Artificial Rock Climbing

We went to a climbing centre in Thun today, and it was great fun. It's an indoor place with at least 30 routes on the walls. Some of them are easy, but some are for real experts. It was leveled from 3a, 3b, 3c, 4a, all the way to 7c( or even higher?) Most of the routes we did were between 4a to 5c. I myself climbed for more than 10 routes from 11:30 to 15:30(except for 30 minutes lunch break.) It has been quite challenging to me! Guess what?? I enjoyed it a lot!!

As lucky as we are, we got most of our own equipments borrowed from KISC, including the Rope, the Harness, and some Caribiners. This allowed us to keep the expenses as low as possible- we only paid for the entry fee and the rent of the climbing shoes- which is, in total, SFr.20 (about NT.500) What's more, our entry fee is actually lower than others, because we are from KISC!! haha! Sounds great, isn't it??

The person in the picture below is me. I was struggling to climb up the Black route, which is a 5c( if I did not remember wrong.) I didn't make it to reach the top, because I ran out of my energy on the way. Also, I had difficulty to reach the next steps....I'm too small/short to reach.......Anyways......

Wonna try to go rock climbing?? Come on! It's never too late!!


Jeanne said...

Dear Wendy
haha, just wanna tell you that Joey is learning rock climbing now!
Maybe you two can competite in Taiwan:)

wendychen said...

WOW!!! That'll be GREAT fun!!!!!!
But I don't think I would beat him :P
You know, man power is still kind of superior...especially that....he is JOEY! hey~

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