Stream Tracking!!

I went to stream tracking last weekend, and suddenly found out a beautiful campus in Taipei County: Jian-An Elementary School . This school is very special, and it has rich, abundant ecological resources in the unique environment. The school teachers first introduced us the resources they have around the school, and how have them strived to maintain it, along with how have them strived to teach the kids to cherish, to get along harmonious with the Nature.

I learned quite a lot from the teachers. They not only showed us how to find the larva of Japanese Beetle, how to recognize the larva of butterfly, how to tell the differences between the butterfly and the moth(and their larva as well), what are the names and the characters of all the fragrant plants, but also instilled us the correct attitude toward the Nature.

One more special thing was, during the lunch break, they played a song sung by the children in the school, called: "We've found out A River." The river, for sure, is the one around the school, which is used as the Nature classroom, and cherished as an important, indivisible part of not only the school but also the neighberhood. All kids graduated from the school need to complete the stream tracking task, as well as another challenge to hang down from a bridge. WOW! Sounds soooo challenging!! I can easily imagine how great their memory about the school would be! Thus, I can easily understand the reason why they can compose such a gentle song with lots of love, and sing it wholeheartedly.... The first time when I heard it, I cannot stop wondering, how great would that be if my 5,6 grade classmates and I would have so great experience together..... We must cried even harder when we "are forced to" leave the school....

Although my scout friends and I enjoyed the morning, we cannot help expecting the stream tracking part much harder. We've known that due to our company: groups of 6 grade kids, we didn't have chance to challenge those exiting part of the river, yet to taste a little bit should still be good. And the truth was: the stream didn't let us down. It's so cool to step in it, with the safe vest and special shoes. Personally I love the magic shoes- how could they make us so comfortable in water without feeling disgusting when soaked all over? And it did help to facilitate our walking in the stream between the stones.

On a certain point, we joined the kids to flow down with the stream. We thought that the flow was not really strong enough to really carry us, the adults, down, and we had to do a little swim to go on. Nevertheless, we still enjoyed the feeling to wonder with the river. What's more, I guess you've known that it was impossible that we went down to the river and had no water fight at all. Are you kidding? hahaha~ Freely as you could imagine, we took great advantage of this time to let Mr. Ouyang realize "how we all love him in an open way." Believe or not, "Splash!" was the most common sound on our stream tracking trip, whether there was someone splashed, aimed at by a group of people or there was someone being pushed into the stream in a sudden, we had great fun!!

Besides those, of course, we sometimes stopped and enjoyed the natural beauty quietly. As for myself, one more thing that moved me quite much was to get together with these lovely friends in such great atmosphere again. I've not seen Johnny and Vincent for almost a year I guess, especially in such great occasion. Time and reality have separated us apart: to work or to study; to live in Taipei or to live in Taichung. We had good momories together, and we shared certain interest together. So meeting one another was like "Yesterday Oncemore!" I can't help loving this fantastic day!

Later that night, we went to appreciate the fireflies around the school, along with other nocturnal insects or animals. Our day ended short after that journey. It was not easy to forget the tiny shining lights here and there in the woods; it was NEVER easy to forget the lights on our faces when we met that date. Deeply I wish, our friendship will be as strong as the circle we formed in the stream: complete, tight, and harmonious- forever. Hey guys! You know what? I miss you so much :)









居然就是 放。不。下。



"It's not joking, from our childhood, you're the only person in our age who I admire."

"I'm serious! In all respect, treating people or dealing with things, you're the one who I can hardly find fault with."

I was raised up, high.
The comment from a friend who I've treasured so much is astonishingly touching.

Where Did the Snow Go?

JEEZ!! We got no snow at all in Kandersteg already!!
With curiosity, I checked the Webcam of KISC and surprisingly found out that it is also spring in my lovely hometown~ Wuuuuuuuuu~~~
I wish I could see the spring scene myself, searching for Edelweiss in the grassland eagerly.
I wish to bath under the sunshine around Oeschinensee, hiding myself somewhere aside the crispy lakeshore.
Yet somehow, I prefer it in snow... Maybe that's because KISC covered by snow represents the most wonderful image of my season in Swiss.
Oh.... My lovely hometown....


Open Forum

I enjoyed it. It's like no secret between you and me.
Oh well, still some left for sure, because it's not possible to know everything in seconds.
Nevertheless, I still believe, it's been a great progress already.
It's my first time to be so frank to a person like you, who I only know for one month or so.
Even, I'll say, it's my first time to be so frank to myself....

(Pic: The dawn of Fuessen around Hohenschwagau, Dec.11, 2005)


Tulip, Calla, and Lily

We started our topic from the orchid my mom brought today in Hualien, when I pronounced it wrong but you still got the correct flower. How could you do that? "Because we're soulmate. And I know you sooooo much," you replied without second thought. You also told me that it's SG's national flowerl; in return, I told you ours is the Chinese plum. "Do you like it? If not, what's your favorite flower?" WOW! What an interesting question! We proceeded this topic and moved on and on.

