Brief Talk with Craig

Met him on MSN by accident. We've not seen each other for quite a long time.
Normally sent regards to him, and simultaneously I got a beep from Isabel.

"My friend just came back from the concert of APAY, and she was crushed on 'you know who'." said Isabel.
"Guess what? I'm talking with 'you know who' right now on MSN," replied I, "I'm sooooo priviledged, are not I?"
Short after that, I was bombarded with Qs from that fan to Craig. It was fun anyways, to know someone crazily desperately would like to know your "normal" friend's every single thing.

APAY is a rock band that about to publish their first album, and he've stayed so busy recently- would only be worse later. So that I asked him whether they'll be on TV programmes, radios, or any similar occasions.
"Yes. Yes. Yes." replied Craig. "We'll have a press conference for the new album actually." Sounds so cool!
What's more, I told him about my little-girl-fantasy about him, which he'll become a star (of any possible kind) and I pointed at him on TV or from distance to tell people around me "I know this guy! I know this guy! We've been so close to each other." while nearly no one believed me, but only I myself know it was very true.

Now he is quite famous, and definately will become more and more popular in the future.
I'm sooooo privileged to have his mobile number, his MSN, his friendship, and even his homeland phone number. When I told him so, he responsed with something very encouraging and moving: "And I adore you. (While others treat him as a super idol, I AM, his idol!!!)"

Nothing else could be complained. :)

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