Only Hope- Mandy Moore

Phone Calls

One hour phone interview with potential employers. I enjoyed the time talking to them, expressing my interest and my understanding about my capability and potential for their business. To my surprise, I did not have to demonstrate my Japanese language skill during the interview time. I was still delighted about having this opportunity (and excuse) to try catch up a little bit by reading a textbook and watching a movie. And guess what? I prepared my self introductions in Japanese this time. (Should get some formal revise though.... That's the "next step!") Additionally, I was quite delighted and confident to provide the answer about travel and relocation preference: "Are you willing to travel and/or relocate to Singapore or to Tokyo when requested?" "Yes I do."

Thirty minutes phone call with a friend, unexpectedly. Well, not really..... I thought I knew this contact would happen tonight, this way or that. And I was right. My instinct did not lie. Randomly we talked about my interview today, the school work on the other side, Japanese language and a little bit Japanese culture (why?!), and some more random teenage time stuff. Just realized one thing- sometimes it's harder to have this kind of unscripted talk....

Two more phone calls to come. One to a kind alum in East Bay area (resource: LinkedIn), the other to a very talented guy working in a marketing agency(resource: 2009 Kellogg Marketing Conference). I guess I have a lot talkings to do recently, which is wonderful! ^^

Can I admit that I prefer the second kind of talking more.....?


Snowing Again






愛せなくていいから、ここから見守ってる、あなたが まだ...














Happy Chinese "Moo" Year~

From Post-NU Life- from the 3rd party at the evening....
This year, my Chinese New Year celebration came with series of events. I went for a dinner with Taiwanese American Chamber of Commerce senior fellows at Friday night, which was also the send off party for Ambassador Thomas Cheng. Great wine and cousin, valuable advices and warm encouragement, I seemed to see some light ahead gradually.

Saturday evening, the night before Chinese New Year's Eve, ROCSAs of Northwestern University, Illinois Institute of Technology and University of Chicago jointly hosted a get-together dinner with 140 participants in Chinatown. Most of us, upon request, dressed something red and/or gold to highlight the feeling of celebration. That's why you can see such a bright photo above.

Stories continued. At the same night, I went to two Karaoke parties also in Chinatown- one with mostly Chinese IMC students/alums, the other with mostly Taiwanese IMC + tech students. Many songs mingled to form a colorful night of fun. Similarly, many emotions mixed to form a bizzard night.

Officially, it's Chinese New Year's Eve here in Evanston. I joined Leo, Daphne G., Daniel and Andrew for a dinner at a Japanese restaurant KUNI, and moved for some drinks at Andrew's. We also saw one Nip/Tuck, played Wii tennis and Wii bowling, and watched some Australia Open with Cindy's attendance. On the ride back to my place, Leo, Andrew and I passed the moment when the clock hit 12.

"Happy New Year, guys! It's official now," I said when I opened the door.
The second one without my family, down.


Someone Plz Sing This for Me?



或許人 真的應該要活得沒有期待,才不會失落,才會更加珍惜突如其來的恩典。





From "當藝術遇上Gmail" at 外星人看廣告

Art + Creativity + Technology!


上奇廣告(Saatchi & Saatchi)製作團隊正是想要表達出Gmail簡單且方便操作的特性。因此影片中撇除一般華麗炫目的效果而改以「人」的動作去描述網頁操作方式及相關技術,表達的意念就是要告訴俄羅斯的使用者:」Gmail是以人的角度為考量,專門設計給大家使用」。


Enjoy the video~


Power of Piano

People who know me all understand what does this title imply: Yes I was down. Yes I was depressed. So yes, I tried my best to find a piano to play, and I made it! Luckily.

The angel tonight who helped open the door for me to McManus lobby was Jiunwen. She also brought me some hot tea and chocolate. I did not hesitate too long before I started to let the music flow, because I seriously needed to release the fire inside....

Mixed with all the emotions about home, childhood, God, mom, friends and future, my music cried and yelled for me. Jiunwen's company and song order also inspired me to try new songs and to play some long lost rhyms, sometimes long lost movement.

I was recharged, though my problem was not solved yet. It is still dim ahead, but I will find my solution.

Stay, or Go.


