Got A Christmas Present

last night.

It was passed by another friend, again, and thus I knew whom was that from immediately.
It was a little tin with elegant cover sheet. Also along with it was a tiny paper-made Christmas tree.

"When did he give this to you?" asked I.
"Last time when he came for the campfire in Taipei. He planned to give this to you that day, but left it in the backpack till went back to our place." replied the messenger.

I appreciated the pictures, and suddenly found an astonishing sentence included-
"愛呀.....該怎麼說?" which could mean
A: "How to say.....I love you?" from the interpretation of the words itself;
B: "Hmmm...Let me think, how to tell you (something, unsaid)" from the sound of the words.


I'm happy, far more than that honestly. I didn't dare to think of whether it meant A or B. Yet, my heart is quite full of joy.

Thanks, dear D.
You've brought me the most joyful new year day I've ever had in my life.

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