Phone Call from Aouiti Rim!

Yesterday, Aouiti called me on my mobile, which is a great surprise! haha~~
She's the tour guide when we went to Tunisia last year, and she brought her son back here to visit relatives and friends this summer. We've expected her for quite some while, but when they've finally arrived, HEY! IT IS STILL SOOOO FANTASTIC!!

"Hsiao-Wen, I'm Aouiti Rim." On hearing her voice I recognized her immediately. That's who saved me last September from the greatest disaster I've ever encounter, she was also the person who showed certain kind of motherhood and warmth for me that time. Additionally, all her family there were so kind to me and inspired me this way or that. By spending the last two days with them, I had the chance to experience the real Tunisia, but not only the kind we saw from the guide book or heard from the tourguide.

True Tunisia, True Life, True People.

I'm looking forward to see them tomorrow afternoon. Aouiti Rim and Seif!

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