Totally Drunk

from a cocktail named Blue Lady last night.

We had a cocktail party last night for Staff Night Out, and I just tried one cocktail. No knowing how strong it was, I drank about 3/4 of it and felt a little bit uncomfortable. Leaning my head on Ben's shoulder for quite some time, I suddenly felt strange......I puked afterwards.......XD....on the ground, a little bit on the nearby chair and the sofa, and on my clothes, hair......

What a shame.....XD

I walked back- unable to walk in a strait line- to clean myself. Still had some headaque and kept the odor in my mouth/throat, I felt really awful. Yet, I can do nothing to make myself feel better! HORRIBLE~~~~

I didn't sleep well last night. Must due to the alcohol. >"<
Till this morning, I'm still kind of....soft and weak. Great.....

Need to be much more careful next time when I drink some cocktail.
Hey guys, cocktail is dangerous!!!

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