Take a Walk in the Neighborhood

I just came back from the walk around my neighborhood, and I went with Mom and Dad. It was a relaxing 30-minute-walk, which was quite a piece of cake for me while mom puffing a little bit hard and gratefully saying that "thanks to all the walks recently, I felt the route easier to walk today." In comparison to the hikings I did in Swiss, ohwell........ I miss the golden old days very much, again.
(Pic: On the way to Bluemlisalphuette, Oct.10, 2005)

I miss the walks that nearly took my breath away, not only by the degree of difficulty, but also by the breathtaking scenery all the way. I miss the walks that made me feel like walking in the clouds, feel like giving up at any point would be a great choice to survive, yet I might regret for the rest of my life-- So that I'd rather grit my teeth and move forward regardless how tired I was. I miss the walks that Chris would stay behind to ensure that I was still ok; I miss the walks that Julia, Andrea would be glad to give me a hand or some encouragement, saying "come on! Take a rest and you'll make it!"

I know, I know. Those days are gone.......

My feet are still strong, and I won't have much complaint like long long before, for I've gone through those challenges in Swiss. What I could do now is, just as what I must do on the way to Fruendenhuette and Bluemlisaphuette, keep stepping forward......

There's no way back......(Pic: Dawn around Fruendenhuette, early bird got incredible views! Sep.30, 2005)

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