Power of Piano

People who know me all understand what does this title imply: Yes I was down. Yes I was depressed. So yes, I tried my best to find a piano to play, and I made it! Luckily.

The angel tonight who helped open the door for me to McManus lobby was Jiunwen. She also brought me some hot tea and chocolate. I did not hesitate too long before I started to let the music flow, because I seriously needed to release the fire inside....

Mixed with all the emotions about home, childhood, God, mom, friends and future, my music cried and yelled for me. Jiunwen's company and song order also inspired me to try new songs and to play some long lost rhyms, sometimes long lost movement.

I was recharged, though my problem was not solved yet. It is still dim ahead, but I will find my solution.

Stay, or Go.


Anonymous said...

Hello Wendy, It's Myriam from Morocco!!
I miss you girl!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks so much for all the links to the Picassa pictures! They are awesome!
Are you depressed??? No way! I know Chicago's weather is terrible these days.. But the Wendy I know is full of joy, passion and optimism. And she has all the reasons to be so! She's positive, smart, and very talented! So cheer up!!!!!!!!!!!!
By the way, I love your pic with the Lego man! I took the same one last month. Next to the Lego store downtown Chicago, right? I love it :)))
Say hi to your family, and to Pipi (the superstar cat!)
I'll be following your adventures on your blog.. so, behave!

WendyChen said...

Hello my biggest supporter from Morocco!!!!!! I miss you terribly!!!!!
And OMG Myriam, you made me cry.....

Absolutely that's The famous LEGO man. I've found 3 people taking photos with him so far, so I think he IS a superstar, like Pipi :P

Ohohohoh I felt the pressure now. I have a subscriber who will quietly take over the world, including controlling me possibly. What should I do @_@ How about.... write my story in Mandarin? (haha you will kill me for that).

Myriam, I do miss you terribly... Please take care!

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