We all love tulips, and you guess I like the lily. However, you failed to guess one of the flowers I like most, which is normally white, has very special shape, and is famous on Mt. YangMing, TPE earlier this season- the calla. Never mind, it's ok for you to fail the guessing~ I enjoyed the process anyways! I like the game, and like the way to share dis/likes with you. Also, I enjoyed the time to find the correct English word and the perfect picture for my thought, as well as to find the things said or described by you.

Later, when I thought of another flower I love: Edelweiss(CH), we jumped our topic to movies and movie stars. Sean Connery, Tom Hanks, Sandra Bullock, & Renee Zellweger are some of your favorites, and Tom Cruis is OK for you. I like Sean Connery, Tom Hanks, & Sandra Bullock as well, but I'll say my favorite: Bread Pitt, haha!
"You're just a typical girl!" you said. I didn't deny that~ BTW, I like Meg Ryan, too.

As for our favorite movie?
"The Sound of Music! I love the music!!!!!" I almost screamed.
"The Untouchable" of yours still couldn't come into my mind since I've never seen it before, and I had no clue of the Chinese name of that film at that moment. But I got it now! :)
"Oh, and I like Meet Joe Black, Brad Pitt performed well in that one." WUUUUUU! I love this one as well! We all agreed that it's so touching in the end, and I personally loved the ending song again!
I mentioned another movie played by Whitney Houston & Danzel Washington, and it was a film about bodyguard, or priest something. I just couldn't figure out the English name, and once I even mistaken it with The Bodyguard by Whitney Houston & Kevin Costner.
Guess What? You found out the answer for me again- "The Preacher's Wife." Just a little earlier, when I mentioned about another movie which demonstrated how great did Brad Pitt perform in a casino robbery movie, you pumped up with the name "Ocean's Eleven" immediately. Hey! You read my mind!!!! :)

Tonight is so great! I love it!


I'm So Tired

Tired in mind.
Tired of what I'm doing now.

Thinking of the days with liquid sunshine, thinking of his support help a little to cheer me up,
yet I know for sure, they're not enough for me to completly get out of the low tide.

Wishing to have brand new joyfulness for every day in the first moment, even in the very early morning.
Wishing to be exited about the new challenges, and to know that once I conquer them, from the buttom of my heart, I'll be tremendously grateful and happy. Yes, willingly......


This Kind of Planning

Planning to make friend with Curt;
Planning how to interact with my mom and dad;
Planning to chat with them, to make friend with them through Skype before you're here in TW;
Planning what to do whilst your stay, including a shopping schedule with Mom and I, a relaxing dinner outside, a walk nearby or in Mt. YangMing;
and all the plannings are for the longer term goal: my visit to SG, and even more :)

I know I let you down by guaranteeing nothing, not even the visit.
Nevertheless, seeing all these came out and will be implement step by step, I cannot help wondering, "Am I dreaming? How can this guy so practical, and so capable of problem solving?"
Mostly, you love me so much.......



~by Martina McBride~
If there were no words
No way to speak
I would still hear you
If there were no tears
No way to feel inside
I'd still feel for you
And even if the sun refuse to shine
Even if romance ran out of rhyme
You would still have my heart
Until the end of time
You're all I need
My love, my valentine
All of my life
I have been waiting for
All you give to me
You've opened my eyes
And showed me how to love unselfishly
I've dreamed of this a thousand times before
In my dreams I couldn't love you more
I will give you my heart
Until the end of time
You're all I need
My love, my valentine
And even if the sun refuse to shine
Even if romance ran out of rhyme
You would still have my heart
Until the end of time
Cus all I need
Is you, my valentine
You're all I need
My love, my valentine

(Pic: The sunset outside of Bluemlisaphuette(2800M),
with Julia, Andrea, Chris& Teddi, Oct.10, 2005)

Sorry to Keep You Waiting

I was so late home- around 23:50. I've told you that you don't need to wait for me, for I'd known that we must spend tons of time discussing for the Staff Training Workshop this Sunday, and definately would come home tru~ly late. Furthermore, I cannot bear to let you wait till so late, because I know that you live such a regular life, and always go to bed early.
(Pic: Water gate in Interlaken, Nov.03, 2005)

Still sent you an SMS when I finally got home, just as what I've promised you; worried but happily, I heard your voice in a very sleepy tone......>"< Dear, you really should not stay up for me....

Maybe you'll say that again: "anything for you!" Yet, I'd like to let you know one more thing as well- to cherish YOURSELF is to cherish ME. Ok? Deal?

Nevertheless, just as what Lan told me, she's very happy to know that I've been well taken care of and treasured, I feel the same way and am so soaked in happiness when you do all these for me.......

