Concert Night

But the concert was held inside of my house, the only audience is my Mom while I played the piano and my brother sang songs. Still, it was quite cool and enjoyable :)

Earlier this night, we went outside for a fine dinner together. The food was without doubt quite delicious, but what made tonight so relaxing and beautiful was-- CHA CHA! my lovely family members! My brother and I just couldn't help singing our favorite songs by Wong Kong-Leong, a really talented Malaysian singer, including "All of You", "The Promise", "Fairy Tale", and "Heaven." It ended up that we decided to start the mini concert after going back home!

Even till now, I could hear our voice vibrating in the alleys on our way home, also inside our living room where the piano is placed; most important of all, deep in our heart.....Mom joined us when I unconsciously started the old but elegant melody of "The Moon Represents My Heart."

If there's anything called the sound of heaven, I guess I've heard it once :)

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