Yes, we went caving in this cold snowy weather. Are we crazy?? Hey! We always are......XD

When woke up in the morning, it snowed as heavily as the weather report has predicted. Good and Bad; we finally got some real beautiful snow in the valley, but, can we still go caving?? Will the cave be safe enough for us to pay a visit? No one can get the answer before going there and taking a look, so, we went for a walk first, in the flying snow~~:)

Do you believe that we would just "walk" in the snow? Are you kidding? Without doubt, the walk took us more time than normal, because we got some serious snow ball fight on our way! It's great that Kandersteg is such a small town which few cars run down the street. Most of the time, we crazily fought one another in the middle of the road instead of on the pedestrian's zone. The air is chilly outside, but we did get HOT(not only warm! HOT!!) bodies, except cheeks(they are usually covered with snow and ice).......

Back to my topic, we eventually arrived at the cave and happily found that it was fine~! We decided to return with full equipment after lunch- Helmet, Headlight, waterproof dirty Trousers and Jumpers/Raincoats, and Gloves. Delightly, we didn't spend much time to finish lunch. Instead, we rock'n'roll straight ahead~

Although the entrance is covered by snow, inside the cave wasn't as cold as I thought. However, we faced the first challenge in the very beginning- the first 15 m was covered by muddy water, even up to 30cm deep. Shall we go? Or give up? I'm glad that we are always not rational people.....Chris jumped in and started to craw, then Andrea, me, Julia, and Teddi. Ragga caught up a little bit later.

Only passing that first bit made us soaked. Plus, crawing all the way ahead was truly a tiring task. I got, again, some more bruses; not only on my knees, but also on the elbows, legs, sholders, EVERYWHERE. I told you, I'll never get rid of bruses till I go back home >"<

Frankly still, the experience in the cave was great fun. We got a much more narrow tunnel afterwards, which even I myself, the most little person, felt hard to get through. Also did we have a uphill part on our route. We needed to grab on a rope to climb over it.

The cave was not really big/deep, so we reached the end and returned within 2.5 hrs. We got some group picture, for sure, but it's now in Ragga's camara. I'll try to get them as soon as possible~

Do you think we should call it a day? Not really......According to KISC tradition, those who went caving MUST jump in Kander River in front of the Chalet, and roll over in the water- NO MATTER HOW COLD IT MAY BE!!
Guys, it's....SNOWING.....which means, it might be BELOW 0 degrees.....
NEVERTHELESS! Tradition is tradition.....Tradition is rule......Tradition is law.......
I sacraficed, along with Ragga, Andrea, and Teddi. We all can call Chris and Julia coward~ coward~~~~

WHA~ I like caving!!

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