Kept Staying Busy

is the best way to not to think too much......

Oh well, but life IS truly busy.

First, the GASC website had been decided to be announced open on Feb.25, which meant that the engineers and I had to speed up the process. For me, it may not be too big deal; for the engineers, I guess it's a big problem.....

Second, there're several Explore Scouts projects that need to be done. I've sorted up the documents of 2005, also have I done a proposal to apply for sponsorship. What's next is to make the course project and the pre-camp homework for our Training Camp at Feb.11-12.

I'd like to apply for an Award for the youth who contributes to the society in the field of Community Servise, NPO Activity Promotion, International Exchange, or so on given by the National Youth Commission, Executive Yuan. Having no idea of whether I will be awarded or not, I want to give it a try~

Also somthing at work is to refresh our Setting Certificate of the Foundation ASAP. It has been delayed for almost half a year(not my fault!), but due to the complicated process- to fill in forms and to do tons of stamp; to go to the Ministry of Education ==> the Taiwan Taipei Distric Court ==> Min. of Edu agin to get even more stamps- I might not accomplish my goal soon.

What else? I'd like to read some books. Some are for merely recreation, but some are quite intellectual- for instance, Accounting (textbook), and Basic Advertising (again, textbook).

Hmmm......To analyze my life like this, I'm quite busy, aren't I?

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