Traditional Chinese Breakfast

I came back to Pingtung, my hometown in southern Taiwan, for the Chinese New year. And I would like to introduce everybody the most traditional way to live our life. First of all, the breakfast.
On the right top is the staple- rice porridge, and my aunt even added some minced sweet potatoes (the yellow stuff) inside, which was also a popular way to have the rice porridge.

On the right below is the fried pork flakes. We've got various fried meet flakes, among them is my favorite- fried fish flakes from my hometown. The one here is still special, it's vegetarian.

On the left top is some minced meet, but the one we have here is again vegetarian.

As for the last plate, we have the pickled cucumbers which is at the same time salty and sweet.

The way we eat them is to mix them together, so that when we have a bite, we can try everything simultaneously. Some other materials we may use include some peanuts, wheat glutens, salty eggs, and so on.

Would you like to try sometime??


Wearing the Gift I Gave Him

He is the Brazilian, Pedro, and the picture is taken recently in Rio de Janeiro. He went their to visit some relatives.

Why do I put this picture here? Because one little thing he did moved me a lot. Ladies and gentlemen, the little pot he wore on the neck is his birthday present from me almost 3 years ago. AND HE STILL WEARS IT, TILL NOW! He sent me several pictures simultaneously, and most of the time, he showed up with that little pot.....

Another inspiration he had given me was a foreign slang: "querer e poder," Portuguese. It was hard to translate, but according to him, it meant like "It's not a matter of can or can't, but a matter of do or not to do." The slang popped up when I told him that I wish to visit him now, but I can't........

Querer e poder.

My PC in the Office

Currently working in the Scouts of China Foundation, I have my own brand new PC and concering hi-tech equipments in the office. Some of them are far beyond my expectation. They are just toooo fantastic!Please refer to the picture, and I would like to list the detail of the whole set as follows:
Host: A-Open H450B
Screen: View Sonic VA702
Keyboard and Mouse, with Mouse Charger: Logitech Wireless Set
Speaker: OZAKI EM68903

Please, don't feel too envious of anything. Oh well, I know it's hard ^^"

A Mongolian Cute Song- Auspicious Three Treasures

It's a song sang by a Mongolian family, and the composer wrote it for his 3-year-old daughter.
So cute as it is, it crossed beyond the barrier of language, age, and culture.
No matter who listens to it would be moved and impressed immediatedly.

Please enjoy it yourselves! "Auspicious Three Treasures"

-The Lyrics-
Little Daughter: Dear daddy, what are the sun, the moon, and the star?
Dad: Auspicious three treasures.
Little Daughter: Dear mommy, what are the green leaf, the flower, and the fruit?
Mom: Auspicious three treasures.
Little Daughter: Dear daddy, what are mommy and I?
Dad: Auspicious three treasures.
Everyone: Auspicious three treasures. Lucky forever!

Finally Winter Vacation!

Tomorrow is the last working day before the Chinese New Year! YEAH~~~~~

Also a good news, I got paid today!
How can't "sparkling" cash make people laugh??


You've Caught Up So Quick!

I went to the Public Network Foundation again this afternoon, to deal something with our new website. After our long lasting discussion, the engineer who's in charge of this project asked, "Is this your first time to involve in this kind of project?" "Yes." I replied, and didn't dare to tell him that the first day when I started to work, actually the FIRST ONE HOUR when I started to work, I was brought there suddenly to discuss the whole project with them.

I am not lying......

"You've caught up so quick!" said him, "Every time when we told you to think about something, or suggested you to use another software to show us your idea, you came out with the draft the next few days. Well done! Impressive."

Maybe he was right.

Nevertheless, this encouragement also means that I should try my best to keep the pace! Besides my "boss(es)" in the Association, there are some others waiting to see my performance~ Come on! Let's FIGHT!!!!!!


Kept Staying Busy

is the best way to not to think too much......

Oh well, but life IS truly busy.

First, the GASC website had been decided to be announced open on Feb.25, which meant that the engineers and I had to speed up the process. For me, it may not be too big deal; for the engineers, I guess it's a big problem.....

Second, there're several Explore Scouts projects that need to be done. I've sorted up the documents of 2005, also have I done a proposal to apply for sponsorship. What's next is to make the course project and the pre-camp homework for our Training Camp at Feb.11-12.

I'd like to apply for an Award for the youth who contributes to the society in the field of Community Servise, NPO Activity Promotion, International Exchange, or so on given by the National Youth Commission, Executive Yuan. Having no idea of whether I will be awarded or not, I want to give it a try~

Also somthing at work is to refresh our Setting Certificate of the Foundation ASAP. It has been delayed for almost half a year(not my fault!), but due to the complicated process- to fill in forms and to do tons of stamp; to go to the Ministry of Education ==> the Taiwan Taipei Distric Court ==> Min. of Edu agin to get even more stamps- I might not accomplish my goal soon.

What else? I'd like to read some books. Some are for merely recreation, but some are quite intellectual- for instance, Accounting (textbook), and Basic Advertising (again, textbook).

Hmmm......To analyze my life like this, I'm quite busy, aren't I?


Got A Christmas Present

last night.

It was passed by another friend, again, and thus I knew whom was that from immediately.
It was a little tin with elegant cover sheet. Also along with it was a tiny paper-made Christmas tree.

"When did he give this to you?" asked I.
"Last time when he came for the campfire in Taipei. He planned to give this to you that day, but left it in the backpack till went back to our place." replied the messenger.

I appreciated the pictures, and suddenly found an astonishing sentence included-
"愛呀.....該怎麼說?" which could mean
A: "How to say.....I love you?" from the interpretation of the words itself;
B: "Hmmm...Let me think, how to tell you (something, unsaid)" from the sound of the words.


I'm happy, far more than that honestly. I didn't dare to think of whether it meant A or B. Yet, my heart is quite full of joy.

Thanks, dear D.
You've brought me the most joyful new year day I've ever had in my life.
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