Traditional Chinese Breakfast

I came back to Pingtung, my hometown in southern Taiwan, for the Chinese New year. And I would like to introduce everybody the most traditional way to live our life. First of all, the breakfast.
On the right top is the staple- rice porridge, and my aunt even added some minced sweet potatoes (the yellow stuff) inside, which was also a popular way to have the rice porridge.

On the right below is the fried pork flakes. We've got various fried meet flakes, among them is my favorite- fried fish flakes from my hometown. The one here is still special, it's vegetarian.

On the left top is some minced meet, but the one we have here is again vegetarian.

As for the last plate, we have the pickled cucumbers which is at the same time salty and sweet.

The way we eat them is to mix them together, so that when we have a bite, we can try everything simultaneously. Some other materials we may use include some peanuts, wheat glutens, salty eggs, and so on.

Would you like to try sometime??

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