Sorry to Keep You Waiting

I was so late home- around 23:50. I've told you that you don't need to wait for me, for I'd known that we must spend tons of time discussing for the Staff Training Workshop this Sunday, and definately would come home tru~ly late. Furthermore, I cannot bear to let you wait till so late, because I know that you live such a regular life, and always go to bed early.
(Pic: Water gate in Interlaken, Nov.03, 2005)

Still sent you an SMS when I finally got home, just as what I've promised you; worried but happily, I heard your voice in a very sleepy tone......>"< Dear, you really should not stay up for me....

Maybe you'll say that again: "anything for you!" Yet, I'd like to let you know one more thing as well- to cherish YOURSELF is to cherish ME. Ok? Deal?

Nevertheless, just as what Lan told me, she's very happy to know that I've been well taken care of and treasured, I feel the same way and am so soaked in happiness when you do all these for me.......

Sorry to keep you waiting, and Thank you for waiting :)

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