Tiny Farewell Party for Youngho

After class, some friends and I went to a Greek restaurant near Dupont Circle together for a tiny farewell party for Youngho- one of my Korean classmates. Youngho(KR), Jooheon(KR), Katsu(JP), Yukie(JP) Melissa(TW), and I were the "gang". For our reason to have this party- say goodbye with Youngho, I invited another classmate Andres(Columbia) to come join us, and invited his sister Maria as well~ It's a magic gathering with people of different nationalities, and from different classes(TOFEL+Advanced+High Intermediate)

The atmosphere was good: people enjoyed the light food there, enjoyed the drinks, and especially enjoyed our talks. We figured out so many cultural differences, shared many jokes or silly things we've ever done, and so much more. For sure, we toasted for Youngho, and toasted for our friendship. Youngho liked the little postcard I wrote to him, and I could tell he is really moved. Our class will be longly without you~ Take Care~ and Best Wishes!

So, who's next? Maybe me?
Andres and Maria, who now moved into an apartment that was so nearby to Kaplan, have started to think about coordinating a BBQ at their place for me. That sounds great, don't you think so? Although I should not say this, but I'm getting excited about that party! Yet, it's so sad that our friendship is just about to heat up, but it at the same time seems like coming to an end (because of my leaving.....) oh........... so sad........

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