Pinky Welcomes Pinky!!

Curt's Back! From our "hometown" Kandersteg International Scout Centre in Switzerland!
His plane arrived at the airport at noon, and Mom and I went to pick him up, I myself wearing Pink- staff T-shirt hoping that he would do the same thing. Just check the picture in the left!! HE IS 100% MY BROTHER :D

He for sure brought back lots of great stories and pictures, never to mention many lovely presents including conquests from "lost and found" stock, pure souvenirs, chocolates, chocolates, and chocolates....haha! And.....two hiking sticks were for Mom and Dad, a Swiss red purse for me(see below), a Swiss 3D map chocolate set for me, etc.

WELCOME HOME my dear Curt(or maybe I should call him "Ting" from now on?) And thanks for all the joy you've brought to me :)

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