Sometimes happiness simply came from

a short greetings from you.
And all of a sudden, my world turned bright, the dim passed by.

Deeply I wish, you know why...


Allergy again.....





About Travel

The point is not where to go.
The point is completely who you are with.
The most beautiful place on earth can be horrible due to the terrible mates on the side.

Well, I'm so glad I'm leaving soon!!
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Welcome to Taiwan again, the Wakatani family!

9:00 a.m. sharp, Dad opened his arms to send a distant hug to a man 10 meters away;
the next second, a very cute girl happily ran to me with her arms wide open too, with her super energetic smile on the face, reflecting with my overjoyed one.
It's been 7 years since we last met. Seven years. 

The first time we got to know Mr. Wakatani was actually year 2001. The time I met Tomomi was around 2003. With tremendous luck, the friendships between the two families remained for these many years. These many beautiful years, regardless if I am in Taiwan, in Swiss, or in the U.S.

The gathering this morning was even more touching with the handmade T-shirt shown on the photo. I asked Tomomi if the T-shirts voiced the appreciation of the 331 Japan earthquake/tsunami donation. She confirmed that, and told me she bought them and wrote the words on the T-shirts herself! Furthermore, before coming to Taiwan, the family decided to wear them with pride when traveling around Taipei. They wanted to let ALL passengers see and know their sincere gratitude: "Thank you Taiwan! 謝謝台灣! ありがとう台湾!"

How sweet!

Can't wait to talk to them more during dinner tomorrow. Must be a marvelous night with the glory of friendship!
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Love Taiwan deeper thanks to Medill IMCers' visit!

It has been some great days for you guys;
It has been some marvelous days for me, too!

Sept.8, I took half day off to rush to the airport to greet my fellow IMCers '12. This group of Medill IMC students, 35 people in total, traveled from the U.S. to Asia to visit Seoul, Shanghai and Taipei for a total of 3 weeks. For many, this is quite a lifetime adventure and memory; for me, this is the first time in history that I can showoff my beloved motherland to the top marketers-to-be. This chance is something Huge.

This simply is the reason why Anya Cheng, Jessie Mai and the elder alumni such as Joseph Lyu, Alan Huang will actively get involved in the planning and the information sharing along the way. People's generous participation is also the key to make fellow IMCers visit such a pleasant, joyful, and unforgettable one.

Aside from their company visit to CHIMEI, HTC and TsingHua University, on Saturday Sept.10, Alan and I took the group for one-day Taipei City tour. Sun Yat-sen Memorial HallEslite bookstore, Bellavita, and Taipei 101 amazed the group, because these spots were a mix of traditional & modern Taiwan. IMCers learned about our park exercise culture: casual dancing, street dance, martial arts, to name a few (SYS Memorial Hall); our reading (read-holic?) lifestyle- 24HR bookstore with numerous free seminars to attend for all is truly cool (Eslite); the venue for the rich & the flagship fashion show stage (Bellavita); and about our anti-earthquake engineering pride (Taipei 101). I also tried to blend in as much marketing insights as possible to share with the group, so that they might find the sightseeing more meaningful and "rich" in context. Their questions or reactions to things as well helped me a lot to discover the beauty of my land, and to realize the difference among our culture with others.

In the evening, we all joined the welcome party & Northwestern University alumni dinner, which we had around another 30 alumni to celebrate the night with. That was the time I heard all the happy people talking about their love about Taiwan:
"Impressive! There are so many alumni showing up tonight to greet us~ There were only so few on other sites."
"Taiwanese people are all so nice! They have treated us so nice during our company visit. Restaurant or vendor staff are so kind to us. Even pedestrians are so helpful guiding our ways, which they totally don't have to!"
"Food here are so amazingly tasty! An evening visit to a night market is simply not enough!"
"People here dress in style. Not cheesy, not too over, looks just right, feels like they're loving their life"....
I thought these were amazing enough, but I was completely under-estimated the real hype.
The hit of the night, however, happened AFTER the dinner. I took them to CashBox KTV. Originally I was worried about if they would get bored easily, maybe due to the lack of English songs, but I was totally wrong. TOTALLY.

