Curt + Geneva = ?

Marvelous stories!!!!!!

Checking his blog let my family burst into joyful tears several times. We just cannot help it!
Further, because I've been there last year, all things he described somehow matched my experience and thoughts, proving that I'm not the only person who easily got lost in Geneva, who complained about the citizens' poor(?) English and the unfriendly French road sign, who thought our flower clock in Mt. Yang-Ming was surely better and prettier than that in British Garden-Geneva. Also, it's a plearsure to find out that my brother- just like me- fell in love with all the solemn churches everywhere- we just cannot help it!hahahahahahaha!

I guess I've done Swiss travel three times already. One with four family members when 12 in winter, another by myself wandering here and there last Autumn, the other mentally with my brother this summer. I should say- I'm really rich. It's not material side, but the spiritual aspect. Guess what? NO ONE can EVER take this rich away :)

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