Wendy E-News- [Wendy, happily with my master's in IMC, wishes you a Happy New Year 2009!]

Dear my friends,

Long time no see~ Time flies, it's almost the end of the year 2008, and the new year is around the corner! Also, I would love to happily announce that I have received my master's degree in Integrated Marketing Communications from Northwestern University. Congratulations to myself :D

What's next? Everyone's curious about this. After consulting with some alumni and senior friends, I decided to stay in Chicago looking for job openings within the U.S. I have applied for the OPT(Optional Practical Training) and will be able to stay in the U.S. for at least 3 months after graduation to look for a job. If I am lucky enough to get an offer by April 1 and to get my H1B working visa sponsored, I cannot leave the country till around October, due to regulation limitations. Otherwise, I will return to Taiwan after April and end my journey in the U.S.

Dad flew to Chicago for my graduation on December 13 and made me one of the happiest international students who was accompanied by family. He brought so many gifts prepared by Mom to share with those who have been a blessing to me during my stay. Dad didn't spend too many days in town, but I made it to take him visit the Millennium Park and the Bean、to appreciate night views from John Hancock Observatory、to visit the submarine and coal mine in Science and Industry Museumto taste the famous Deep Dish Pizza of Chicago. Popular Dad was also invited by my host family mom- Joan to try the famous pancake at Walker Bros. in Wilmette, and he enjoyed great coffee talk with Kerry as well as happily joined my graduation ceremony. I was also blessed to receive graduation gifts from my uncle's family. Two little girls spent two hours to make a card for me! How sweet!

Thank you for loving me! Thank you!

My busy life continued after graduation, because I moved again. One of my original roommates and I left the apartment we subleased for fall and moved into another one bedroom apartment. This new place is spacious. She will use the main bedroom while I use the living room temporarily. We are short of some furniture, but I think I am fine with it- This space will accompany me to fight for the great job hunting battle!

And here's the new address- postcards welcomed :D
Wendy Chen
1121 Church St. Apt 312,
Evanston, IL 60201, US

The next day of my moving, I rolled on to the sunny trip in southern California. I just got back to Evanston and did not finish my stories during the trip yet, but I could not help thinking of the unexpected elementary school friends reunion, the sunshine in Santa Monica, the ski trip in Big Bear Lake area, the reunion with university friends Lien and Cynthia, the pleasant trip to San Diego Sea World for dolphin and Shamu shows with IMC classmate Ann, window shopping with Serena in Fashion Island, the breathtaking beach view at Dana Point, and the warm, cozy Christmas afternoon with Serena's relatives: watching Boston Celtics vs. LA Lakers and eating tons of great food......

Danny Sun, Serena Sah, Li-Chih Hu, Lien Chen, Cynthia Hsu and Annie Kuo- THANK YOU ALL! You made my journey complete and colorful. I could not imagine this trip without you!

This rest recharged me. So, get back to reality, I will keep an eye on job opportunities in mainly big cities such as Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York. Marketing communications positions that utilizes social media, digital marketing and online marketing in high-tech, consulting, travel and restaurant industries are my main target. I am open to both corporate and agency side of opportunities. My longer term plan is still to work in Asian countries, especially greater China area. Some working experiences in the U.S., I believe, will still be very valuable to me. Let me fight for it now~ Wish me luck!

Hope you have a wonderful New Year 2009! Be Happy!

Love Always,


好久不見!一不留神2008年火速就來到了末尾,嶄新的一年即將降臨,而我在西北大學整合行銷傳播所已經悄悄取得IMC的碩士學位了。恭喜我自己 :)

下一步呢?大家都很關心。我幾經轉折問過好多學長姐及前輩的意見,決定暫時要繼續留在芝加哥尋找在美國各地可能的工作機會。目前我已經申請了OPT(Optional Practical Training)的身份將得以在畢業後待在美國至少三個月尋找工作,如果有幸在4/1前爭取到工作offer,約到10月前我都將因法規限制不便離境美國;如果在4/1前沒有找到機會,與在台灣的各位會面之期就近多囉~

我於今年12/13畢業,而且非常幸福的讓爸爸為我的畢業典禮飛到芝加哥一趟,並不多國際學生在畢業典禮的這時候有家人親自到場參與喔!我是最幸福的那幾個之一。爸爸帶了媽媽精心準備的好多禮物來讓我分送給這段時間以來照顧我的師長同學,讓他們都感受到台灣人的熱情與貼心。爸爸來的期間雖然短暫,我還是趁機帶他逛了芝加哥的千禧公園看大豆豆、上John Hancock賞夜景、到自然與工業博物館看潛艇探礦坑吃芝加哥最有名的Deep Dish Pizza,大紅人爸爸還在我接待家庭媽媽Joan的邀約下到Walker Bros.吃了遠近馳名的鬆餅、芝加哥熱心爺爺Kerry的陪伴下一同參加了我的畢業典禮。更幸福的是,我還收到了三叔一家人託爸爸帶來美國給我的畢業禮物,包含一張小朋友們花了兩小時親手製作的卡片,讓我看到感動得都要哭出來了~


我的忙碌在畢業典禮後繼續,因為我又搬家了。原來住的地方因為是sublease需要還給原租者,於是我跟其中一個還留在美國的室友火速打包搬到了鎮上另外一個寬敞的one bedroom,我住在客廳的空間讓她住在主臥室,這個臨時的家將成為我找工作的戰備基地,雖然缺少了很多家具,可是湊和湊和總是過得去的。

Wendy Chen
1121 Church St. Apt 312,
Evanston, IL 60201, US

剛從加州回到芝加哥的我還沒有機會把我所有的奇遇寫完,可是我現在滿腦子裡的還是那意外促成的小學同學會Santa Monica的陽光Big Bear Lake的滑雪之旅,好不容易約到的兩個大學同學廉方和昕昀,跟碩士班同學Ann一起開車前往聖地牙哥海洋世界看海豚的興奮,和百玟在Fashion Island的閒逛、在Dana Point雲破日出的美景、在百玟親戚家吃大餐看NBA湖人隊比賽度過的那個平靜溫暖的下午......

謝謝Danny Sun、Serena Sah、Li-Chih Hu、Lien Chen、Cynthia Hsu、Ann Kuo。是你們讓我的旅程完整,是你們讓我收穫滿行囊。

休息,是為了走更長遠的路。我回到現實了,鎖定芝加哥、洛杉磯、舊金山、紐約等大城的工作機會,我要在這個短暫的放鬆過後開始尋求與社交媒體social media, 數位行銷digital marketing, 線上行銷online marketing有關的職位,至於產業方面則有傾向尋找科技、顧問、旅遊、餐飲業的傾向,而且不排除到公關、廣告、媒體購買公司磨練的機會。中長程說來,我依舊是期望回亞洲、大中華地區發展的,不過在美國如果能夠有些歷練,相信對我來說會是一大加分,且讓我努力試看看囉!祝我好運 :)







All I Want For Christmas Is..... You

All I Want For Christmas Is You
~Maria Carey~

I don't want a lot for Christmas
There's just one thing I need
I don't care about the presents
Underneath the Christmas tree
I just want you for my own
More than you could ever know
Make my wish come true
All I want for Christmas is...

