Wearing the Gift I Gave Him

He is the Brazilian, Pedro, and the picture is taken recently in Rio de Janeiro. He went their to visit some relatives.

Why do I put this picture here? Because one little thing he did moved me a lot. Ladies and gentlemen, the little pot he wore on the neck is his birthday present from me almost 3 years ago. AND HE STILL WEARS IT, TILL NOW! He sent me several pictures simultaneously, and most of the time, he showed up with that little pot.....

Another inspiration he had given me was a foreign slang: "querer e poder," Portuguese. It was hard to translate, but according to him, it meant like "It's not a matter of can or can't, but a matter of do or not to do." The slang popped up when I told him that I wish to visit him now, but I can't........

Querer e poder.

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