Enjoy A Movie Together

"Elf", that's the movie I saw on HBO tonight. I enjoyed it with Mom and Dad, and later found out that I could actually enjoy it with Philip as well, for it's on in SG at the same time!! What an exiting discovery! This way, from now on, we could see the same movie "together but not together" and discuss about our thoughts toward it afterwards. I love this idea~~~~

Yap, it's true, we're quite close and quite serious about our relationship. We work hard in our own world, we live earnestly with our family & friends; we plan for the future to come together, we respect each other's differences and ways of living. And, we cherish each other's dream, as well as dream our dream.....

Perhaps, we do not only enjoy the movies together, but something else :)
(Pic: Our KLCC in Kuala Lumpur, Mar.19, 2006)

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