包准再給她幾輩子都嫁不出去~~拉拉拉拉拉 ~~~


Happiness Comes Back?

My MP3 player revived to keep me company- Happy

Swiss visa sent+ airplane ticket booked, the way Home is nearer!!- Happy+Excited!

Work overload, helpless in the office with tones of work about NJ9's photographic contest final judgement the next day- Depressed

Similar as above, bothering Tax Education details on and on all over the nation- Depressed

The speech which stimulate deep thoughts
"My life belongs to no one else but me."
"Live everyday you have as the last day in your life, and do something to make whole of your life till then a unregretful experience."
"Just Go! Follow your heart!"

Postcard and gifts from BR(Pedro) and from SG(Philip)- Happy+Surprised!

Warm and professional experienced help from Mom- Happy+Grateful

After phone calls, still no one can come over for help tomorrow- Down

No progress on application......-Depressed

Give my sunshine back!


Desperately Need Nutrition

My heart is as dry as this flower-
Lost the fragrance for long,
Lost the sparkles for long,

Jeez.....give me back my energy and happiness!
Return my laughters and teers of joy!

Missing home terribly...


Taoban House陶板屋, Yammy!

Parents, their friends and I went to Taoban House last night. Their purpose was to seek advices from Mr. Yeh about certain PTA projects, as for me? Just go for yummy food! hahaha~

Nevertheless, I still learned a lot during their talks. Mr. and Mrs. Chuang are PTA members of WanXing Elementary School, where my mom is the principal. Mr. Yeh is the chairman of PTA of JenAi Elementary School. He gave quite some useful methods to raise funds amongst parents to install air conditioners for their kids. In short:

1. Do survey, and obey public wills
"Do you want your kid's classroom to install air conditioners?" Let the parent(s) and kid(s) make their decision on their business, and collect the anonymus results. When the "yes" exceed 1/2 or even 2/3 (it depends), the class is started to be concerned in the installation project, but not quite.

2. Your own donation benefits your own kid(s)
Collect money that is needed for the installation. The money amount could be rough, but exceed a little over the market standard. When the class collects enough amount, it is officially involved in the project. Otherwise, the air conditioner would still be flying in the air~

No survey results, Not much money = No air conditioner in this classroom = hot summer = your kids is always envious of the cool classroom next door

Also, the air conditioner "moves" with your class when needed.
  • Original classroom A got one but the new B didn't-> take it there.
  • New semester, brand new class members with new teacher-> your kids are guaranteed to be distributed into the classroom with air conditioner.
3. Public participation, Public decision
All classes that meet the above requirements are asked to send delegates to participate in the purchasing process- choosing the brand, asking for discounts, giving opinions on the dates which start the installation. Once things are decided, niether the school nor the PTA should be responsible for the results.

Also, group power can get group discout that you can hardly imagine :)

4. Do listen to opinions that against the propose, but never give in easily.
There's always someone who is "special." Take good care of them. Reason with them logically.
But the things that should be done should be done.

5. Discounts come from public praise.
Of course group power contributes, but remember to use potential public praise as the great weapon.

6. To know somebody or to know nobody, there's huge difference.
To be an influential person is great....Sigh....

I knew I divagated. But, these are yammy too, don't you think so?











Pinky Welcomes Pinky!!

Curt's Back! From our "hometown" Kandersteg International Scout Centre in Switzerland!
His plane arrived at the airport at noon, and Mom and I went to pick him up, I myself wearing Pink- staff T-shirt hoping that he would do the same thing. Just check the picture in the left!! HE IS 100% MY BROTHER :D

He for sure brought back lots of great stories and pictures, never to mention many lovely presents including conquests from "lost and found" stock, pure souvenirs, chocolates, chocolates, and chocolates....haha! And.....two hiking sticks were for Mom and Dad, a Swiss red purse for me(see below), a Swiss 3D map chocolate set for me, etc.

WELCOME HOME my dear Curt(or maybe I should call him "Ting" from now on?) And thanks for all the joy you've brought to me :)


Post Love from the World- ONLINE!

Cannot think of better way to preserve my postcards and the thoughts which was never recorded.
Maybe to open this blog may help!

Come and Enjoy- the Post Love from the World


Composing Resume

is not easy, and needs devotion- especially when I have really nothing big to tell.....

Here's some good English Resume online references, use them properly!!
I've benefited from both of them, and found out, though ashamed, that what I had two years ago was so green and so lack of attraction. I guess the GradSchools got sufficient reason to reject me then- the girl who just graduated, had no professional experience, with horrible GRE score, and a naive resume....

Fight! Prove them my maturity!


Long Long Long Meeting

It wore me out.... Maybe one of the reasons why I felt tired so easy was- I was not really the key participants who needed to focus on what was going on at that critical moment, so that my eyes lost focus soon as well as my brain, and my forehead couldn't help kissing the meeting table...

Ah......time to bed. I gave in!

Postcard Collections!

Gradually, I'll have all my postcards scanned. They looked just marvelous and impressive!

