THAT Vincent Tan!!

I met an old friend, Vincent Tan(MY), who I met from the APR Marketing Workshop. BUT I DIDN'T realize this Vincent was That Vincent!!!! We shouted happily when we accidentally met at the cafeteria!

WOW! Nice to meet you again! Vincent!!!!!



Fireball & Firestick Dance!

by some crazy people from ChanHua.....
So many people are crazy on the planet.....
If you're interested at seeing some more, click on the words under the photo and you'll go to Vincent Hsu's web album.

Oh......they're really fantastic!!


Brief Talk with Craig

Met him on MSN by accident. We've not seen each other for quite a long time.
Normally sent regards to him, and simultaneously I got a beep from Isabel.

"My friend just came back from the concert of APAY, and she was crushed on 'you know who'." said Isabel.
"Guess what? I'm talking with 'you know who' right now on MSN," replied I, "I'm sooooo priviledged, are not I?"
Short after that, I was bombarded with Qs from that fan to Craig. It was fun anyways, to know someone crazily desperately would like to know your "normal" friend's every single thing.

APAY is a rock band that about to publish their first album, and he've stayed so busy recently- would only be worse later. So that I asked him whether they'll be on TV programmes, radios, or any similar occasions.
"Yes. Yes. Yes." replied Craig. "We'll have a press conference for the new album actually." Sounds so cool!
What's more, I told him about my little-girl-fantasy about him, which he'll become a star (of any possible kind) and I pointed at him on TV or from distance to tell people around me "I know this guy! I know this guy! We've been so close to each other." while nearly no one believed me, but only I myself know it was very true.

Now he is quite famous, and definately will become more and more popular in the future.
I'm sooooo privileged to have his mobile number, his MSN, his friendship, and even his homeland phone number. When I told him so, he responsed with something very encouraging and moving: "And I adore you. (While others treat him as a super idol, I AM, his idol!!!)"

Nothing else could be complained. :)




我 偶然間發現這兩個填問卷助人助己的網站喔!他們兩個都標榜天天有規模不等 的問卷可填,回答問題的同時可以幫助市調單位收集他們需要的資訊,又可以幫你累積一點小收入。更棒的是,如果你跟我一樣是好奇寶寶,還可以在兩個網頁上了 解他們調查的各項資訊到底有怎麼樣的人口比例贊成/反對那些議題,很好玩的呢!










 When you really fall in someone,
 You definately will love yourself staying with him/her.
 S/he allows you to be nothing but your true self

 So when staying with him/her,
 No need to be afraid of anything,
 Neither need to pretend,
 Nor to hide yourself under any cover.

 This freedom is,
 Like the falling leaves flying in the wind;
 Like the clouds floating in the sky,
 Also like the stream singing flowing down....

 Being with him/her,
 Anything can be done by both of you,
 All topics are free to be brought about.

 Even if you do nothing at all,
 Have no words to share,
 Solely staying aside of him/her
 Silent joy will puring out of your mind endlessly like the spring....

 For his/her excistence,
 You feel yours;
 For your realization,

 You feel, and understand - L O V E...


Friendship Nights!

So tired, but so happy about all the friend gathering schedules :)

With NTU MUN friends, someone's leaving for US, someone's for military service, someone came back for summer vacation and will continue soon later, still someone's looking for their first job;

With Scout friends for the exciting ice skating and funny talks + dinner;

With Christine for her Paris study life, and for all the updates;



Friendship is without doubt a kind of drug, once addicted to it, people will NEVER EVER have the chance to stay away from it :)


Seif's First Ice Skating!

He did good, and improved fast~~~ Most importantly, he enjoyed quite a lot!!

We had qtite some people came join us last night, and that was the reason why we had a even better, exciting night. Yuki and Chi-Chi came as well! That was out of my expectation! Not to mention Zoye's sudden involve~ They let me wonder if Seif, the handsome little boy, or I was their motivation to come, haha!

Zoye was such a nice girl that she tried hard to make friend with Seif, and to help him learn. Thus I could sometimes go for my speeding skating without worries. Although it's not really good to say so, yet for me, to stay with the group did no good to my speeding desire. Maybe some little boy may beat me later, but for their current status.... Let's wait and see!!

BTW, from the photo on the right, Zoye still had fun when keeping Seif company. (hehehe) He almost fell once, and Zoye happened to be(?) beside him, so as to earn(?!) a quick hug "by accident. Hmmm. By Accident!! ( Who believed in Zoye?)

Anyways, since all of us had a great time last night, we won't blame Zoye for her "keeping an eye on handsome boys rather than on friends." How do you think?This following picture was taken on the rest aisle: each and everyone of us were wearing helmet and ice skating shoes. Cool! TEN OF US!!


Website Updated!

It's been a long time that I didn't update my personal website, but I did so today! YA!!
  1. of course, my homepage
  2. my postcard collection!!!
    I got some more postcards from Malaysia, Italy, Japan, and Swiss! Great~
  3. Milestone of the Explore Scout Group
I'm happy and satisfied at my achievements.
How do you think? :D


The Morning Woke Up in IE's Place

Hmmmm, just accidentally didn't need to go back home by myself and stayed with her, talking on everything.
Yet still, have no idea what will/should/may happen next.

