The package sent from KISC has arrived home, finally. Thus, I started to do the last bit of my European travel unpacking. I took the postcards out, and appreciated them one after another, trying hard to refresh myself with the original touch when receiving each card.

-Oh, this is a surprise!
-This has saved me out of depression~
-Haha~ it's soooo close to my departure date! May not get it before leaving~
-I felt far more sweet when getting this one :)

To react so may be too over, but to hold this pile of postcards in hand made me feel like crying. They are far more than papers. They are the proofs that I am soooooo loved by people.

I am glad that I realize the truth today, the last date of year 2005.
Thank you all, my beloved friends.
Thank you for loving me, and Thank you for caring me.



I did some massage for my mom tonight, and something accidently hit my mind.

"It's great. Carry on please~" he said, when I massaged his shoulder.

His voice seems to be around, but it fades out soon.

Satisfied, my mom fell asleep with a sweet smile, just as what he has done that night.
Yet, I might not have one more chance in my life to pat his head and to appreciate my giant baby in silence.....

It's TOO warm for me. B U T

my mom went to bed with TWO sweatshirts and THREE duvets on.....and it's merely around 12C here. She even planned to put on gloves......

Teddi, the Icelandic, wears a T-shirt when it's 9C there in Iceland.

What a interesting contrast!!


Allergic to Home

After a week of stay, suddenly, I became terribly allergic to my hometown, and my face iched all over. My nose, as well, couldn't stop running since the day I was back. These didn't happen once during my stay in Swiss nor in Germany.

It's true- I'm allergic to Home.

Taking a break outside of the office, I stared at the skyline and felt "homesick" again. Kandersteg is a place where even if it was raining, or misty, or dimmed, people would still describe it as "romantic" or "poetic." In contrary, Taipei is the place where may make people blue, or even upset when the sky is not clear. And it's covered with polluted fog today....

Two weeks ago, I was in heaven, was surrounded by the most beautiful environment on the planet.
As for now?

I miss home.....miss my fairy home in Swiss.
I longed to go back home.......









Paris DGC 21:15

此時此刻Grauduation Party正在進行吧?大家是否依舊玩得很開心?Tom是否又吻上了哪個女孩的臉?Ben是否曾經想念我,想念有我陪伴的日子?KISC門前的積雪多深了呢?大家是否又抓著Sledge四處玩?



All in All,我對KISC的想念滿滿的、滿滿的

那裡的Kander River



Farewell to KISC

Fuessen 10:05

昨天下午的tea break我就哭了,因為忽然發現最後一餐、最後一個coffee break、最後一次duty都已遠去,而行李被搬空後的bedroom更空得恐怖,寂寞得讓人發慌...






不像另外兩對,我幾乎相信Ben和我不會有未來,不會to be continued,所以當火車開動,away from Kandersteg, I know it's time to be awake.


Lovely民宿 Wagner Marlis

透過Fuessen Tourismus的協助,我找到了這家小巧而溫馨的民宿。9日上午我打了通預約電話,原本只是想位夜裡才到Fuessen的安排多增加一點確定踏實感,誰知道老闆居然直接提供了到車站接我的服務!(離開前不要跟我charge,拜託...那會破壞所有的好印象...)
My room with 2 beds, shower, toilet


天!這樣Euro 20~23!
Sounds really good!

**還是要進行貼心小提醒:我到訪Fuessen的時間是無敵大淡季,譬如整間Wagner Marlis只有我一個客人,整個鎮上後來我只遇到一個亞洲臉孔:一個來自台灣的男性自助旅行者

Address: Von-Freybergstr. 67, 87629 Füssen


Competitor Martine

She asked about him.
She cared about him.
She wanted to know when will he come back, and to know if he would stay at the Centre afterwards.

Girl, let it be.....
You will no longer be here soon......