I don't want a lot for Christmas
There's just one thing I need
I don't care about the presents
Underneath the Christmas tree
I don't need to hang my stocking
There upon the fireplace
Santa Claus won't make me happy
With a toy on Christmas day
I just want you for my own
More than you could ever know
Make my wish come true
All I want for Christmas is you
You baby

I won't ask for much this Christmas
I don't even wish for snow
I'm just gonna keep on waiting
Underneath the mistletoe
I won't make a list and send it
To the North Pole for Saint Nick
I won't even stay awake to
Hear those magic reindeers click
'Cause I just want you here tonight
Holding on to me so tight
What more can I do
Baby all I want for Christmas is you
Ooh baby
All the lights are shining
So brightly everywhere
And the sound of children's
Laughter fills the air
And everyone is singing
I hear those sleigh bells ringing
Santa won't you bring me the one I really need
Won't you please bring my baby to me...

Oh I don't want a lot for Christmas
This is all I'm asking for
I just want to see my baby
Standing right outside my door
Oh I just want you for my own
More than you could ever know
Make my wish come true
Baby all I want for Christmas is...

All I want for Christmas is you... baby

Got it? Maybe not.....



我只截錄幾段我關心的星座喔~有興趣的人請自行點擊上面連結前往瞭解 :)



轉型變革 總結過去的非常年
令西方玄學家充滿敬畏的﹔是2009年是數字學上稀有至聖、神祕商數為「11」的年份,即「2 + 0 + 0 + 9」= 11。數字「11」象徵機會與結束,一種接近臨界點的轉型重生。意味著對「魔羯座之年」的功利、物慾、腐敗、濫權的徹底決斷,「水瓶座之年」將在大規模社會改革、科技革命氛圍下,悄悄進行另一項宗教信仰、人道和理想主義的安靜革命。今年「日蝕月蝕」出現頻率較往年為高(6次),且都落在主要的節日。如1月大年初一的「水瓶座日蝕」、2月元宵節的「獅子座月蝕」,甚至在7月22日還將出現對亞太地區(包括台灣、中、印、日)效應最強的本世紀最長日全蝕(6分39秒)。受「日蝕月蝕效應」震盪影響較明顯的個別星座則屬:水瓶座、巨蟹座和獅子座。


土火旺 風混亂



2009年 星座排行榜
事業︰1 金牛座 2 雙子座 3 牡羊座
財運︰1 魔羯座 2 巨蟹座 3 射手座
情事︰1 巨蟹座 2 獅子座 3 處女座
考驗:1 雙魚座 2 水瓶座 3 天秤座

水瓶座 Aquarius 01/20~02/18  (me, Andrew, Serena, Sunny, Patricia, Shehand....)
石破天驚 盛大登場 插柳成蔭 事業稱霸一方








牡羊座 Aries 03/21~04/19  (Craig, Pedro)

夢想起飛 英才得展 富貴藏鋒 事業舉足輕重








金牛座 Taurus 04/20~05/20  (mom)

雄才大略 出類拔萃 眼光精準 事業扶搖直上








雙子座 Gemini 05/21~06/20  (Nina)

積極開創 有為有守 生財有道 事業發現新大陸








巨蟹座 Cancer 06/21~07/22  (Howard)

忍辱負重 逆勢崛起 財運起伏 事業處變不驚








獅子座 Leo 07/23~08/22  (Isabel)

卓越幹練 共濟群力 事業穩紮穩打 財力止跌回升








天蠍座 Scorpio 10/23~11/21  (dad, Curt)

守護現狀 落地生根 理財保守 事業排序後退








魔羯座 Capricorn 12/22~01/19  (Danny)

脫胎換骨 苦後回甘 財運稱冠 事業打拚有成







招財幸運色:黑、墨綠 闢邪吉祥物:黑曜石
愛情靈藥:Hung Vajra Peh(西藏愛情咒語:我將誠心熱烈去愛)


Friends, Surprises, California

Elementary school friends' reunion in Irvine, CA; NTU friends' reunion in Pasadena, CA; sunny beach at Santa Monica; revisit of Hollywood; great view at Getty Center; LA Paranoma at Griffith Observatory; voluntary service for homeless and families in need with Serena's church; ski trip at Snow Summit, Big Bear Lake area; San Diego Sea World trip with Ann Kuo......

My trip is SOOOOO packed with happy surprises, and it's continuing..... California ROCKS! I LOVE ALL MY LOVELY FRIENDS!!!!!!

LA二部曲-熱血社會服務、Getty Center、仁愛國小南加同學會!

社會服務?你沒有看錯,熱血的Wendy連放假都不忘抽空回饋社會....我這個早上跟Serena一起出門前往LA downtown一個社區參與他們教會發起的聖誕分享資源分享愛活動,基本上活動已經不是第一次舉辦,他們的教會在感恩節也募集過一次資源,把一些食物、衣服、玩具、鞋子等等分門別類的簡單包裝之後再分送給附近社區的遊民、老人、窮困的家庭。而在這個社區會現身來領取物資的多半是黑人或西班牙裔,雖然我的確頗享受我自己一點點微不足道付出的成就感,不過更多一些的,恐怕是心裡面的那種沉重:為什麼在美國這樣富裕的國度,還是有這群在社會底層拼了命掙扎,卻經常還看不到生命的亮光的人們呢?
From 081220-Voluntary Service, Getty Center, JenAi Reunion

中午跟著Serena的教友們一起又到了小東京用餐,一不小心發現我在到LA的三天中被完全不同的兩批人帶到了同一家的餐廳:大黑家Daikokuya。他們聽說我已經在這間餐廳吃過後滿臉斜線,本來異常緊張的問我要不要換間餐廳,我當然不好意思麻煩一大批人為了我大軍遷徙,而且反正我可以吃吃看別道菜檢驗一下是否大黑家真配得他那遠近馳名的名氣。依據我嘗過他的招牌拉麵與XX井(、)飯的經驗呢各位親愛的朋友,中上啦中上,我並沒有真的被「驚艷」到的感覺,不過也沒失望囉 ^^

在回Irvine開小學同學會之前,Serena決定帶我再往北走一點點去遠近馳名的Getty Center轉一轉。這個決定也真是下得太好了!我個人大推Getty!跟Griffith同樣在小丘上的Getty由一個有錢的Getty家族擁有,整個美術館由好幾座建物構成,所有的車輛都必須要停在山丘下的停車場,而所有的參觀者都必須要搭乘美術館自營的捷運緩緩爬升前往丘上的綠建築群參觀。在加州的閃閃陽光下,Getty Center是這樣的面目迎接我的:
From 081220-Voluntary Service, Getty Center, JenAi Reunion
From 081220-Voluntary Service, Getty Center, JenAi Reunion