Help me! Freshy morning air!
Save me! Sunshine!


Let's ROCK!

Seif and I went for rock climbing tonight together, along with Daniel- his cousin- Zoye, Pig, ZhenZien, and ChiYu. It was a great fun!

The climbing centre required people to have a licence to certify their ability to secure themselves and partners; otherwise, when they came to the centre, they have to be supervised by either someone holding the licence or the couch(es) that day. I've passed the test months ago, and thus I became the "supervisor" (or you could call me the "babysitter") of that night, for 2 pure beginners and 4 would-be licence holder. Wow! That's a record~ SIX lives relied on me~

We got more companies than expected, the centre was PACKED. I left four of them to do the practice themselves, and stuck myself to help Seif and Daniel. Step by step, I first let them try freely to climb in their own ways, and increasingly taught them hints about climbing. I thought they had fun on the walls, and sometimes they would come up with certain meaningful questions. Yet I would say, they were not bold enough to try and challenge themselves. Maybe it was just their first time, or maybe they were conservative in nature. I still believed as young as they both are, 18, they should have done something that surprised me A LOT.

Anyways, these two young boy did well, so did my lovely scout friends. They all passed the test and got two kinds of licence: one for GriGri, the other for Pig Nose.

It was a victory!!! :D











Mt. Hohuan

I left my heart there, ohoh...

We've completed the East Peak- 3421M; the Main Peak 3416M.
And we've 3/4 finished the North Peak due to the unstable misty and rainy weather.

Faint, for the beauty of Nature.
Touched, also because of our precious courage and friendship...


My Mosaic Trait Is Ready!

I made it! I made it!
Although it's not pretty enough....
Come on! It's my first go! Don't be too picky!

I made it! I made it!! :D hahahaha~

Tea Time with Seif & Aouiti Rim

Hey Hey Hey! See who's here? My Tunisian friends Aouiti Rim and Seif!!!! We had a walk in MaoKong and had dinner at a tea house this evening. Did we have fun? You may see from our smile!!

We two youngsters (I insist!) had great time appreciating my pics in Swiss, and Seif was quite interested in our outdoor experiences over there. For this, I showed him the pics of indoor rock climbing, the hiking to Fruendenhuette and Bluemlisaphuette, and the Klettersteig. Also for his interest, I told him that I may bring him to YF17 sometime if he'd like to. Although he didn't really answer me with a Yes or No, I guess he'll be glad to show up when I invite him.

For the elders, (haha!) they had fun exchanging the ideas about living, especially our differences (between Tunisia&Taiwan). Since Aouiti Rim moved to Tunisia 18 years ago and is still a Taiwanese, she is the best person to answer my curious mom about everything she'd like to know. In return, my mom and dad gave her quite some updates about all the changes and how can those change to the status quo. When the topic came to the education part, which is always the case, yeah....you know my mom, she's a primary school principal. Who can beat her on those issues?

Also quite an interesting thing was that when Seif was short of his Chinese vocabularies, he turned to ask Aouiti Rim in Arabic, which sounded foreign especially to my mom. So, Seif was asked to give us a show- of speaking Arabic on anything. Mom was truly entertained....She kept imitating some sounds of his speech and laughed hard, as well as expressed how particular to hear that language sounded. Anyways, I guessed Mom enjoyed the meeting with this little handsome boy, too!

Before we left, we strongly recommended the owner of the tea house to put up a huge world map somewhere, and kept record of their guest nationalities. That would be quite amazing and astonishing somehow! And if they had also a record on the customers who brought the foreign visitors here, I believe my family will show up so often! It's true! As far as I can remember, we brought friends from at least Japan, Singapore, Canada, and Tunisia!

It was a great night! It was~ :D


The Real Date Line

On one side is the staring night; On the other is the shining day time.
What else can be more amazing than this?

The places in this photo include the west side of Africa, Europe, and Iceland.

Phone Call from Aouiti Rim!

Yesterday, Aouiti called me on my mobile, which is a great surprise! haha~~
She's the tour guide when we went to Tunisia last year, and she brought her son back here to visit relatives and friends this summer. We've expected her for quite some while, but when they've finally arrived, HEY! IT IS STILL SOOOO FANTASTIC!!

"Hsiao-Wen, I'm Aouiti Rim." On hearing her voice I recognized her immediately. That's who saved me last September from the greatest disaster I've ever encounter, she was also the person who showed certain kind of motherhood and warmth for me that time. Additionally, all her family there were so kind to me and inspired me this way or that. By spending the last two days with them, I had the chance to experience the real Tunisia, but not only the kind we saw from the guide book or heard from the tourguide.

True Tunisia, True Life, True People.

I'm looking forward to see them tomorrow afternoon. Aouiti Rim and Seif!
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