About Obama's Inauguration Ceremony

Limelight Networks Reports Record-Breaking Internet Traffic for Today's Inaugural Address:
''Today's inauguration is an example of the global power of the Internet as a platform to unite. Like never before, people from around the world joined together to experience this historic moment,' said Nathan Raciborski, chief technical officer and co-founder, Limelight Networks, Inc. 'Such a powerful, unifying event was exactly what we envisioned eight years ago when we launched our innovative, network-based CDN, and we are pleased that our platform played such a major role in delivering today's ceremony to the world.'"
I was one of the online participants, and I can use my own example to demonstrate the power of this international event: I almost forgot to watch it but luckily was reminded by my TwitterFox messages from Darran in Ireland. Then I logged on to Facebook to view my saved event participation information, figuring out that I should actually go to CNN.com to view the video stream. I did it, and my popped-up screen had a sidebar from Facebook, which allowed me to change my "status" line to share with the world what I am watching. Oh by the way, since I forgot to log off my Facebook page, the new popped-up window automatically recorded my entry and did not ask me to log in again.

I actually saw two sidebars: one from my friends and the other from "everyone who is viewing this from Facebook." The latter one didn't get too much attention from me, but my Swedish friend Lena commented on my status and told me she was watching from Europe, too. My NTU friend Nicole Wu viewed it in Belgium, while another NTU friend Egbert Cheng constently updated his thoughts from Taiwan. I saw many "wows" from my IMC '09 Taiwanese friends in MTC Forum, Evanston when the anchor announced that YO YO MA was one of the performer; same thing happened to my elementary school friend Steven Hsu in New York. Please remember, my TwitterFox is still on, which allowed me to see the comments from Robin in Ireland and David in Los Angeles.

Do you still think I am alone watching the historical moment?


Random Meetup, Unexpected Happiness

I met a new friend last night at a dinner, and we gathered for a Swedish brunch at Ann Sather around Belmont station today. This was totally unplanned, but it ended up as a very pleasant meeting.

After hopped on the L, I bumped into another surprise: Joseph in the ecom PhD program. We chit chatted about my current status and about some friends. As a Belmont resident, he also suggested me what to try in Ann Sather (although I still followed my heart to pick a Swedish Bagel Breakfast instead :P) Anyways, I was so grateful of talking to him and of being cared and valued. Also thanks to him, the journey to Belmont was shortened.

I was quite on time, so was my new friend. The interior design of Ann Sather was quite Scandinavian style (please forgive me of not brining my camera....) and quite cozy. According to Almond, it was frequently crowded, especially on weekends. "Waiting in the long line outside in this kind of winter could be quite killing, you know?" Fully understandable. My Bagel Breakfast was quite different from those I've tried before- it was stuffed with egg, bacon and other ingredients. Additionally, it came with a fresh fruit bowl (healthy!). I liked this new discovery, and felt bad about failing to finish the entire serving. Well, I will be back! (with camera!!)

Unplanned again, we headed downtown for a movie: Slumdog Millionaire. Frankly, I got little clue about what that movie was about before I went. I just followed my guts and instinct. Some little more: his taste. The storyline of this Indian movie was mostly sad and pathetic, however, luckily, the ending was warm. For so many times I asked myself: "So, where's your right to complain? There are SO MANY PEOPLE living in such bad condition and they are not complaining..." I was so glad that I followed my intuition and took some risk. Otherwise I might never see Slumdog Millionaire in my whole life. Moreover, if I chose to stay home instead, none of these feelings and pleasure would come enrich my day.
From Post-NU Life

Thanks for the kind invitation. Thanks for the unexpected happiness. Thank you Lord, for reminding me of your greatness and your gifts along the way.

Ann Sather
909 W. Belmont Ave.
Chicago, IL 60657
(773) 348-2378
(Very close to CTA Red/Brown line Belmont station, 3 min. walk)


These Keep Me Busy

1. Job hunting: checking resources from:
2. Trying to meet people and to build up connections:
3. Get-together with old friends and meet new friends:
4. Try to learn a lot from news, blogs, articles about branding, about social media, about various industry and about the world.

