Day Off in Zürich

Frankly, this day-off is some kind of an accident. I wrote an Email to Mr. Rasmussen last weekend, and he invited me to go over for dinner in Lenzburg, where is 2 hrs away from Kandersteg by train. For sure, I don't want to spend 4 hrs on train only because of a meal. Therefore, I went to Zürich by the way.

As careless as I was, after accepting the invitation, I suddenly found out that I was nearly bankrupped. SFr. 70 was all I got, but the trip would cost me SFr. 77 (already with 1/2 Card) originally. However, according to a good news on the SBB website, I could buy a one-day ticket traveling inside Swiss with SFr. 56. What's more, if Andrea was right, SBB was promoting a special one-day SFr. 39 ticket recently. The basic requirement is: the passenger must hold a 1/2 Card. OHOHOH!! I got one! I got one!!

I left the Centre by foot, and arrived at the train station at a really close time.....5 mins. left before the train went away....I was told by the officer that the SFr.39 ticket would only be available after 09:00, but he would like to do me a favor by selling me a one way ticket(SFr. 4.9, with 1/2 Card) to Frutigen, the next stop, and another SFr.39 one-day ticket. That was, when I passed/arrived at Frutigen, it was after 09:00. Sounds good! I happily jumped on the train.

11:00, I was in Zürich!! Since it's almost lunch time, the first thing accured to me is to find a BEST place for lunch :-) I decided to take the S-Bahn N°10 to go to the suburban area, Uetliberg, the top point of Zürich. I might have the chance to see the whole city from that hill, sounds quite romantic!

So, how do you think of this picture and the view? I sat there, alone, enjoying my packed lunch, in the falling snow. The only thing kept me company is the music from my MP3 player. It's.....nice and warm, in my heart.

Back downtown, I walked down the Bahnhofstrasse to Lindenhof, a square on a hill, and then visited the Spielzeugmuseum(Toy Museum) nearby. I was nearly the only visitor at that moment, so the lady taking care of the place had some time to talk to me, to answer my questions, and to demonstrate the former film machine for me. That is fun!! To see 12 pics running continuously to form some actions in the mirror, although I knew it was some really old 'technology,' I cannot help but laughed.

The picture in the left is one of my favorite in the museum. Traditionally, Nordic, German, and Swiss people will light up a candle every Sunday before Christmas from a month ago. This is a very creative one. When the candle is lighted, the heat would go straight up and turn the fans, and the wheels down inside would turn as well to make the dolls 'moving.' Isn't it cute??

Also in the museum, I overheard the conversation between that lady and a guest. He is complaining about the products 'Made In China.' Something like, 'they broke easily,' 'these people take away the job from the home country of the products,' 'I really hate to go around the world and buy everything ''locally designed but made in China''. Where goes the Swiss product?' Hahaha, cannot agree him more! Later I told that lady that she didn't need to be worried about my hearing everything. Because, I Am From TAIWAN! No bother at all.

I also visited St. Peter Kirche, Fraumüster, and Grossmünster. For sure, I took my time to do some window shopping, too. Hey guys, it's already Christmas season. Can you imagine how beautiful it was everywhere?? For several times, I almost passionately bought some beautiful decorations/gifts. They were just toooooooo attractive! They should not only stay in the shop. They should stay at my home!!! Sigh.....I am too poor to buy them...

Using the last minutes in Zürich before I went to Lenzburg, I stayed inside the Bahnhof for Christmas market. Every stand is so unique, and the things they sold are extrodinary. Even if the product itself is common, the salesperson always can wrap it beautifully, fitting in Christmas atmosphere. Sometimes, the decoration of the stands is tremendously outstanding and eye-catching. It doesn't matter if it sales food or pen, clothes or toys. Mearly appreciating its beauty is an enjoyable thing. 18:09, Mr. Rasmussen gave me a warm welcome in Lenzburg Hb. We went to his place to have dinner together, cooked by him, and talked about my wonderful life in KISC as well as in Swiss. He's really a wise person. From the first time we met, he has been soooo supportive and encouraged me to explore the world, to enjoy the life, and to find/know myself better. Knowing that I fully enjoyed my stay in KISC, he deeply felt happy for me. For my part, I am really thanksful for his recommending me to come over. That was truly the BEST PRESENT I've ever received in my life.

Due to my long trip home, we had to have a quick dinner to enable me to catch up the train on time. Still, according to Mr. Rasmussen, two-and-a-half hour is better than nothing. I look forward to seeing him again next year in TW. And who knows? Maybe we'll meet again in Swiss some day?? Everything's possible:)

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