在我和Serena快速瀏覽過展示品簡介以後我非常快速的就被可以親眼見到梵谷的「鳶尾花」、莫內的「日本橋」和曾經極具爭議的「日出‧印象」鼓舞,我們兩個小學資優班的同窗也就不約而同的回憶起了以前老師要我們做的專題:莫內(人文)、紅樹林(自然)、人體器官圖(自然)。「小 時 候」我們真的都有或多或少的哀怨:「為甚麼別的小朋友可以寫好功課就好、可以在教室睡午覺、可以不用一大早就上課、可以不要沒事就在趕功課,為什麼我有那麼多正常的和不正常的功課要寫、報告要做、演講要聽,我怎麼這麼苦命!」說是這麼說,我們卻又都在後來發現了當時這些受「逼迫」的價值:我們很早就熟悉了「怎麼做報告、怎麼解決問題、怎麼找資料、怎麼做訪談」還有第一名的學習「怎麼處理壓力」。而且說起來也奇妙,「凡做過必留下印象」,這麼多年後的我們或多或少都記得以前自己忙過了甚麼專題有了甚麼啟發呢!而且當時一起受苦受難過的同胞,在離校那麼多年以後都還三不五時的保持聯繫,在世界各個角落發光發亮,還互相關心,互相鼓舞,互相為各自的成就喝采。值得啊值得~小時候的那些命苦歲月 :P
From 081220-Voluntary Service, Getty Center, JenAi Reunion
逛著逛著我們又在LA夕陽的催促下準備打道回府,參加在Irvine最誤打誤撞的驚喜小學同學會!我還記得在搭捷運一路蜿蜒回停車場的當時自己的心很滿很滿,腦中滿滿的都是「一切都是最好的安排」這句話。雖然要到加州來過節的這件事情前前後後也有不少波折,也槌過胸也頓過足,在更之前的最後quarter掙扎更不用說了,怎麼能用「慘淡」兩個字形容得完。可是 神從來沒有虧待我,從來沒有忘了給我百轉千迴之後依然賜與的滿溢祝福。跟Serena一路聊,一路心情越來越高昂,耶!小學同學會!!!
From 081220-Voluntary Service, Getty Center, JenAi Reunion
加州人對我這個伊利諾州的奧客百般款待,立志打開了他家大門讓我們去用餐、唱歌、玩耍,自己還採買好了自告奮勇負責煎牛排給大家吃;Serena帶了Salad過來,也熟練的開始弄沾醬;Danny在立志大廚一聲令下負責處理洋蔥,酒足飯飽後還負責洗碗。我呢我呢?負責在旁邊出一張嘴啦 XD (這個爛個性.....)


1/2年20班代表:Danny, Wendy
3/4年16班代表:Serena, Wendy
5/6年22班代表:立志, Danny
資優資源班代表:立志, Serena, Wendy

Serena國中移民到加拿大,大學到美國求學現在從UC Irvine畢業;
立志因為攻讀博士學位所以來到UC Irvine;
我從Northwestern畢業從芝加哥跑到加州渡假,無意的負責把這串串原本斷線的友誼接起來。我們繞了地球那麼大一圈,還可以在這個地方神奇的聚首,我真是功德一件啊 :)

From 081220-Voluntary Service, Getty Center, JenAi Reunion

大黑家 Daikokuya
327 E. 1st Street,
Los Angeles, CA 90012
(213) 626-1680


J. Paul Getty Museum
1200 Getty Center Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90049-1687


LA序曲-Santa Monica, Griffith Observatory, Big Bear Lake滑雪之旅

說這趟是「加州驚奇之旅」一點也不為過。我在離開芝加哥前幾天意外的回想起一個18年未見的小學同學Danny好像也在加州某處,於是透過facebook試圖與他取得聯繫,current town欄的Arcadia讓我幾進失笑,也於是誤打誤撞的真的促成了貨真價實long time no see的相見歡。

降落LAX之前,加州陽光已經讓我綻開了笑顏,尤其想到前三天他們其實被討厭的大雨所困,而我卻幸運的有神眷顧享有大晴天的當時。Danny的車接到我不久後就抵達了Santa Monica海邊,笑稱自己是芝加哥人的我真的很快就開始脫外套大呼「這地方真是太溫暖了」。堅稱我真的都沒變的Danny其威── 我印象中小學一二年級很要好的好朋友在那麼多年以後變成非常健談,我們一見如故話匣子一開停不了的程度接近不可思議,也讓我真實體會「一拍即合」的真意。陽光、沙灘、棕櫚樹、波光閃爍到有時讓人睜不開眼的太平洋讓我遠遠的把幾小時前還讓雪靴濕淋淋的芝加哥大雪拋在腦後。Hello California! Hello my lovely break :)
From 081218-1219-Santa Monica, Griffith Observatory, Hollywood, Big Bear Lake Ski

中午豆腐鍋吃一吃,一路跟Danny嘰哩瓜拉聊也聊不完的新發展就是:我決定隔天加入他與表弟一行人的Big Bear Lake滑雪攤,瘋狂的為我的滑雪經驗意外添加一筆「加州」記錄(註)。地頭蛇Danny很神準的猜中我愛俯瞰城市景色的期待,開車一路上行到了可以遠望HOLLYWOOD著名地標,又可以把LA大市區景色盡收眼底的Griffith Observatory(天文台)門外的日晷神準的秀出了當下的確切時間,館內迎賓的大球則規律的用地球偏轉的力量每隔約七分鍾撞倒一根小木塊,長久不變。
From 081218-1219-Santa Monica, Griffith Observatory, Hollywood, Big Bear Lake Ski
我們在館內上上下下轉了一圈長天文知識,沒多久又跑到外面看風景。我一邊走著一邊想: 神真是寵我,用三天的大雨洗掉了LA的空氣汙染,又給了我這麼一個貼心又熱心的故友伴遊。脫節了十八年的他的我的故事就這麼交織著敘述著,有同學近況的update,有他初來乍到美國在紐約、在加州的蛻變,有我各地走闖漂流的故事,有她、有他和我們的掙扎。誰也沒有特別留心注意,悄悄的,夕陽在Santa Monica的那一端,在我們的注視下火速的西下。引擎發動,下一站:Hollywood
From 081218-1219-Santa Monica, Griffith Observatory, Hollywood, Big Bear Lake Ski
From 081218-1219-Santa Monica, Griffith Observatory, Hollywood, Big Bear Lake Ski
From 081218-1219-Santa Monica, Griffith Observatory, Hollywood, Big Bear Lake Ski
就在大棵聖誕樹旁,Danny和我都對一句話深有所感:"On the day when we can fully trust each other, there will be peace on earth.~ L. Ron Hubbard" It really sounds like mission impossible..... We wish it will come true some day.

隔天一早五點半,我從慷慨收留我的Danny家跟他一起出發陸續載滿了一車七人、六個雪板、滿溢幸福,朝Big Bear Lake前進。這是我第一次坐在要裝上雪鏈的車上,第一次在加州的滑雪之旅,第一次看別人組裝snow board,第一次自己不斷跌倒又爬起來試著滑下Snow Summit那樣長那樣陡的坡;也在這天,我跟Danny終於記得了要合照。
From 081218-1219-Santa Monica, Griffith Observatory, Hollywood, Big Bear Lake Ski


晚上我們跟百玟約了在Cerritos吃韓式銅盤烤肉,然後由百玟接我回UC Irvine的宿舍,中止了這兩個極度麻煩Danny的日子。不過話說隔天週六晚上仁愛國小Irvine同學會才要上場,我們還後會有期呢!