5. Try to be tough, to be independent, to get used to loneliness......



偶然戴起耳機聽音樂,深夜的吉他前奏很快的擄獲了我,想要關燈、點起蠟燭、享受靜茹甜甜的聲音甜甜的唱著她最愛的「每天第一件事」。很喜歡「每天分手回家第一件事就是複習,快樂和感動幾比幾;每天都是因為你而看見風和日麗,你為我發明最美的天氣」這一段,彷彿在那個當下我也看見、也感受到了你曾帶來的風和日麗。而我現在,會繼續聽著靜茹,期待下一次風和 日麗。

梁靜茹 (作詞:姚若龍 作曲:伍仲衡)

在捷運裡 一通貼心的簡訊

不管它好不好吃 我都笑得滿意


就算我幫不了忙 至少讓你放心



你在我瑪奇朵上 畫上了一顆心



Core Values: Family, Hope, Loved

Thanks to Meetup.com, I attended a gathering hosted by Powerful You! Women Network- Evanston branch and talked to some generous women in this area. We played a game to sort out the values those are Very Important/Important/Not Important to me. Then focused on the Very Important pile to find the best 15, later top 10, top 5 and finally the top THREE. There were some hard decisions that I had to make, but my list couldn't be clearer:
From Post-NU Life: Chrystal clear snow flakes on my window

  • FAMILY: Will NEVER sacrifice ANYTHING related to my beloved family
  • HOPE: No hope, no life.
  • LOVED: I sacrificed "friendship" to be number 4 value but deeply believed that to be LOVED included the desire for friendship and beyond.
Truly, these are the things I live up to. I won't go anywhere without having these "weapons" with me. Almost bursted into tears, I shared with those ladies my final gratitude statement: "I am thankful for my family to support my decision of staying here now. Thankful for their love, and thankful for the hope they gave me."

*Top 4-10: Friendship, Pleasure, Advanture, Health, Romance, Passion, Intimacy


Rip-off Company/position- The Latitude Group

Unfortunately I bumped into another one... AHHHHHHH I HATE THIS! I almost fly over....

The Latitude Group
(1 star rating, based on 13 reviews)
5901 Christie Ave. Suite 500
Emeryville, CA 94608
(510) 601-1073

ilnana i. (Pleasant Hill, CA) 1 star rating, 1/11/2009

scam...umprofessional..dont waste your time..I walk in and they are watching transformers..Yikes. If you have real job experience and a college education don't waste your gas and time!!

Kelly K. (San Francisco, CA) 1 star rating, 1/2/2009

I gave this company one star because it will not let me put zero.

BIG WARNING to anyone who receives a phone call from this company!!

When I received a phone call from someone at The Latitude Group regarding an interview, I was unfortunately unable to do any research because of my location at the time. I drove out to the site, which was in a very old building that looked more like an industrial warehouse. When I entered the lobby of the office, it was full of other candidates also interviewing for the position. The type of people in there vaired considerably. There were people dressed in jeans, and people in their 40's sitting in the lobby, not people you would typically see interviewing for an "Entry Level Marketing position".

......TONS of bad review from yelp!.....



Someone came to the party for you.
Someone brought you what you asked for as a pure gift but not as a compensation.
Someone drove all the way to meet you and to assist you to learn a new skill.
Someone fell lying on your side just because you fell.

Someone, who cares.


[Share]$20 Billion Company CEO... Takes the Bus

Thanks to a friend's kind sharing, I had the chance to read this article and to know more about the different way of demonstrating "leadership" in the East and in the West. To be specific, to learn from the Japanese example of the CEO of JAL(Japan Air Lines): Haruka NIshimatsu. I especially love a comment made by the blogger: "True leadership is humble." I can recall the time when I worked with Jonathan Blum and his team from YUM! Brands for the World Hunger Relief Week. He always respected our ideas and valued our comments; his sincerity touched everyone of us in the classroom when he presented his discoveries in the country in need. As one of the top leaders in the Brands, Jonathan acted just like one of our friends. Never bossy. Read the article below. Watch the clips. Enjoy!

$20 Billion Company CEO... Takes the Bus

With all the talk of corporate jets and massive bonuses for the CEO's of failing companies, here's a jolt of true leadership inspiration. Haruka NIshimatsu, CEO of JAL (Japan Air Lines), is featured in this YouTube clip, and there are many lessons. Perhaps this clip should be forwarded to the likes of Wagoner, Mulally, and Nardelli. Take two minutes to watch this, then we'll return to discuss a bit.

...if interested, continue reading...


