Allergic to Home

After a week of stay, suddenly, I became terribly allergic to my hometown, and my face iched all over. My nose, as well, couldn't stop running since the day I was back. These didn't happen once during my stay in Swiss nor in Germany.

It's true- I'm allergic to Home.

Taking a break outside of the office, I stared at the skyline and felt "homesick" again. Kandersteg is a place where even if it was raining, or misty, or dimmed, people would still describe it as "romantic" or "poetic." In contrary, Taipei is the place where may make people blue, or even upset when the sky is not clear. And it's covered with polluted fog today....

Two weeks ago, I was in heaven, was surrounded by the most beautiful environment on the planet.
As for now?

I miss home.....miss my fairy home in Swiss.
I longed to go back home.......

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