Speed Up!! Ice Skating!!!!

It's Staff Night Out again~ and we went Ice Skating.
Last time when I went there was early September, while we went for D-Day, and I didn't have any chance to practice again until tonight. Luckily I'm still good! hahaha~~

It didn't take me too long to "warm up," and I started to try to play hockey. Of course it was hard for me to keep balance while trying the hockey; however, playing hockey at the same time helped me to become more familiar with the skating skills. I fell down several times, and got some more bruces, REALLY BIG ONES! But, it was great fun!!!

We started a match afterwards, and each team has four people. My team didn't have disadvantages of having me in the team. My teammates are just too good at this game, and I did help to pass the ball around, and even got 3 points for us!! HAHAHAHAHA~~~

I Love Speeding much more now:)
But, in the different way~

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