2-Day of Math Camp from IMC is Open for Registration~

To go or not to go?
  1. review math/stats concepts in a very quick and intensive way
  2. meet classmates
  3. with two lunches
  1. $ 150, could be saved if I'm already well-prepared.
other info I heard from my mentor:
  1. the course is VERY easy for TW students, because they're really reviewing something simple
  2. seldom heard of other TW students attending the Camp=> she STRONGLY recommend me that I may NEGLECT the Camp
   To assist students who would like to brush up on their math skills, we will be offering a voluntary math short courses for incoming IMC students. The short course will provide a review of high school algebra and statistics, which should help students who have not had a substantial amount of math and science coursework as undergraduates (or might have forgotten what they know). The review will take place at 8:30 a.m. - 4 p.m. on Monday and Tuesday, September 17 and 18, just prior to orientation and the first day of class. The cost of the short course is $150, which includes the cost of the course, materials and lunch on both days.

A syllabus is included to help you decide if you will benefit from the review. Students who have good quantitative test scores and have taken courses in statistics previously do not need to attend. If you are proficient in math you should not enroll in this special course.

If you would like to attend the math short course, please complete the enrollment form (already mailed to your NU email box) and send a check for $150 (written out to Northwestern University) to the attention of Hannelore Zydel, 1870 Campus Drive, Evanston, IL 60208-2175 by August 31. If you have additional questions, please call me (847) 467-3433. We look forward to seeing you in September.


Tom Collinger
Associate Dean
IMC Department Chair

Math Camp Syllabus

Math camp is a two-day review of concepts from high school algebra, statistics, and finance designed to prepare incoming students who have not taken much previous quantitative coursework for the IMC courses. Students who have good quantitative test scores and have taken courses in statistics previously do not need to attend. The statistics and finance courses will cover all of these topics in more depth, but at a fast pace. Math camp is intended to expose these topics to the students who are slower at learning mathematical concepts and need to see these concepts presented twice. The following topics will be covered:
  1. Day 1 (Professor Malthouse)
    1. Elementary functions: equations, graphs, and properties of lines, parabolas, square root functions, and logarithmic functions.
    2. Interest, present value, annuities, and the sum of a geometric series, sigma notation for a sum. Contribution margins, breakeven analysis.
    3. Basic Excel: formulas, referencing other cells, copying, functions.
    4. Descriptive statistics using SPSS: running and interpreting frequency distributions, histograms, means, standard deviations, quantiles, crosstabs.
  2. Day 2 (Professor Block).
    1. Introduction to probability: random experiments, outcomes, sample spaces, events, probability distributions, complementary events, mutually exclusive events, de Morgans laws, conditional probability, independence, Bayes theorem.
    2. Summary of random variables: finding probabilities, means and standard deviations of simple discrete distributions, the binomial distribution, and the normal distribution.
    3. Sampling distributions: sample mean and percent, central limit theorem
    4. Overview of statistical inference using SPSS: confidence intervals and hypothesis tests for means and percents, P-values.

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