Seif's First Ice Skating!

He did good, and improved fast~~~ Most importantly, he enjoyed quite a lot!!

We had qtite some people came join us last night, and that was the reason why we had a even better, exciting night. Yuki and Chi-Chi came as well! That was out of my expectation! Not to mention Zoye's sudden involve~ They let me wonder if Seif, the handsome little boy, or I was their motivation to come, haha!

Zoye was such a nice girl that she tried hard to make friend with Seif, and to help him learn. Thus I could sometimes go for my speeding skating without worries. Although it's not really good to say so, yet for me, to stay with the group did no good to my speeding desire. Maybe some little boy may beat me later, but for their current status.... Let's wait and see!!

BTW, from the photo on the right, Zoye still had fun when keeping Seif company. (hehehe) He almost fell once, and Zoye happened to be(?) beside him, so as to earn(?!) a quick hug "by accident. Hmmm. By Accident!! ( Who believed in Zoye?)

Anyways, since all of us had a great time last night, we won't blame Zoye for her "keeping an eye on handsome boys rather than on friends." How do you think?This following picture was taken on the rest aisle: each and everyone of us were wearing helmet and ice skating shoes. Cool! TEN OF US!!

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