Wendy in Evanston

Safely arrived!

The plane delayed for half an hour, but I still got to O'Hare on the scheduled-delayed time- which made the pick-up senior Philip Lin easy to catch me up. It took us some time to find the hostfamily's house, but that's because of the distance. After arrival, Joan(mom), Stacy(daughter) and Star(dog!) welcomed me at the gate of their lovely house. It's huge, and it's soooo comfortable. I had some sandwitch and fruit for dinner, and also did I have great talks with Joan. I was really lucky to stay with them for these few days, I could feel it already!

My room for these few days were amazingly wonderful. It's like the dream room for all girls! I wish I could use my camera to shoot some photos later....if it's working.....

And, I've phoned people to update my current status, and to let them know I'm all fine for now. I've heard from you and shared with you everthing I experienced today: including the wonderful next-seat lady, the beautiful sunset before landing, the amazingly gorgeous landscape of the city by the lake, etc.

"What time is it there now?" you asked.
After I replied, you continued, "so, you're now living in my homeland time." ^^
oops, now I live in your time~ in your time :)

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