Sorry to keep you waiting, and Thank you for waiting :)


Enjoy A Movie Together

"Elf", that's the movie I saw on HBO tonight. I enjoyed it with Mom and Dad, and later found out that I could actually enjoy it with Philip as well, for it's on in SG at the same time!! What an exiting discovery! This way, from now on, we could see the same movie "together but not together" and discuss about our thoughts toward it afterwards. I love this idea~~~~

Yap, it's true, we're quite close and quite serious about our relationship. We work hard in our own world, we live earnestly with our family & friends; we plan for the future to come together, we respect each other's differences and ways of living. And, we cherish each other's dream, as well as dream our dream.....

Perhaps, we do not only enjoy the movies together, but something else :)
(Pic: Our KLCC in Kuala Lumpur, Mar.19, 2006)

Take a Walk in the Neighborhood

I just came back from the walk around my neighborhood, and I went with Mom and Dad. It was a relaxing 30-minute-walk, which was quite a piece of cake for me while mom puffing a little bit hard and gratefully saying that "thanks to all the walks recently, I felt the route easier to walk today." In comparison to the hikings I did in Swiss, ohwell........ I miss the golden old days very much, again.
(Pic: On the way to Bluemlisalphuette, Oct.10, 2005)

I miss the walks that nearly took my breath away, not only by the degree of difficulty, but also by the breathtaking scenery all the way. I miss the walks that made me feel like walking in the clouds, feel like giving up at any point would be a great choice to survive, yet I might regret for the rest of my life-- So that I'd rather grit my teeth and move forward regardless how tired I was. I miss the walks that Chris would stay behind to ensure that I was still ok; I miss the walks that Julia, Andrea would be glad to give me a hand or some encouragement, saying "come on! Take a rest and you'll make it!"

I know, I know. Those days are gone.......

My feet are still strong, and I won't have much complaint like long long before, for I've gone through those challenges in Swiss. What I could do now is, just as what I must do on the way to Fruendenhuette and Bluemlisaphuette, keep stepping forward......

There's no way back......(Pic: Dawn around Fruendenhuette, early bird got incredible views! Sep.30, 2005)


Concert Night

But the concert was held inside of my house, the only audience is my Mom while I played the piano and my brother sang songs. Still, it was quite cool and enjoyable :)

Earlier this night, we went outside for a fine dinner together. The food was without doubt quite delicious, but what made tonight so relaxing and beautiful was-- CHA CHA! my lovely family members! My brother and I just couldn't help singing our favorite songs by Wong Kong-Leong, a really talented Malaysian singer, including "All of You", "The Promise", "Fairy Tale", and "Heaven." It ended up that we decided to start the mini concert after going back home!

Even till now, I could hear our voice vibrating in the alleys on our way home, also inside our living room where the piano is placed; most important of all, deep in our heart.....Mom joined us when I unconsciously started the old but elegant melody of "The Moon Represents My Heart."

If there's anything called the sound of heaven, I guess I've heard it once :)


There's Always Somebody Cares, Some Doesn't

We cannot influence everyone.......
And we all know that our power is tiny, weak, and invisible somehow.

But we shall NEVER give in!
We shall ALWAYS live by some dreams.......


Please Save Traditional Chinese by Signing This Petition

Please go to sign at this website: http://www.gopetition.com/region/237/8314.html

Some of you may know that recently, there're lots of News reports said that the UN might abolish Traditional Chinese in 2008. That would be a horrible disaster for Chinese culture, as well as for the world! People could not read the ancient Chinese classical books by learning merely Simplified Chinese. Elites and intelletuals in Mainland China also know this well. Please go to the website above to sign for us, to sign for the preservation of one of the most valuable language in the world.

Futher, please forward this information to all your family and friends. We do need your support to preserve the beautiful language which makes the Chinese culture alive for centuries, for generations, for FOUR THOUSAND YEARS!!

Thank you very much!





1.到頁面下方按"Sign the Petition"
First Name:英文名字
Last Name:英文姓氏
Email Address:電子郵件信箱
City or Town:居住城市




Mom, Dad, I Got A News for You

Mom acted peacefully, and listened to me in the same way. Later, she started to ask several questions. What does he do? How many years has he been working? Where did he receive education?

Why can you define your relationship as boy/girlfriends?
How did you know he is THE person, since you only got together for couple of days in Malaysia?

Some of the questions need to be answered by chemistry, but not by reason. Yet I know deeply that, it's not persuasive at all.

One more very important issue is that, once I convince myself to believe in this might I persuade my parents, and to make them feel comfortable about our relationship as well.

Can I?


Our MUN, Our Party

at AGORA GARDEN, we enjoyed a party with surprises and laughters.
It's really crazy!!!
We even had three round pillow fights between boys and girls! Guess what? GIRLS WON!!!!!

Oh, I love this crew :)

The picture in the left was taken early this morning, while people were sleeping....

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