Let's ROCK!

Seif and I went for rock climbing tonight together, along with Daniel- his cousin- Zoye, Pig, ZhenZien, and ChiYu. It was a great fun!

The climbing centre required people to have a licence to certify their ability to secure themselves and partners; otherwise, when they came to the centre, they have to be supervised by either someone holding the licence or the couch(es) that day. I've passed the test months ago, and thus I became the "supervisor" (or you could call me the "babysitter") of that night, for 2 pure beginners and 4 would-be licence holder. Wow! That's a record~ SIX lives relied on me~

We got more companies than expected, the centre was PACKED. I left four of them to do the practice themselves, and stuck myself to help Seif and Daniel. Step by step, I first let them try freely to climb in their own ways, and increasingly taught them hints about climbing. I thought they had fun on the walls, and sometimes they would come up with certain meaningful questions. Yet I would say, they were not bold enough to try and challenge themselves. Maybe it was just their first time, or maybe they were conservative in nature. I still believed as young as they both are, 18, they should have done something that surprised me A LOT.

Anyways, these two young boy did well, so did my lovely scout friends. They all passed the test and got two kinds of licence: one for GriGri, the other for Pig Nose.

It was a victory!!! :D

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