Swear to God, that WAS the MOST EXCITING KTV experience I've ever had in life.

There were so many great songs for all to sing, new or old!
It is Absolutely not a problem if one room can only get limited mic or not-- Everybody in the cabin are singing, dancing, having fun at the same time anyways!
Even if the video does not show with the branded MV, people were happy "studying" our videos/singing culture~
Not a single person was bored. People took turns grab the mic or hop on the stage, or push other classmates to be the star of the song.

Everyone is merely SO Happy :)

That was an exhausted day, but I remembered the full joy in my mind. Thanks to all of you, I got the precious chance to learn again the beauty of my home!

~to be continued....~



偶然發現的新書介紹,覺得好有趣喔!!! 透過作者動人的觀察和筆觸,了解現代日本的流行語彙以外,同時認識到新一代日本年輕人的思想行為進化,好些文化現象很出乎意料! 
新一代的日本年輕人正被指涉為"嫌消費世代",你知道原因為何和這個世代的核心理念嘛? Check it out!!



失落沙洲-徐佳瑩, 寂寞主題曲




作詞:徐佳瑩 作曲:徐佳瑩

又來到這個港口 沒有原因的拘留


隨時間的海浪漂流 我用力張開雙手


我不是一定要你回來 只是當又一個人看海

回頭才發現你不在 留下我迂迴的徘徊

我不是一定要你回來 只是當又把回憶翻開

除了你之外的空白 還有誰能來教我愛

又回到這個盡頭 我也想再往前走


我不是一定要你回來 只是當又一個人看海

回頭才發現你不在 留下我迂迴的徘徊

我不是一定要你回來 只是當又把回憶翻開

除了你之外的空白 還有誰能來教我愛

我不是一定要你回來 只是當又一個人看海

疲憊的身影不是我 不是你想看見的我

我不是一定要你回來 只是當獨自走入人海

除了你之外的依賴 還有誰能叫我勇敢

除了你之外的空白 還有誰能來教我愛



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The Tipping Point

It is absolutely amazing.

It starts this way--
When one decision was done right,
the ENTIRE world flips;
When the energy field turned from negative to positive,
the bad thing turned good, good thing turned great,
and most amazingly, ALL great things CAME AT ONCE or approaching ONE AFTER ANOTHER!

Welcome Back Wendy! Welcome Back!


Happiness on the weekend

Attended a lovely wedding to share the joy of Linda & her husband ;
Went rock climbing finally again to refresh my faith in "just climbing up!";
Had a pleasant dinner & chat with friends I cherish a lot;
Shared with them my plan and got just the warmest support & encouragement I need;
Touched by your concerns & thoughtful words, deeply ;
Caught up with a long time friend to feel still so connected in a totally sincere way...

Things changed a lot;
Super luckily, something never changes, like your love to me.
I do always desire a big, warm hug from you, you see? Always....
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蕭敬騰 信仰, 我的 信仰







作詞:葛大為 | 作曲:李偉菘

時間像遊樂場 排著隊等遺忘

某段煩惱 某段憂傷 將單純再次播放
想把那些時光 反鎖住記得它
放在心上 變成太陽 每秒鐘都晴朗

我永遠信仰 昨天的願望 會實現

就從這一天 讓我的肩膀
撐起這 美好的世界

我永遠信仰 明天的天堂

會出現 絕對不遠
就從這一天 讓我的心臟
震動這片我眼前的 蔚藍天

當一切 都改變

我還在 在這個地方


The Quote to Remember

When talking about execution, she is probably the best in this building.

I wish you could realize that and say that earlier.
But it won't change anything now anyways. Nothing.



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