Taoban House陶板屋, Yammy!

Parents, their friends and I went to Taoban House last night. Their purpose was to seek advices from Mr. Yeh about certain PTA projects, as for me? Just go for yummy food! hahaha~

Nevertheless, I still learned a lot during their talks. Mr. and Mrs. Chuang are PTA members of WanXing Elementary School, where my mom is the principal. Mr. Yeh is the chairman of PTA of JenAi Elementary School. He gave quite some useful methods to raise funds amongst parents to install air conditioners for their kids. In short:

1. Do survey, and obey public wills
"Do you want your kid's classroom to install air conditioners?" Let the parent(s) and kid(s) make their decision on their business, and collect the anonymus results. When the "yes" exceed 1/2 or even 2/3 (it depends), the class is started to be concerned in the installation project, but not quite.

2. Your own donation benefits your own kid(s)
Collect money that is needed for the installation. The money amount could be rough, but exceed a little over the market standard. When the class collects enough amount, it is officially involved in the project. Otherwise, the air conditioner would still be flying in the air~

No survey results, Not much money = No air conditioner in this classroom = hot summer = your kids is always envious of the cool classroom next door

Also, the air conditioner "moves" with your class when needed.
  • Original classroom A got one but the new B didn't-> take it there.
  • New semester, brand new class members with new teacher-> your kids are guaranteed to be distributed into the classroom with air conditioner.
3. Public participation, Public decision
All classes that meet the above requirements are asked to send delegates to participate in the purchasing process- choosing the brand, asking for discounts, giving opinions on the dates which start the installation. Once things are decided, niether the school nor the PTA should be responsible for the results.

Also, group power can get group discout that you can hardly imagine :)

4. Do listen to opinions that against the propose, but never give in easily.
There's always someone who is "special." Take good care of them. Reason with them logically.
But the things that should be done should be done.

5. Discounts come from public praise.
Of course group power contributes, but remember to use potential public praise as the great weapon.

6. To know somebody or to know nobody, there's huge difference.
To be an influential person is great....Sigh....

I knew I divagated. But, these are yammy too, don't you think so?

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