Give me 3 reasons請給我三個理由

to believe I am still a cute girl, someone with value, someone lovely, someone one will fall in love with. Post your message below, please!



isa said...

別否定自己 :)

Anonymous said...

You have been a independent, lovely and valuable girl with no reason. As it is what you are. Trust yourself and you can make it.

I occassionally visit your blog to see if there's anything new which I can offer my daughter. I like your aggressive life manner. Never give up.

wendychen said...

Hey Isa,

I was really.... down.... and so in need to find some reasons to re-believe in myself.....

Thank you very much, the generous anonymous mom! Thanks for the support and encouragement. I will strive to cheer up and move on.... HUG!

Sunny said...

台大 mun 美國讀書 都是晴晴想要學習的



wendychen said...


Anonymous said...

Hey Wendy

Havnt heard from you for a while. Wish you success in whatever you do after graduation.

Head up, keep faith!


wendychen said...

Goodness! I'm touched, Max!!
Thanks for the message. You lighted up my day! Cheers!!

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