Reminder on "What Should Be Done After Arrival@NU"

The first thing when you arrive:

1. go to get your student card, ( in Norris Student Center B2)

2. open a student account at US bank ( in Norris Center B1, next the restaurant))

3. deposit your travel check into the account or ask your parent to transfer the money( but this will charge around 30 )

4. get a cell phone number, ( you may have a "family plan" with your classmate, it 's around 40 per month. service company are "T-Mobile" or "At&T". you can bring your phone from Taiwan )

5. If you wanna buy the phone card to call back to Taiwan, you can get it online ( 擎天電話卡 ), you can use your cell phone call, after 9:00 pm . Remember in US , no matter call, or answer, you''ll need to pay. Here I share with you some links:


It's only NT$445 , then you can call your home number which is landline . you can have about 900 mins. But if you call cell, it's about 150 mins.

If you wanna call cell, skype is cheaper then this. In the dorm , the internet is very fast, so you can also buy skype credit online.

What others you can do?

1. Take a walk in the school, go ot the beach, It is very windy, so , bring your jacket, and sun glasses.

2. Visit pretty downtown chicago. There is school bus will drive from engelhart direct to downtown chicago, ( I am not sure the schedule, you can ask the office staff in engelhart ) or you can take " El" --train , to downtown. All this information you can look up online.

3. Take it easy, I know everything is stressful. But don't worry. There are so many senior we are here, just send us some email. Then we will answer your questions all the time.

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