KOH+ 「最愛」 柴咲コウ+福山雅治


あなたが まだ好きだから
あなたに ただ逢いたくて

初めてでした これまでの日
陽だまりみたいな その笑顔
あなたが まだ好きだから
ただひとこと ただ言えなくて

その笑顔を 幸せを
あなたが まだ好きだから
あなたに ただ逢いたくて
あなたに ただ逢いたくて

私もその気持ちがあるの...「愛せなくていいから、ここから見守ってる、強がってるんだよ、でも繋がってたいんだよ、あなたが まだ好きだから...」本當の幸せは二人と一緒に作る物だよ。そんなに好きでも、彼は自分の人生が行きたいたら...



Rip-off Company/position- US Marketing Alliance

Why I've always run into this kind of opportunity and got contacted by these people.. :( All I ask for is a good job.....
Report: US Marketing Alliance (USMA), Rancho Cucamonga, Wanis Naguib, Cydor

Category: Sales People

US Marketing Alliance, Rancho Cucamonga, Wanis NaguibUS Marketing Alliance (USMA), Rancho Cucamonga, Wanis Naguib The Real Truth About US Marketing Alliance, Cydcor: Everything is all a lie, You Assume All the Risk Rancho Cucamonga California

*REBUTTAL Individual responds ..Another Scanno complaint

Phone: 909-483-3000/ Fax: 909-483-3019
9227 Haven Ave. Suite 220, Rancho Cucamonga, Ca. 91730
Rancho Cucamonga, California, 91730

Submitted: 4/7/2007 2:06:45 AM//Modified: 11/26/2008 2:07:17 PM

So lets start from the beginning, First I applied like everyone via the internet. I immediately received a call, was scheduled for a first round interview. I met with a guy named Wanis Naguib. The first round interview last for all of 5 minutes and nothing was really discussed more than the mission of US Marketing Alliance. Which made sense but nothing was discussed of the position being offered. I said all of 5 sentences in my interview, so I was shocked to hear back from them that same day. The admin called me back and said 'Wanis was impressed by you and would like you back for round two...' Meanwhile in my head I'm thinking 'HOW!?' I didn't say anything in the interview. So I agreed to come back. Again not knowing what to expect.

2nd Interview: I had went out on a 2nd interview with a guy that was HIS TOP REP! That was B.S. But he was nice. We spent all day going door to door or aka Business to Business to 'acquire new customers.' Truthfully we walked in unannounced and most of the time we were annoying to most people. One of the most common arguments was we the 1 million'th person to solicit them on merchant processing. Which at the end of the day I determined was a shady industry. To many people loose money while people like IMS and Intuit company and Cydcor, US Marketing Alliance make their money.
Lets talk about the people who loose money, First, the companies that we saw. I could tell that IMS is a broker like everyone else screwing people out of money for Visa and Mastercard. Next, the field rep-the very same job I was on an interview for. This JOB IS 100% Commission. Which isn't that bad but we only make a one time commission, and all gas, cell, every other expense is all on me. So I ASSUME ALL THE RISK!.... continue


Thoughts on "Hey Google, Facebook: I've Got Some Resolutions For You"

The following article is posted on Advertising Age. The writer pointed out several important trend about blogging, twitter, facebook, online search and e-commerce. Protection of privacy is vital. Integrating services/products with other platform and finding the innovative way to serve the unmet needs are also worth working on for the new year. Follow his words and check it in detail, you will enjoy it.
Hey Google, Facebook: I've Got Some Resolutions For You
My Top 20 New Year's Wishes for Digital Media
Posted by David Berkowitz on 01.05.09 @ 08:00 AM

I've got a few New Year's resolutions for 2009, like sticking with more edamame and fewer shrimp tempura rolls topped with spicy tuna (which Ichiro on New York's Upper East Side mysteriously calls a Manhattan roll). I've got even more resolutions for digital media -- including those for me, for the industry at large and for certain key players.

For Me:
1. More Twitter listening, especially with frequent usage of tools like Twitturly that aggregate Twitter buzz.
2. Blog more. Twitter hurt some of the blogging for awhile but it's meant to complement blogging, not replace it (for most).
3. Get my blog off a TypePad template and start diving into the advanced features. Facebook Connect, here we come.
4. Peruse less e-mail and unsubscribe from anything that doesn't make a difference in my day.
5. Pick up the phone more. It's still one of the best social-networking tools.

