A Mongolian Cute Song- Auspicious Three Treasures

It's a song sang by a Mongolian family, and the composer wrote it for his 3-year-old daughter.
So cute as it is, it crossed beyond the barrier of language, age, and culture.
No matter who listens to it would be moved and impressed immediatedly.

Please enjoy it yourselves! "Auspicious Three Treasures"

-The Lyrics-
Little Daughter: Dear daddy, what are the sun, the moon, and the star?
Dad: Auspicious three treasures.
Little Daughter: Dear mommy, what are the green leaf, the flower, and the fruit?
Mom: Auspicious three treasures.
Little Daughter: Dear daddy, what are mommy and I?
Dad: Auspicious three treasures.
Everyone: Auspicious three treasures. Lucky forever!


yiting said...

sorry for replying your message so late that you had already been offline then. I'm yiting. It's a fine blog with delicate thoughts and ideas. wish you a happy chinese new year and please send my regards as well as my fathers to your mom. see ya, keep in touch~

wendychen said...

It's good to know that you like my blog~ After coming back to Taiwan, I admitted, I didn't run it as well as it was while I stayed in the Swiss. Yet, I'll try my best again! ^^
Happy Chinese New Year to you and your family! Also, wish you the very best on whatever in your plan :)

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