First Thankgiving~

Do European people celebrate Thanksgiving as well? Not really. But we celebrate it in the Centre because of an American scout's suggestion, which enable us to enjoy another fantastic meal.

As always, we got extremely beautiful dinner table, plus a name badge on our plates. We've been asked to dress up a little; at least, NO PINK is allowed. What's more, on Monday, Kathleen gave each and everyone of us a sheet of paper with a person's name on it. We need to prepare a small present for him/her below the price of SFr.5, and of course, hand-made present is welcomed!

Luckily, I got Chris on my paper, and "drew" him a Chinese word- DRAGON- in calligraphical way. He asked me for that before. I guess I did a great job this time:) On the top of the red paper I wrote down "To: My Most Unforgetbal Guy-" Without doubt, it's the fact. And, his full name is Christopher GUY. Haha!!! Isn't it fun??

After everyone was seated, we first unwrapped our present and enjoyed the surprise. I got a cute cow doll and a fragarant soap. And then, we got delicious Pupkin Soup~ Not to mention, TURKEY is also there for us! While waiting for Matt's slicing the turkey, Julia and Kathleen put other foods for us, including Sweet Potatoes, Corns, Beans, and Sweet Rice. I'm really regretful that I didn't take any picture of the feast >"< How can I forget!!!!! Jeez.....

As for drinks and sweets, we got white wine and Dream Cake. It was I myself baked that cake, haha! By the help of Centre's Recipe Book, I mixed butter, suger, eggs, milk, flour, baking powder, and graced coconut together properly to bake that yummy cake. People enjoyed it, fully! Wa Hahahahaha~~ So proud of myself :D

Thanksgiving dinner is great. Agree??

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