 months surprisingly. It's a pleasure to utilize my digital marketing know-how and website/mobile development expertise in the current position. I felt especially lucky thanks to the great support and encouragement from IT and Operations department in the company. Outsourcing vendors and media buyers who have worked closely with me love me too-- I received much compliment directly and indirectly enough to be aware of it. How amazing!
Another part of the learning was about leadership. Interestingly I could see those role models who're always inspiring and caring, and see some horrible ones who made all those tragic decisions and drove people crazy-- or worse, leaving in light speed. As green as I am in the organization, I barely can do anything to combat the situation. However I could Always learn from the lessons-- NEVER do X, Y, or Z-- should I be a leader one day.

Next, about Life.
Previously I forgot to mention my two new habits in making: Belly Dancing, and Ukulele
Yes, these are totally random I know!

I started to learn belly dancing in True Yoga Taipei since September 2013. My adorable teacher Michelle and beautiful classmates from young lady to grandmas inspired me from day 1. I've joined two annual year-end performances in 2013 & 2014. I just couldn't help loving the move, the pose, the music, and the healthy, sexy self while dancing. Every Wednesday and Friday night is my default practice night, and I've tried my best to secure it from any other "disturbs." You know, belly dancing gives me a chance to discover my "wild" potential-- in my body, and in my soul.

As for Ukulele, I started it since April 2014 in WenShan Community College. Most of you should know that I've been playing the piano for years, but felt frustrated that I couldn't take it with me everywhere to share the joy of music. Ukulele fulfilled that part of my dream. My teacher Ms. Wang is marvelous too. Most of the classmates are elder moms while only few are around my age. She helped me pick up my long-lost music knowledge, gave me chances to assist others, and invited the class to join pro bono performances as much as we can to sharpen our playing skills and to be brave on stage. Best of all, most of us live in the WenShan district and gather together for practice or for fun in the nearby area often. I've enjoyed spending time with my classmates, and I got to know my neighborhood even better thanks to them.

How's that? Is this Wendy Young & Fabulous?

Some other time, I hangout with two other groups of people: one is my board-game buddies, the other is some crazy extreme sports lovers. The prior gathered every 2 to 3 weeks, the later went hiking, long boarding, ice skating, skiing, board-gaming, dancing (salsa/swing), biking, rock climbing, water skating, scuba diving, playing ukulele, and the list can continue.
Well, do I have Any chance to get bored?

Yes I am still single, and I'm still searching for the One. However I will remember to enjoy the spectacular moments like right now no matter what. And, I will LOVE myself as much as I'm doing right now.

It shall work to you too. Cheers!






我從2013年9月開始在True Yoga跟著Michelle老師學肚皮舞,迄今已經參加過兩次年度發表會,同班同學不乏辣妹辣媽辣阿嬤,我從第一次上課開始深深被這種舞蹈優美性感的姿態吸引,也像是被老師和同學們下咒一般,好愛混入人群中放肆舞動的自己。每週三五兩天晚上,我都會盡力排除萬難前往練舞,因為跳舞讓我感覺健康,因為肚皮舞開發我肢體的(和靈魂中的)性感潛能;


你說,這樣的Wendy,是不是依然Young & Fabulous?



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