Tulip, Calla, and Lily

We started our topic from the orchid my mom brought today in Hualien, when I pronounced it wrong but you still got the correct flower. How could you do that? "Because we're soulmate. And I know you sooooo much," you replied without second thought. You also told me that it's SG's national flowerl; in return, I told you ours is the Chinese plum. "Do you like it? If not, what's your favorite flower?" WOW! What an interesting question! We proceeded this topic and moved on and on.

We all love tulips, and you guess I like the lily. However, you failed to guess one of the flowers I like most, which is normally white, has very special shape, and is famous on Mt. YangMing, TPE earlier this season- the calla. Never mind, it's ok for you to fail the guessing~ I enjoyed the process anyways! I like the game, and like the way to share dis/likes with you. Also, I enjoyed the time to find the correct English word and the perfect picture for my thought, as well as to find the things said or described by you.

Later, when I thought of another flower I love: Edelweiss(CH), we jumped our topic to movies and movie stars. Sean Connery, Tom Hanks, Sandra Bullock, & Renee Zellweger are some of your favorites, and Tom Cruis is OK for you. I like Sean Connery, Tom Hanks, & Sandra Bullock as well, but I'll say my favorite: Bread Pitt, haha!
"You're just a typical girl!" you said. I didn't deny that~ BTW, I like Meg Ryan, too.

As for our favorite movie?
"The Sound of Music! I love the music!!!!!" I almost screamed.
"The Untouchable" of yours still couldn't come into my mind since I've never seen it before, and I had no clue of the Chinese name of that film at that moment. But I got it now! :)
"Oh, and I like Meet Joe Black, Brad Pitt performed well in that one." WUUUUUU! I love this one as well! We all agreed that it's so touching in the end, and I personally loved the ending song again!
I mentioned another movie played by Whitney Houston & Danzel Washington, and it was a film about bodyguard, or priest something. I just couldn't figure out the English name, and once I even mistaken it with The Bodyguard by Whitney Houston & Kevin Costner.
Guess What? You found out the answer for me again- "The Preacher's Wife." Just a little earlier, when I mentioned about another movie which demonstrated how great did Brad Pitt perform in a casino robbery movie, you pumped up with the name "Ocean's Eleven" immediately. Hey! You read my mind!!!! :)

Tonight is so great! I love it!

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