IMC Curriculum Change Greatly....

I am excited to announce the new graduate and undergraduate Medill curricula for the 2007-2008 school year. They are based on 18 months of insightful work by Medill faculty and many discussions with leaders in the industries in which our graduates find careers, our advisory board, alumni and many other experts. Everyone recognizes today's unprecedented turbulence, challenges and opportunities in journalism, media and marketing communications. These curricula and the distinctive way that Medill implements them will ensure that our graduates have the best preparation to adapt, innovate and excel in this changing world.

We have deepened the core of the School, enhancing our courses with even more of the basic skills, knowledge and ethical standards that are the hallmark of a Medill education. At the same time, we've reinvented what we teach to meet the challenges of the 21st century. The result is a unique education for our students.

Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) education was invented at Medill, and we are pleased to introduce an advanced graduate IMC program that will give students an even more sophisticated understanding of why � and how � consumers connect with brands in this technology-driven age.

The program equips students to leverage multiple technologies, including interactive and emerging media, to connect with consumers through the channels of most relevance and interest to them. The program's intensified emphasis on an analytical approach, rigorous research, creative and compelling content development and emerging technologies will give our students the skills, knowledge and experience they need to meet today's marketing challenges with creativity and innovation.

In this letter, I have touched briefly on the new directions we are taking. You can read the curricula in full by following the links below.

The Medill faculty and I welcome your feedback. Please send your comments and questions to:


I will collect questions and post responses here over the next several weeks.

Warm regards,

John Lavine

So, it's now like this.....


wendychen said...

It's too bad that I've checked the CAESAR, and ALL of the instructors for the courses were not yet known.....


Rohan Cornelio said...

hey cud u tell me how long is the IMC course at medill. and what are the fees for international students. rohancornelio@gmail.com thats my email addy or drop a line on my blog.


wendychen said...

Medill IMC will take you 15 months to finish the program, and the fees for int'l students vary each year(especially recently!) So, I suggest you check with their website for detail information. I'm sorry I cannot speak for IMC about the expenses part.

IMC Website: http://www.medill.northwestern.edu/medill/imc/

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