Random Meetup, Unexpected Happiness

I met a new friend last night at a dinner, and we gathered for a Swedish brunch at Ann Sather around Belmont station today. This was totally unplanned, but it ended up as a very pleasant meeting.

After hopped on the L, I bumped into another surprise: Joseph in the ecom PhD program. We chit chatted about my current status and about some friends. As a Belmont resident, he also suggested me what to try in Ann Sather (although I still followed my heart to pick a Swedish Bagel Breakfast instead :P) Anyways, I was so grateful of talking to him and of being cared and valued. Also thanks to him, the journey to Belmont was shortened.

I was quite on time, so was my new friend. The interior design of Ann Sather was quite Scandinavian style (please forgive me of not brining my camera....) and quite cozy. According to Almond, it was frequently crowded, especially on weekends. "Waiting in the long line outside in this kind of winter could be quite killing, you know?" Fully understandable. My Bagel Breakfast was quite different from those I've tried before- it was stuffed with egg, bacon and other ingredients. Additionally, it came with a fresh fruit bowl (healthy!). I liked this new discovery, and felt bad about failing to finish the entire serving. Well, I will be back! (with camera!!)

Unplanned again, we headed downtown for a movie: Slumdog Millionaire. Frankly, I got little clue about what that movie was about before I went. I just followed my guts and instinct. Some little more: his taste. The storyline of this Indian movie was mostly sad and pathetic, however, luckily, the ending was warm. For so many times I asked myself: "So, where's your right to complain? There are SO MANY PEOPLE living in such bad condition and they are not complaining..." I was so glad that I followed my intuition and took some risk. Otherwise I might never see Slumdog Millionaire in my whole life. Moreover, if I chose to stay home instead, none of these feelings and pleasure would come enrich my day.
From Post-NU Life

Thanks for the kind invitation. Thanks for the unexpected happiness. Thank you Lord, for reminding me of your greatness and your gifts along the way.

Ann Sather
909 W. Belmont Ave.
Chicago, IL 60657
(773) 348-2378
(Very close to CTA Red/Brown line Belmont station, 3 min. walk)

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