Fell Asleep

In the DVD Room.....

The way we choose to celebrate the Halloween is to watch some horror movies. We enjoyed the first one, and I guess, most of us fell asleep in the second- including me myself =.=
The following is the list of the sleeping group:

Teddi/Wendy/Chris/Andrea/someone else, I really don't know.....

Don't know for how long have we stayed inside there, but I at least knew one thing- Chris and I are the last two staying there......Where went the others? (Go to bed! For sure~~~)
As for how do I feel about this "accident?" Was that "sweet?" I guess so.....to feel his breath, to hear his words in dreams from time to time, etc. Since I was truly tired and soft to fall asleep there and did not do that on purpose, I thought I should, tremendously, cherish this night.

Won't get more chances like this again......

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