Happiness Comes Back?

My MP3 player revived to keep me company- Happy

Swiss visa sent+ airplane ticket booked, the way Home is nearer!!- Happy+Excited!

Work overload, helpless in the office with tones of work about NJ9's photographic contest final judgement the next day- Depressed

Similar as above, bothering Tax Education details on and on all over the nation- Depressed

The speech which stimulate deep thoughts
"My life belongs to no one else but me."
"Live everyday you have as the last day in your life, and do something to make whole of your life till then a unregretful experience."
"Just Go! Follow your heart!"

Postcard and gifts from BR(Pedro) and from SG(Philip)- Happy+Surprised!

Warm and professional experienced help from Mom- Happy+Grateful

After phone calls, still no one can come over for help tomorrow- Down

No progress on application......-Depressed

Give my sunshine back!


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