Griffith Park Observatory
2800 E Observatory Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90027
(213) 473-0800

Snow Summit
Big Bear Mountain Resorts
880 Summit Blvd / P.O. Box 77
Big Bear Lake, CA 92315

Kb Korean Restaurant
12545 Carson St.
Hawaiian Gardens, CA 90716
(562) 924-9230

註:身為一個初學者,包含這次我一共滑過四次雪:Zermatt (Switzerland), Shawnee Mountain (Pennsylvania, US), Alpine Valley (Wisconsin, US), Snow Summit (California, US)




第5名 天蠍座

第4名 水瓶座


第3名 射手座

第2名 金牛座

第1名 獅子座





Somehow我還在鬱悶裡,還很努力的在尋找讓自己興奮到跳起來尖叫的那種持久性開心。There's a long way ahead I guess..


Dad's Visit- Graduation + Science & Industry Museum

It has been confirmed- I got my master's in Integrated Marketing Communications from Northwestern University. Everything felt like a dream.
From 081211-1214-Daddy@Evanston for NU graduation

Our morning started with a coffee meeting with Kerry, and I left Dad with Kerry to go for the ceremony rehearsal. Everything about the ceremony went fine, though a little bit chaotic in the end, but I was truly delighted to shoot many pictures with classmates. And you know: hugs, kisses, goodbye.... It is really hard to imagine that we will soon scattered around the country and even around the world again. The panic, seriously, stroke me hard silently yet fiercely every single moment...

And, if you were there.....


We headed south to Science & Industry Museum with Kerry around 2 p.m. With Dad's company, U-505 submarine got a richer story to tell, so did the old style gas train. Dad used to be a navy so he knew a lot about ships. Grandpa used to be a driver for trains, so Dad also knew well about gas trains as well as electricity trains. "This visit is indeed a good pick!" I told myself. It kept Dad in high spirit, and accidentally linked several parts of the memories in my extended family (Dad, grandpa, and uncle's family). That again proved my earlier feeling about life: What I desire most is a simple "home." Better than gold, better than anything else. It provides the pure joy for life, indeed.
From 081211-1214-Daddy@Evanston for NU graduation
Due to the jet lag, Dad was exhausted after we visited the coal mine inside the Museum, so I decided to take him home and prepared food myself for him. It was hard to describe the feeling of preparing dish for Dad here in the U.S. Guaranteed, it was a delicious meal. What made it so tasty was the feeling of sharing, the love between families, and the happiness of making some real contribution to my beloved one.

Dad went to bed shortly after the meal for a nap, and I worked on something else when I waited him to wake up again to help him packing. Unbelievably, yes, Dad was going back the next day.....

I don't wonna you leave, Daddy...... Stay with me.......



Daddy + Wendy in Chicago. Happy Graduation!

Please share with me the great joy of graduation from the Northwestern University, and the great joy to host my dad in this amazing city of Chicago and Evanston!

Dad's Visit- Walker Bros, NU & Downtown Chicago

We started out morning with breakfast at Walker Bros with Joan. It's dad's first official day in Chicago, and he excitedly went downstairs to "try the outside temperature" first. He rushed back within 5 minutes with a pale and speechless face- oh ya, he was freezing XD

"I told you! Don't under-estimate the cold in Chicago, and don't believe in the sunshine!" I knew I should not tease Dad, but I couldn't help it while he finally listened to my advice to put his snow coats on.

Generous Joan followed Dad to my apartment within 30 seconds, and then we went to Walkers Bros together. Adventurous Dad ordered one of the most famous pancake- Apple Pancake- and was totally impressed by its real size! Well, I should have warmed him about the servings in the U.S.....
From 081211-1214-Daddy@Evanston for NU graduation
We had great talks about my plan, dad's naval experiences and more about my family at Walker Bros, and Joan loved the gifts Mom and Dad prepared: tie, scarf, VCD and bookmark from National Palace Museum and an aboriginal magnet for Alexie. I also got a pretty purple necklace from Joan as a graduation gift, which I chose to wear on my graduation day. (It looks nice!)

Then, Dad and I started out Northwestern campus tour from the North. Joan dropped us at the Gym and so Dad got the chance to see the welfare to be a wildcat. Not to my surprise, Dad desire to take a look at the "academic" side of NU life, so I decided to bring him to one of the lab inside Tech Building- where Andrew was probably pretend-to-be working hard at :P Guess what? I thought Dad was quite satisfied at what he saw and felt at Tech.

Following along the Sheridan Rd., I took Dad to visit Kellogg building, the NU Library (Mom's great guess! Dad loved to see the library) and of course my department building- where I was pretend-to-be studying hard at. :P We were lucky enough that Prof. Tom Collinger was in his office, so we could talk to him in person for a quick moment and presented him the hard-copy Cheers magazine. I could see Tom's delight upon seeing the real pages. For that short moment, yes, I felt proud of myself!

From 081211-1214-Daddy@Evanston for NU graduation
Also for the first time, Dad hopped on eL and went downtown Chicago with me. We first went to Macy's inside the Marshall Field & Company building to buy Frango- the famous mint chocolate of Chicago- to treat people in Taiwan. Then we walked against typical Chicago wind to visit the Bean, the Pavilion and the Crown Fountain in the Millennium Park. I later took Dad to appreciate the best view in the world at John Hancock Observatory.
From 081211-1214-Daddy@Evanston for NU graduation
"Are those real view?" Mom questioned me upon viewing those photos.
"Indeed! You can see dad in some of the photos, and that proves everything." I replied.
"(speechless and astonished)"
We were really lucky that it was a very clear and sunny day when we headed for the visit. God knew our needs!

This day ended at Giordano's when Dad tried another kind of famous Chicago food- Deep Dish Pizza. I was delighted to find Dad with great appetite and talked a lot about everything. I knew I have to cherish every single moment like this and to pay attention to all those murmurs, because this might not happen too often in the months to come. Seriously, I valued all those moments with Daddy....

Walker Bros Original Pancake House- Wilmette
153 Green Bay Rd.
Wilmette, IL

730 N Rush St.
Chicago, IL
(312) 951-0747



轉錄自朋友的版,原始整理者不詳。感謝旅遊達人Even54的補充,我也放上了一點點自己知道的資訊。希望能有機會幫到跟我一樣熱愛旅行且瘋狂找便宜機票的朋友們 :)

美洲:http://www.kayak.com 也是比價網
1. Jetblue:http://www.jetblue.com/(美國境內廉價機票)
2. Airtran:http://www.airtran.com/(美國境內廉價機票以美東為主)
3. Southwest:http://www.southwest.com/(美國境內最大、最知名的廉價航空公司)
4. Frontier Airlines:http://www.frontierairlines.com/ (美國境內廉價機票)
5. Flyted:http://www.flyted.com/ (美國境內廉價機票)
6. ATA:http://www.ata.com/ (美國境內及夏威夷廉價機票)
7. Spirit Airlines:http://www.spiritair.com/(美國境內廉價機票)
8. Sun Country:http://www.suncountry.com/(美國境內廉價機票)
9. Student Universe:http://www.studentuniverse.com/(留學生的福音網站!學生機票)

