Welcome Daddy!!!

From 081211-Daddy@Evanston
I am not the only one who cannot wait: American Airlines landed nearly half an hour earlier than expected. When Dad called my cellphone, we were surprised about his really early arrival. Once I got there, I RAN into dad and gave him a warm warm huge hug: WELCOME TO CHICAGO!!!!!

Dad brought me tons of gifts to give my professors and friends, and he also brought me some graduation gifts from Thomas' family (my uncle). My cousins spent 2 hours making a card for me, and they sent many group photos they took during their visit at late September.

"Congratulations for your graduation!" they wrote.

Dear all, I received your best wishes from another side of the world. I am super moved and touched..... sincerely

From 081211-Daddy@Evanston

p.s.: Some other shining part of the day came from the pleasant ride :) Thanks, the silent supporter of my rugged life. Thanks for being so flexible and accountable. Some little favor from you really means a lot.....

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