Applauses from The Pinkies

It's Andrea's last duty day today, and she prepared some papers and envelopes to let Pinkies write down their comments toward one another. This kind of activity is always interesting, and to try the English version is for sure a fresh and exciting experience to me. I tried hard to give others the best sentences/comments toward them, and what follows is those I got in return.

°Katie, Guest Service Director, GB°
Always smiley and enthusiastic. Thanks for that! Good Luck!

°Teddi, shortermer Autumn '05, IS(Iceland)°
Always fun hearing you speak Chinese.

°Lena, Reception Manager, SE(Sweden)°
It's been cool get to know you. Maybe I'll see you in Sweden??

°Julia, shortermer Autumn '05, DE°
Dolphin Queen! I had a great time with you.

°Pete, shortermer Autumn '05, NZ(New Zealand)°
You're a smiley happy person :=)

°Chris, shortermer Autumn '05, GB°

°Ali, PR Director, GB°
You are the best!

°Andrea, shortermer Autumn '05, CH°
It happened that we were in a same situation with our boys, and we had a good talk about it. Thanks for that. You were always helpful and supportive to everyone.

°Andreas, Internal Services Director, CH°
Lots of laughing!

°Mustard, the new Program Director, GB°(He just arrived for 2 days...)
Great and nice to meet you!

°Jabba, Program Assistant, GB°
Hearing about cocktails!

°Matt, Program Director, GB°

°Mark, Director, NL(Netherland)°
Thanks for great Thought For The Days(TFTDs)!

°Anna, the new Guest Service Director, FI° (She just arrived for 3 days)
Hope to see you later on as a longtermer or helper!

°Ragga, House Manerger, IS°
You never give up.

Take A Walk in the Snow

It's so sunny outside today, so I decided to take a walk and to take some pictures in the campsite. Guys, open your eyes! You must be really impressed by the following pictures!

The first one is our lovely Chalet covered in snow. It's the place we lived and worked everyday. It's the place we have created BEST memories together every moment.

As for the road leading us to the campsite, it looked like the picture in the right now. Early this season, it looked so colorful because of the maples; recently, it looked so bright because of the pure snow. If On Ground work ever made me exhausted, this fascinating road always played the role to recharge me:)

CHA CHA CHA! Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to Uncle Bens!!! Our brand new shelter!!!

This the place I help to build.
This is the place I stepped onto the scaffold and the roof to paint.
This is exactly the place that was not existed before. We witnessed it to have a flat ground and then a chimney, several pills and then walls, roofs and then tiles on the top, and eventually, it was done.
Isn't it beautiful?? I'm so proud of having the shelter here. And of course, I'm sooooo proud of myself being a tiny little helper in the whole project.

Later I went to Wood Compound near Uncle Sams. That was my first working area in KISC. I spent some interesting days with Michale(DE) to build a roof for woods(in the right hand side). Additionally, Julia, Andrea, and I started to pile up woods and to curse evil chainsaw monster, Ben and Laurance, together for several mornings and afternoons. "We need to finish these before the snow comes," they used to say so. Guess what? I think we made it :) The woods are well-protected/covered now~

The other memory I shared with Michale is to make benches and the concrete base for a mini campfire site. We have already let the first fire when the Dutch Working Party was here. Hmmm, I wish I would have a chance to tell Michale- The fire looks pretty that night. Our hard-working made it so. He must be happy about this ^_^

Slowly walking back, I sentimentally wondered that how can I ever stand to leave?? Kandersteg is SO beautiful. The life here is so comfortable. How can I leave without missing this place terribly? How can I forget every breathe I take here, How can I forget the chilly morning, sunny but not really warm sunshine at noon, and the serene night?

How dare I......


On The Party- 2nd Day

People still made fun of me about you from time to time, but you were not around.
I, myself, faced all those, and felt even lonelier.

Had no shoulder to lean on, had no ears to whisper; when I felt tired, there's no you to sit beside me and to interprete my tending to leave.
Ich bin, Ganz Allein......

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