1. Ryanair:http://www.ryanair.com/site/EN/(歐洲最有名的廉價航空公司)
2. Easyjet:http://www.easyjet.com/(歐洲最大的廉價航空,降落各主要機場)
3. Flybe:http://www.flybe.com/(英國和愛爾蘭20個機場飛往全歐)
4. Air Berlin:http://www.airberlin.com/
5. Hapag Lloyd:http://www.hlx.com/de/index.html
6. Germanwings:http://www.germanwings.com/language_selector.html
7. Germania Express:http://www.gexx.de/gexx/index.php?rsl_lang=en
8. DBA:http://www.bmibaby.com/bmibaby/html/en/splash.htm
9. Bmibaby:http://www.bmibaby.com/bmibaby/html/en/splash.htm
10. Virgin Express:http://www.virgin-express.com/
11. Jetweb :http://www.jetweb.se/
12. Condor:http://www9.condor.com/
13. Volareweb:http://buy.volareweb.com/jsp/web/index.jsp?lang=en
14. InterSky:http://www.intersky.biz/(歐洲境內廉價航空公司)
15. Air Baltic:http://www.airbaltic.com/(波羅地海三小國)

1. Viva Macau:http://www.flyvivamacau.com/en/
2. Airasia:http://www.airasia.com/
3. Tiger:http://www.tigerairways.com/home/
4. Make My Trip:http://www.makemytrip.com/(印度)
5. Indi Go:http://book.goindigo.in/(印度西部廉價航空)
6. Cebupacificair:http://www.cebupacificair.com/
7. Jetstarasia:http://www.jetstarasia.com/
8. Fax Air:http://www.flyasianxpress.com/site/cn/fax/page.jsp?reference=faxschedule
9. Pacific Air:http://www.pacificairlines.com.vn/
10. Orient-thai:http://www.orient-thai.com/
11. Adam Air:http://www.flyadamair.com/
12. NokAir:http://www.nokair.com/nokconnext/aspx/welcome.aspx?currlang=en-US

1. Tiger:http://www.tigerairways.com/home/
2. Virginblue:http://www.virginblue.com.au/(澳洲及紐西蘭境內廉價機票)
3. Jetstar:http://www.jetstar.com/au/index.html(全球知名廉價航空公司)
4. Skywest:http://www.skywest.com.au/(僅提供西澳地區的廉價航空)

1. 全球低價航空公司:http://www.attitudetravel.com/lowcostairlines/
2. 澳洲境內三大航空比價網:http://iwantthatflight.com.au/
3. Lastminute(最後一分鐘):http://www.lastminute.com/(緊急尋找廉價機票比價網)
4. Cheapflights:http://www.cheapflights.co.uk/flag.html
5. Whichbudge:http://www.whichbudget.com/(可透過此網站搜尋許多廉價航空資訊)
6. SKYSCANNER:http://www.skyscanner.net/
(歐洲廉價航空公司機票比價的首選 ,而且飛機票價已包含稅及其他費用,是total 實際需要付費的final 價格)--網友FLYEZ提供
7. Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_low-cost_airlines


Record: 12/11/08- 12/12/08

I got visitors from Venezuela, Canada, Mexico, Greece, China and other 5 cities in the US within the previous hour! WOW!

Welcome Daddy!!!

From 081211-Daddy@Evanston
I am not the only one who cannot wait: American Airlines landed nearly half an hour earlier than expected. When Dad called my cellphone, we were surprised about his really early arrival. Once I got there, I RAN into dad and gave him a warm warm huge hug: WELCOME TO CHICAGO!!!!!

Dad brought me tons of gifts to give my professors and friends, and he also brought me some graduation gifts from Thomas' family (my uncle). My cousins spent 2 hours making a card for me, and they sent many group photos they took during their visit at late September.

"Congratulations for your graduation!" they wrote.

Dear all, I received your best wishes from another side of the world. I am super moved and touched..... sincerely

From 081211-Daddy@Evanston

p.s.: Some other shining part of the day came from the pleasant ride :) Thanks, the silent supporter of my rugged life. Thanks for being so flexible and accountable. Some little favor from you really means a lot.....


Neil Young, Life Rocks

從上午11點一路Clinique馬拉松忙完後,還穿著business casual蹬著高跟鞋的我神奇的在平常不會有收訊的地方接到了通電話,然後off we go- Neil Young live concert。要說我衝動過分我一點也不會否認,$75的票啊~而且還是我在跳上車前完全不確定是否一定買得到票的狀況下.... But I did want to follow my instinct and did desire a celebration- a big, memorable one. 推辭了別的邀請,延後了另一個會面,唯一改變的就是我那陰錯陽差備著的平底鞋,走!

快速買了把傘、八塊雞塊、偷了一疊餐巾紙,我們的車在瘋狂的雨雨雪雪中駛向Allstate Arena。雖然三不五時有drift,車主還是在車陣中解決了雞腿、雞翅、高難度雞胸肉,同時很忙碌的挑音樂、講話。我們抵達的時間算早,莫名的又是靠車主去搞定多出來的那張票然後我們才歡天喜地進場--當我心底小小怨恨平底鞋在水窪處處的雪地中踩踏實在濕的有點煩的時候。

暖場第一個樂團的音樂還不錯,主唱自己先招:I'm from Los Angeles, California. It's cold here! I wear scarf because it's too cold! It's not for fashion! 第二個團是New Orleans 的Dr. John。用鋼琴、風琴和一堆奇特樂器弄出來的funky music有好些讓人很享受很搖擺;我還記得自己一直想著:這樣的老頑童好可愛,如果我以後年紀大了也還能有這種這麼有特色的可愛多好!

時間踢他到了九點左右,Neil Young老爺爺本尊終於出場啦~開場的Love And Only Love很快的已經擄獲我的耳朵,雖然我之前並沒有聽過這首歌。後來我聽過的肉桂姑娘和牛仔姑娘都有出現啊XD,瞬間被戳戳:"有沒有很耳熟的感覺".....。其他我明顯有共鳴的包含了環保意識濃烈的Mother EarthRockin' in the Free World和我的本日最愛Old Man,回程車上聽故事的時候才發現原來我明明就有聽過Old Man,可是因為編曲不一樣而現場演奏的時候歌曲魅力才爆發衝擊到我,所以聽起來跟沒聽過一樣。(話說最厲害的真的是車主,聽我不負責任沒有章法形容完喜歡的歌後居然認得出是Old Man,而且還記得有把歌丟給我聽過。強大!)

Mother Earth另外一個讓我印象深刻的原因是因為Neil Young當時悄悄的跑到了舞台較後方坐在管風琴上演奏,有時候配合吹口琴,有時候唱歌。Organ和harmonica的結合加上Neil充滿豐沛感情的嗓音,我靜靜的、靜靜的不自主隨著樂音澎湃。

Mother Earth (not the version we heard live, but the style was the same)

"Rockin' in the Free World 在香港場有唱過喔!200X年我有去聽。"有人很High的分享。
我政治人的神經立刻sense到了一點甚麼,忍不住想確認"真的沒有被禁唱嗎?!"好啦或許我的反應有點太欠揍了些,有這樣的反射動作也正常吧?這個部分的討論除了演唱會進行期間有幾個conversation 來往,當11點多表演結束後我們也小小的在車陣中繼續了一下。

"這樣就禁也未免太慘啦~不過之前Rolling Stone在中國要開演唱會時的確有被禁唱過四首歌....."

