Always Dreaming about TW Friends

Have no idea how did this happen, but it was true that my dreams were so crowded with every and each one of my friends at home.

V, coconutcandy, other college friends, Chichi, mushroomyuki, showed up in one. In my dreams, though weird, strange couples were being made (like my elementary school friend married with my scout group member). But anyways, I got the one that gave me great smiles and hugs in the dream. ^^ I like this kind of sweet dream~

And I dreamed of Dr. Chen last night......He rode me on a motorcycle to find a mountain route, and we tried to meet up with my scout group that was holding a campfire on top of the hill. We failed the search, and I got uncomfortable on the way(health problems). Guess what? I got a doctor accompanying me who straightly helped with acupuncture points massage! But people, don't you think it's still TOO weird that I dreamed of my doctor >"<

Well well, who's the next coming in?

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