E.g. The left hand side one was from Jean(TW) when she went for budget travel in Australia. "What did she write to you?" you may ask. Of course that part was secret- my privacy! However, I did scanned both sides of them in case one day I'll need the digital records. As my friends and audiences like you, anyways, will at least have the privilege to see the photo side. Hey! It is great enough, believe me- because the postcards may come from all around the globe!!

Going Out! Goint Out!



Curt + Geneva = ?

Marvelous stories!!!!!!

Checking his blog let my family burst into joyful tears several times. We just cannot help it!
Further, because I've been there last year, all things he described somehow matched my experience and thoughts, proving that I'm not the only person who easily got lost in Geneva, who complained about the citizens' poor(?) English and the unfriendly French road sign, who thought our flower clock in Mt. Yang-Ming was surely better and prettier than that in British Garden-Geneva. Also, it's a plearsure to find out that my brother- just like me- fell in love with all the solemn churches everywhere- we just cannot help it!hahahahahahaha!

I guess I've done Swiss travel three times already. One with four family members when 12 in winter, another by myself wandering here and there last Autumn, the other mentally with my brother this summer. I should say- I'm really rich. It's not material side, but the spiritual aspect. Guess what? NO ONE can EVER take this rich away :)


My New Space in the Office

It's actually not New, because we've worked like this for almost a month. Since it's the first time I posted it here, and people were still surprised by its new appereance, let's still call it "New Space" then : )

What do I have in the office?The standard equipments include: a set of PC, speakers with bass, a headphones, a scanner, a telephone. What I brought here- which only I myself have them- includes: my mug from NTUMUN, my dolphin doll named "Gray Gray," my red kitty paper clay namecard holder, etc. And, I must put emphasis on my desktop: it's ALWAYS my lovely friends in KISC!! As for the screen saver, it's ALWAYS the sentence: It's not Rain. It's Liquid Sunshine!! -from Ex-Pinkies.

These components have made my working hours less unbearable......


My First Flower in the Office

brought by James Wang, but of course from someone else.

It was a pity that Jessie was no longer there with me, thus no one could really share my emotions in the first moment.

But, I dare not to appreciate my flower closely till one day later- today, after some truly touching sayings and promises. He's..... maybe not the best, but he showed his sincerety to solve problems, to face challenges, to bear my terrible(to him) decisions. Maybe, he deserve one more chance.

I accepted the flowers now. Although they're not my favorite callas, neither are they tulips, their fragrance is the best ever. : )


Great Cooking Diary in Alpes

from Lion Ting! hahahaha~~

Dear my lovely friends, if you can read Chinese, go enjoy his story! He and the other TW friend hand-made some dumplings to those westerners in KISC and got hit!! They've done everything by themselves from rolling the skin, mixing the pork and vegies, boiling them, and serving to people. I have never done those when I was there, because I'm not that skillful and I'm alone. Happy for them to conquer the westerners heart by conquering their stomach!!!

Jeez! My brother is so great!!!


【商周】打理人脈 就是打理細節

打理人脈 就是打理細節
本篇文章摘自:商業周刊第 979 期




法寶一:管理朋友名片 記錄背景資料不難,難的是貫徹










法寶二:賓客、菜單建檔 相隔二十年再辦,保證菜色不同

泛黃的活頁紙上面,田玲玲清楚的寫著「Feb.27,1988 Saturday十一桌」,裡頭一百三十二位賓客名單,她都記錄得很仔細。不僅如此,八道如去骨烤鴨、干燒大蝦等的菜名,她都寫得清清楚楚。





法寶三:邀約不怕被拒 先加入談話圈圈,慢慢化解敵意






法寶四:送手製品禮物 不必貴重,「誠意」十足最打動人心








本篇文章摘自:商業周刊第 926 期




而 這些困難的事,又可以分為幾個不同狀況:(一)看起來瘋狂,或者在大多數人的眼中,這根本是不可能的任務。(二)一般的任務,但要求的標準超高,超乎一般 的平均水準很多。(三)沒有足夠的權力,其他單位又不配合下,又要完成需要其他單位配合才能完成的事。(四)沒有前例可循,全新的任務。(五)難度不高, 但工作繁雜、分量極大、無趣又艱苦的工作。 以上這幾項如果你都能處理,才是真正有解決問題能力的人。


第二種狀況,是自我要求很高的人的能力。雖然一般人的水準做不到,但「We are the best」,所以我們做得到。這種人絕對不會告訴你,別的單位如何,別人只能做到什麼程度,因此長官你的要求不合理。

第 三種狀況,是辦公室最常見的狀況,你的任務需要許多單位配合,但他們又忙於原有工作,或本位主義很高,不願配合。處理這種狀況需溝通協調的手腕再加上毅 力,想盡各種方法,在沒有上層權力支持下完成、解決。遇到這種狀況,大多數人會兩手一攤,我又不能命令別人,別人不配合,我當然無法完成,再不然就求助長 官,要長官下命令。問題是,長官就是因為有困難,才會讓你處在左右為難的情境,他指望的就是你能用「智慧」解決,用權力是無法解決的。




這篇小小的文章真的還頗棒的喔! :)
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