這天,還沒結束,車轉進了IHOP,一杯熱茶、一杯橙汁,說說笑笑間牛排、鬆餅、草莓可麗餅被狠狠瓜分。(我本來想點兒童餐的!可是menu上面明寫12歲以下適用,而我就算臉蛋可以騙人,臉上的妝和一身business casual實在是.....)不知道為甚麼,那樣的場景很快的讓我想到了一部日劇中提到的大眾食堂,和他們不知不覺續到第32杯的咖啡......


when I least expected

The IMC Class of 2008

Yes We Made It :)


When Daddy at Evanston, the Weather

Forecast for Evanston, IL (60201)

10-Day Forecast

High /
Low (°F)/(
Precip. %
Dec 11
Partly Cloudy 26°/17°(-3/-8) 10 %
Dec 12
Partly Cloudy 29°/25°(-2/-4) 10 %
Dec 13
Few Snow Showers 37°/33°(3/1) 30 %
Dec 14
Few Showers 46°/30°(8/-1) 30 %








Give me 3 reasons請給我三個理由

to believe I am still a cute girl, someone with value, someone lovely, someone one will fall in love with. Post your message below, please!



Smile in the Sky

My dad sent me this photo taken at night of December 1. Venus, Jupiter and the last fourth of the moon formed this. Isn't it cute?

Stars are trying to tell us that life is still good, smile! Don't you think so?

Cheer up! SMILE!


Two Thanksgiving Dinners, Millions of Thanks

This Thanksgiving, I was so lucky that I received two kind invitation from two lovely American families: The O'Neils' and The Zampa's. O'Neils is my hostfamily since a year ago, which you all should be quite familiar with already. My kind classmate and teammate Eileen, the hostess of the Zampa family again invited all international students and me over for the home-made turkey, sweet potato, pumpkin pies and wines. "Wendy, you HAVE TO COME meet my family this time! They've heard about you for so many times and they're so looking forward to meeting you in person," Eileen insisted. As a result, I moved the meeting with O'Neils to Wednesday evening, and showed up at Zampa's at the Thanksgiving night.
From Last quarter life in Northwestern U
Joan, Stacey, the Golden Retriever "Candle" and Joan's sister Diane from Wisconsin came picked me up Wednesday evening. Surprisingly Pat and Alexie were as well at home, and sure should Star be home- WOW! EVERYONE WAS HOME! Joan and Stacey started to prepare the German meal for us shortly, while I enjoyed the conversation with Pat and Diane, with smooth white wine and Swiss cheese at hand. We covered my struggle to find a position after graduation, the current Thailand and India crisis, the recession, and things about Northwestern. Diane gave me some useful suggestions about getting an internship role in an organization, Pat and Joan kept encouraging me to look on the bright side of life. As for Star and Candle? They cuddled, played around, sometimes asked for some pats and kept really nice and gentle to guests. :) After we had some ice cream and great Chinese flower tea together, I got the chance, nicely requested by Joan, to play the piano for them. One of the songs I played was the one Mom just fell in love with this summer. "That was beautiful. No wonder your mom would love it. I could imagine the time when you were playing the piano while she was standing aside, singing," Joan said.

When we stepped out of their house later that night, I was stunned by the clear sky with thousands of stars, shining. I guessed that feeling was quite close to the word- heaven.

Luckily, the warmth kept me company for long until the next day. Another kind classmate, Ann, came pick me up for Eileen's Thanksgiving dinner. Joined by Victor, Isaih, Myriam and Nishant, we got a packed car with full celebration mood. We arrived at Zampa's shortly and joined all other happy faces first with some wine and later with traditional Thanksgiving dishes. We had some "IMC talks" on the dinner table, when those "alient concepts" made Victor, Eileen's mom-in-law and dad-in-law "surprised" in a way. Second Life? Blogging? LinkedIn? Online dating? Facebook? um..... WHAT?

Without doubt, we also had some chances talking about the funny international learnings we had in the program: Eileen's Shanghai trip, Michelle's Indian trip, Myriam's shocks about her time in the U.S., and my Asian experiences. We laughed SO LOUD sometimes, and those moments, if I had to describe, were AWESOME!

Thanks to Nishant's request, I played some piano again :) For the first few songs, I guessed I did not warm-up enough yet so I made silly mistakes easily. I was especially horrible when I was asked to sing a song in Chinese while playing. Jeez, I should have not picked that song :P Anyways, there were about 15 people in the room listening to "A Whole New World," "Amazing Grace," "Moon River," "I Expect," and THAT was a record!

Our evening ended around 11 after several rounds of "Apples and Apples" game. Outside, millions of shining stars awaited!

"Thanks for coming!" Eileen gave me a very warm hug before I left. The pleasure belonged to me, seriously. Thank you all, Eileen, David, Matthew, Thomas and James! I would not have such wonderful Thanksgiving memories if there weren't you :D

Super Funny Cat with "The Tunnel"

This is SOOOOOO CUTE! I miss my Pipi now :(


Airport Information Web Site- AeroChannel

Airport Information Web Site to Help Alleviate Holiday Travel Woes
LOS ANGELES, Nov. 24 /PRNewswire/ -- Aerochannel.com is a unique day-of-flight service designed to help airline travelers get to their flight on time. More than 4.5 million passengers are traveling this Thanksgiving holiday.... most flights are still expected to be full due to the reduced the number of available flights.... Flyers should expect full parking lots, longer check-in and security lines, and busy terminals. AeroChannel's distinctive "How Long will It Take" feature gives airline passengers an easy-to-read timeline to help them make it to the gate on time......
Recently I have heard about several misfortune stories already, so I guess AeroChannel's service might be really helpfule for passengers who's traveling with tight schedule. The best part of it is: it also allowed on-the-go mobile notification, so passengers won't need to worry about not connecting to internet=not able to keep tracking on their status. It's "Total Time to the Gate" included the prediction of inside airport traffic, parking, check-in, security check and pre-flight waiting time. I tried out its accuracy with a friend's flight, and I think it's pretty dynamic and accurate.

I will check next time when I have to fly again. Why not try it out yourself?






Free E-cards for Holiday Seasons

Thanks to Xiaojing, I got to know the Web site where all the lovely e-cards are on http://www.thanksgivinggreetings.net/. All the e-cards are for free, with music, categorized well enough with different purposes/occasions and very easy to use. I admit that to send out an e-card could still be a not-warm-enough idea to show your beloved ones the love you have for them, but it is indeed so helpful for us to demonstrate our concerns to people all around in this fast forwarding world.

I enjoyed the delicate card she picked for me, for example. I felt the warmth and enjoyed the holiday music embedded. Happy Thanksgiving!


