A Great Weekend with Wanrong

Last weekend, from Friday night, I spent all my time with Wanrong, her kind brother, and her cute boyfriend. It was a wonderful weekend that was so full of doing nothing but feeling everything that made people happy, relaxed, and satisfied. I've fully enjoyed our talks, talks, and talks. It felt like we could keep talking FOREVER without feeling tired anyways!

She is so magic, that to be with her itself was something so comfortable for me. Mathew and she, the very lovely couple I've not seen for a long time(the previous great couple was Teddi & Julia), brought me so much movement and somehow hope for life and for relationships. Not to mention her kind brother Kevin, who has been so nice and interesting, made me feel so cared and warm all the time. Kevin, for sure, was the kind of elder brother I longed for for a long time.

When it came to something detail about what we really did for the weekend, we had great dinner Friday night near Metro(Red Line) Rockville, where we enjoyed Shabu-Shabu with Bubble Tea from Kevin's shop. The rest of the Friday night was spent for long and inspiring talks within Wanrong, Mathew, Kevin, and I until 4 AM.

We didn't wake up till 11:00AM Saturday, and went outside to a Dutch Market where some Amish people sold their hand-made bread, self-planted vegies, as well as other groceries. For lunch, they took me to taste Pho, a kind of famous and fair-priced Vietnamese dish. Later we proceeded to Glen Echo Park, where was quite near to Mathew's place and he constantly went for jogging along the canal and River Potomac. Wanrong and Mathew ever went there for an evening dance in the ball court, and I could easily tell how great the atmosphere could be even though it was soooo empty when we visited the place. What more made all of us crazy for the place was its classic Marry-go-around with joyful melody. The melody remained and accompanied us for long whenever we went around the park. Our excitement extended when we found some swings at the playground, and rushed for them just like all the other little kids. ^^
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On our walk alongside the canal, I felt so full and happy in mind when seeing the great peaceful view and enjoying the beautiful moment, but felt so empty and longly in mind when seeing the great couple.... Those who understand would understand....
寄件者 070818-with W...

The day ended with the great reunion among Wanrong and her senior high school friend. We met them around Georgetown University and had some Mexican Burrito @ Chipotle Mexican Grill together. We walked them through Key Bridge to Rosslyn Station and waved them goodbye. Besides the taste of warm friendship, we got some touching sunset on the bridge over River Potomac with cool and soft wind in return.
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We got an unexpected extra schedule after we drove Mathew home- we stopped at his house with his family for around an hour, including the time to fool around with the dog Sarah and the fat milk-cow-cat Jefferson. He got a typical American family and household which was so close to real life. I did enjoy the short-time stay and the talk with his kind mom. She was generous and gave me some constructive advices for my future. Heartedly, I appreciated her kindness for the stranger like me.

For Sunday, when Kevin has gone for his part-time job, Wanrong and I enjoyed the movie "The Holiday" together and later had our deep, long talks. We both loved the movie, and felt quite full of happiness after seeing it. Our talks about relationships, about life, about our plans for the future were so direct and frank. We could continue the talks forever, really.

My original plan was to stay there until Sunday noon, but I ended up staying there for the whole weekend and went to school straight with her Monday morning. Since everything gets some reasons, to explain the postpone- I felt it like "home" when I stayed with her.

And I longed for that. I knew. :)
070818-with Wanrong

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