For the Industry:
6. End the term "viral" for once and for all, until after something has really spread through viral growth.
7. On that note, don't call something a viral or word-of-mouth marketing success when its uptake is directly the result of a multimillion-dollar media blitz.
8. Accept that engagement means something different in every medium and channel. Stop using it as a catch-all term.
9. Plan holistically. Even if you can't integrate a tactic with everything else, plan it in conjunction with something. That's often a step up.
10. Figure out how and when the social graph affects advertising. Let's see if it's really any better than other forms of demographic, behavioral and psychographic targeting.
11. In the process of understanding that, respect consumer privacy to the fullest. Don't just dismiss it or say consumers are fine with it because it's covered by Facebook's terms of service (something I heard a vendor say recently).

For Google:
12. Add Trends-style charts to Google Blog Search already. Really, you're on the verge of making other blog search services irrelevant. Just finish the job.
13. Add Google Gears support for Gmail.
14. Don't be evil. Please. Don't compromise for short-term gains just because the economy's hurting.

For Yahoo:
15. Survive. A lot of us are still rooting for you.

For Microsoft:
16. Come up with new products integrating the internet with furniture. The Surface put the internet on a table. Imagine what you could do with a chaise lounge or a credenza.

For Amazon:
17. Come up with a really good gift recommendation engine already. You're so good at recommending things for me, and yet for gifts, year after year I wind up shopping elsewhere.

For Facebook:
18. Give Lexicon a much-needed upgrade. Providing agencies and advertisers with self-service tools to show what people are talking about on your site can encourage them to do more to reach those users. We in the ad world love pretty graphs.
19. Add a real search engine. This is ridiculous already. And that goes to just about all you social networks. Maybe the reason comScore's saying you and MySpace are such large search engines is that it takes 20 searches to find anything or anyone on your site.

For Barack Obama:
20. Whether or not social media played a material role in your election, you showed that you know how to use the various channels to galvanize your target audience and you effectively adapt your strategy to each channel. Change.gov promises more of the same (in a good way). Now let's see how you can use social media to unite one of the most diverse real-world social networks there is: the United States of America.

~ ~ ~
David Berkowitz is director of emerging media for 360i. He has written dozens of articles covering media, marketing and technology for several trade publications over the past decade and has spoken at Digital Hollywood, Ad:Tech, SMX, OMMA and dozens of industry events. He blogs regularly at Inside the Marketer's Studio.


Rock Climbing in Naperville. How Familiar

From 090103-Rock Climbing
Purely by accident, I knew about the opportunity to go for an indoor rock climbing in Naperville from friends. Since I've not been on the rock for some time since September '08, I joined them for the first rock in the US. "Vertical Endeavors" located in Warrenville inside the Lifetime Fitness. It has various routes for all age groups and levels, which is quite impressive. This is my first time to try the way with automatic rope to hold me on the rock. I didn't really like it because it limited my control over the pace and did not allow me to rest on the go. Up, or down. I believed I could finish most of the routes I tried yesterday if I could stop in the middle for a while to rest, and to continue. Anyways, I like the experience to climb again.

Interestingly, the entire experience kept reminding me of the quote in Y17: "It is a belief to climb up(向上爬,是一種信仰)" It also made me think about my lovely climbing friends in Taiwan- Chi-yu, Johnny and Howard.

Where is the next rock?

Vertical Endeavor (Inside the Lifetime Fitness building)
28241 Diehl Rd.
Warrenville, IL 60555
Entrance fee $15.
Full package rental (harness, climbing shoes and the powder) + $10; harness rental only +$4


[品牌經營我見我思]20年前催生台灣燈會 毛治國擬吹熄燈號


20年前催生台灣燈會 毛治國擬吹熄燈號
中時電子報 2009-01-03【黃如萍/台北報導】







主燈原始發想 方便長官開燈【黃如萍/台北報導】







Last Night of 2008, First Morning of 2009

Chinese style dinner with a group of friends in Chinatown of Chicago; Karaoke for 3.5 hours before we moved on for the Navy Pier fireworks; Fireworks from distance with the car illegally parked on the street.

I got company, a bunch of old friends and some new ones, but I greedily desired for some other excitements: Something that make the fireworks look more charming, something I could sing for with my beautiful voice, something I would arrange voluntarily for.

"Any wishes for the new year?" A friend asked me when appreciating the fireworks. I have prepared some answers already, besides GET A JOB.

May dream come true.
To companies who possess, or are passionate about obtaining and maintaining global reputation, Wendy is the diligent and professional digital marketer who is experienced in digital marketing, is always energetic about solving challenges in the new media field to help the business grow, and can optimize her contributions by utilizing her multilingual and multicultural background.