Other IMCer Creativity: Chinese v.s American Business Culture

This group of student asked me about my take and observations based on my KFC China experience. I mentioned the way to present your business card and business greetings, and they mentioned even more: normal greetings, business meeting, business dinner, and the way to drink.

If you are not familiar with the topic mentioned, take a look at it and you may find it helpful :)

Another Bad Apple: The Ad Group

Praise the Lord! I got this very personal comment from a friend before I nearly schedule a fly over for an interview:

I passed the first round of interview and then went on to the 2nd, full day of interview, where they take you around on training. It's really dangerous, they took me to all these really bad areas in LA and had me follow them around as they did person to person selling. They were taking me to SWEATSHOPS (which are totally illegal in the US) and then i was sexually harassed (!!) They made some comment about asking me to model in a bikini or something....

They are VERY sketchy, i totally do not recommend this company.
Who they are:

This world is dangerous...


FreeConference- ConCall Service that Serve Your Need!

Meeting in groups with conference calls becomes very easy and affordable nowadays. Thanks to Albert's recommendation, I got to know this service that allowed every single registered user to schedule free conference calls for their business and non-business needs! Once a conference was scheduled, the system will automatically send out invitations to your contacts providing them the dial-in number, access code, meeting purpose, dates and time. You can also save/manage your frequent conference contacts and group them for repeating conferences in the future. As for the quality of the ConCall? Not an issue at all~!

So, why get yourself into terrible traffic? Why not ConCall?


Wendy在Cheers雜誌(網路版):【用自信的文字sell yourself!】

用自信的文字sell yourself!


文/史書華 圖/Wendy提供
2008年11月 Cheers雜誌







二度申請,才在今年申請上全美數一數二的西北大學整合行銷傳播所(IMC)的Wendy,對文件撰寫也是經過累積才逐漸抓到技巧。....全文請詳閱2008年11月 Cheers雜誌


其實是因為我的留美準備之路Blog被書華發現,她寫了封Email過來希望與我電話訪談,之後又要了一些相片過去參考,於是促成了這個報導的刊載。在台灣的朋友們,請去翻翻Cheers實體雜誌吧!據說他們引用在實體雜誌裡的照片不是上面那一張,而是我到中國肯德基時的照片。是否為真,請你們告訴我囉 :)


Check Out IMC Students' Creativity: FoodTube

Why FoodTube?

I have to be honest. I was a little selfish when my consumer insights team began this project because I have been wanting to learn how to cook Asian food. I love eating it and wanted to learn how to cook some things at home. I also wanted to satisfy my fantasy of hosting a cooking show.....

So, there started the adventure. Two Taiwanese, one Chinese and one American produced so far four video clips showing people how to prepare Dumplings, Bubble Milk Tea, Chinese Honey Roast Duck, and Taiwanese Fried Chicken. Maybe some more to come, we will see~

I LOVE their creativity already. Check it out please!

Alert! Avoid Rip-off Company/position!

I was checking an opening, which looks simple, attractive and to my interest. But somehow I dind't feel that comfortable about their vague job description and low entry barrier. Thanks to Google, See what I got:

The Marketing Firm, Marketing FX, Inc.... They are a rip off, pyramid scheme, do NOT get involved Chicago Illinois
*UPDATE Ex-Employee responds ..Actually Marketing FX.com and Marketing FX.org are the SAME

This company is a total pyramid scheme. They tell you that you will be trained in marketing and all aspects of business. But what it really comes down to is they would like for you to walk around trying to sell discounted office supplies for over a year if you are stupid enough to stick around for that long. They have come up with stupid 'formulas' of how to make a sale. I was stupid enough to acutally go back for a second interview when on the first one, I went in with another person for 5 minutes while they asked us questions about a questionaire that I filled out. When I tried to ask questions about the job, they kept saying that there would be time for questions later......When we were FINALLY done they cornered me in the office and offered me the job saying come in a month earlier that I could actually start. I of course didnt except and they immediately gave me looks and said that I would be making a huge mistake among other comments, very unprofessional. I am just hoping that this post helps other people to not get sucked into their scheme.

Chicago, Illinois

Well, I guess I have to pay extra attention even when I'm so eager to get things done....


Hunting for Job? Citigroup is Cutting Job...

from The Wall Street Journal

Nov. 17, 2008

Citigroup plans to announce job cuts of up to 50,000 through attrition and layoffs as Chief Executive Vikram Pandit addresses employees in a town hall-style meeting Monday morning. Citigroup's head count would be cut to 300,000 from about 350,000 at the end of the third quarter.

For more information, please see http://online.wsj.com/home/us?mod=djemalertNEWS


What a timing for me to become a "freshman" again....

Chicago, LA or San Francisco?

As you all may notice, it's almost the time of my graduation. Exactly, time flies! What bothered me recently was the tough decision about staying here in the US or going back to Taiwan/Asia. After some dramatic struggles (well, allow me to skip the story for now.....), I made up my mind to fight till the last minute here. The following question, then, was- where should I stay?

Here came the options and the pros & cons. I am still struggling for the final decision. If you have any thoughts? Let me know! To clarify, one of the reason that made me so undecisive was due to the student visa policy regulation: if I do not get any offer from a company for a full-time or internship position, I have to leave the country after 3 months stay after my OPT status started.

Option I: Chicago
  • Reason of stay: Least hassle of moving, 3rd biggest city in the US, most familiar city, center location = not too far away from the E or W
  • Connections: Most
  • Living cost: Rent ($600-$800/mth), Living ($300/mth)
  • Housing: month-by-month sublease or rental (contract hassle)
  • Transportation: public system is fine
Option II: Los Angeles
  • Reason of stay: Most Chinese corporation/opportunities, milder weather, comparatively more connections outside of Chicago
  • Connections: Many (Friends' families, college friends, friends' friends, alums)
  • Living cost: Rent ($800+/mth), Living ($300/mth), Car ($4,000-$5,000)
  • Housing: month-by-month sublease or rental (contract hassle) OR lucky enough- friend's place (without contract hassle)
  • Transportation: public system is poor, must have a car
Option III: San Francisco
  • Reason of stay: High-tech/online marketing industry hub (most desired), milder weather
  • Connections: Least (Yana, Tina C.)
  • Living cost: Rent ($1,200-$1,500/mth), Living (>$300/mth), Car ($4,000-$5,000)
  • Housing: month-by-month sublease or rental (contract hassle)
  • Transportation: public system is poor, must have a car
See, it's not an easy decision to make! Stay or Go? Go? Where?!



在馥郁的季節 因花落
因寂寞 因你的回眸

卻在突然之間 因幕起
因燈亮 因眾人的
鼓掌 才發現
我的歌 竟然




0度C,I burned out,沒有人知道。



Some Pieces of Truth from David Rabjohns

I went to a Professional Speaker Series speech this noon with the guest speaker Mr. David Rabjohns. This gentlemen is a British who has worked for IBM, UK; Pepsico, AU; Saatchi & Saatchi, UK; and Leo Burnett, US before. He's currently the President and CEO of his own company Motive Quest, a strategy planning consultancy based in Evanston.

