Core Values: Family, Hope, Loved

Thanks to Meetup.com, I attended a gathering hosted by Powerful You! Women Network- Evanston branch and talked to some generous women in this area. We played a game to sort out the values those are Very Important/Important/Not Important to me. Then focused on the Very Important pile to find the best 15, later top 10, top 5 and finally the top THREE. There were some hard decisions that I had to make, but my list couldn't be clearer:
From Post-NU Life: Chrystal clear snow flakes on my window

  • FAMILY: Will NEVER sacrifice ANYTHING related to my beloved family
  • HOPE: No hope, no life.
  • LOVED: I sacrificed "friendship" to be number 4 value but deeply believed that to be LOVED included the desire for friendship and beyond.
Truly, these are the things I live up to. I won't go anywhere without having these "weapons" with me. Almost bursted into tears, I shared with those ladies my final gratitude statement: "I am thankful for my family to support my decision of staying here now. Thankful for their love, and thankful for the hope they gave me."

*Top 4-10: Friendship, Pleasure, Advanture, Health, Romance, Passion, Intimacy

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