Indeed, he got a rich profile, and from his talks I knew that he is very talented and passionate about his career and life. He went for a world trip after he got the B School degree, mostly on the motorcycle he bought on the way. That experience cultivated his courage to life and his deep belief in people. Another great example of taking a wonder trip and having one's life altered.

He shared some pieces of words that touched me a lot. Let me list it down here:
  • Perspiration beats inspiration
  • Trust your GUT!
  • ALWAYS: Learn how to learn; Learn how to get along with people, especially brilliant people; Learn how to be in a team
  • Work for a company on the way UP
  • Get digital! That's for sure the big thing in the coming century.
  • When you find you know 1% more tahn other people's do, dig deeper and become the expert!
I admire him. Admire his attitude to life. Admire his characteristics. If I could become someone like him in the future......

Nwu Speech 11 5 08
View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own.


Please Help Our Survey on Beauty Products

Dear my lovely friends,
For our course project, a group of students from Northwestern University really need your help to complete this 5 minute survey about beauty products. We especially desire to have various people from anywhere in the U.S. to help answer our questions. Your time and comments are very valuable to us. Please click on the link below to help us out. Thank you very much!






心目中的好男人 (62歲時改寫)



Chapelle de la Maison Mere- Mallet, Quebec

Please check this amazingly beautiful virtual tour for Chapelle de la Maison Mere!!! http://www.photojpl.com/flash/08mallet.html

The panorama is so clear and beautiful. Scroll up and down, right and left to see more detail. Enjoy!


Have You Ever Had This Feeling?

From Autumn again




Fall in Love with This Song

The soft tone comforts me and makes me feel the happiness. Just like the sunshine over here :) Enjoy~

Carla Bruni - You Belong To Me
See the Pyramids
Along the Nile
Watch the sun rise
On a tropic isle
Just remember darling
All the while
You belong to me

See the market place
In old Algiers
Send me photographs
And souvenirs
Just remember
'Til your dream appears
You belong to me

I'll be so alone
Without you
You'll be lonesome, too
You'll be lonesome too
And blue

Fly the ocean
In a silver plane
See the jungle
When its wet with rains
Just remember
Till you're home again
Or until
I come home to you
You belong to me


IMC Halloween Party Came Back to Town!

Yes, this is the second time my class had this Halloween Party, and I could tell more people were well-prepared this time!

Originally I hesitated to go. I felt weak since the afternoon and did not prepare any special costume to wear. Thanks to Serena's warm warm invitation, I later decided not to miss the might-be-the-last-time Halloween in the US and at least not to miss the precious chance to get together with my lovely fellow classmates. I went to the party with a traditional Chinese top I bought in Shanghai.

Guess what? It was really wise to be there. I love the salad sets presented by Kara, Lakshmi and Jessica D. I love Fion's cute pumpkin costume. I was fully entertained by the Shrek families. Not to mention Evan's Sponge Bob, Paul K's rooster, Elena's rainbow fairy and Billy's tiger. With surprise, additionally, I finally met THE Justin who is a mutual friend between MILLIONS of my friends and I.

Goodness, this joy will soon becomes a part of my memory in Northwestern. Unbelievable.....


Wendy E-News-【Wendy fly over Shanghai=>Taiwan=>Chicago】

Dear my friends,

Long time no see! After a busy summer, I am back to my school work in Northwestern IMC program again.

This is actually the very last quarter for me. I only took two classes with three credits: mandatory "IMC Capstone" and "International Business Strategy" in Kellogg School of Management. My decision to only took two courses proved to be wise, because
  1. I am at the same time looking for a position, and it is REALLY hard
  2. IMC Capstone made me use everything we learned from the previous quarters to make marketing strategies for our client Clinique. The information they provided us was so limited and vague, and the mysterious organization of the class made our tasks even more complicated. My summer time project teammate Eileen and I missed the good old time when only five of us working very closely together every single day...

Since I mentioned my summer, please allow me to share with you my marvelous residency in Shanghai.

Shanghai brought me far more surprises than that I could imagine. My two week internship in KFC China allowed me to experience that city's endless opportunity and development. KFC China provided great hospitality to my team, introduced and presented their efforts in PR, marketing, e-marketing and market research for the summer drink project. We also got the chance to meet their other partners:Ogilvy ShanghaiSynovate Market ResearchTencent QQ to understand comprehensively about their integrated marketing communications endeavor. Based on all those, my team and I later developed our recommendations for their summer drink campaign. We also used our in-depth interview with Chinese teenagers, their target customers, and other first-hand observations to make our proposal more convincing. Additionally, believe it or not, I am one of the presenters for our final proposal, and report to high management teams in China and US at the same time!

Thanks to my language advantage, I am also responsible for coordinating several events: IMC Welcome Drinks for new students, current IMC students, alum and friends of IMC; "What is IMC?" presentation to YUM! Brands employees; Birthday Party for Professor Frank and Bronwen; "My Shanghai Impression" dinner among IMC faculty and students.

"How were you doing in Shanghai, Wendy?"

"I am very very busy!"

But indeed, I had fun.

I had a friend who came pick me up in the airport. I met my junior high classmates who is currently working near Shanghai. I went visit museums and Yut Yuan with a friend's friend Angela. I visited a water town Xitan during weekend with a new student. Many other new students took me around buying small gifts. Friends also showed the wonders of Shanghai to me, shared insight of the market with me and so much more!

Shanghai is great, internship is awesome, but NOTHING beats HOME!

I was completely conquered by my sweet home and family from the very first day I arrived. My cute cat Pipi surprisingly remembered me as a family member and licked me since I got in our car. Mom, Dad and my brother spoiled me within my very short stay at home without doubt. I rode on my motorbike happily to meet many of my friends and teachers around Taipei: The Best FourAngkor 8 sistersExplore Scout members、College friends、NTUMUN juniorsOther schoolmates、primary school friends and teachers.... I went to my Chinese doctors, did my hair, checked several scenic spots around Taipei and took Taipei MRT + Taiwan High Speed Rail + Kaohsiung MRT to visit all my lovely relatives in southern part of Taiwan within two days. One of my uncle's family visited me in Chicago after I flew back to school, They kind of extended my sweet home feelings a little bit longer while I happily took them around showing off the beautiful city of Chicago.

One more good news about home: Dad is coming for my graduation ceremony on December 13th! I am really excited about this and am looking forward to it a lot!!!!

I still need to face the cruel reality. I have to fight for my study and for my tough job hunting process.
I am applying for brand management, marketing communications, account planning position preferably in Chicago, somewhere California or New York. I sincerely desire to work for several years in the US to learn the way the market leaders manage their businesses. I am very experienced in online marketing, interactive media and related fields. As many of you have also known, one of my great assets was my global perspectives. If anything comes across your mind, please don't hesitate to contact me and let us discuss.

Thank you for your kind support and encouragement. I know it is tough right now, but I got your love and warmth with me. I would be able to move on.
Wish me luck!

To companies who possess, or are passionate about obtaining and maintaining global reputation, Wendy is the diligent and professional digital marketer who is experienced in digital marketing, is always energetic about solving challenges in the new media field to help the business grow, and can optimize her contributions by utilizing her multilingual and multicultural background.